Tuesday, December 21, 2010

another conversation with stepmother from when I was a teen

It was no more than a couple days after the conversation I wrote about in my last post. I was getting out of the shower and drying off when my stepmother opens the bathroom door and walks in. She is wearing a tiny bra and shorts, as she leans forward and opens a drawer by the sink she looks me up and down. I see those magnificent tits and I can feel my dick start to get hard, and she saw it too. She pulls some makeup out of the drawer, stands up straight, and starts telling me what a perv I am for getting excited by family. I cover myself with the towel but not before she has watched it get rock hard. She tells me she doesn't feel comfortable with

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some of what I've been beating off to all day!!

Stepmom humiliates me in front of stepsisters, making me tell how I would get rock hard talking to her when I was a teen!!

The first time was like two days after I moved to California, I was going to my room, as I passed by the bathroom she called my name and said she wanted to talk to me. I stopped and turned towards the bathroom and she was standing there with a towel wrapped around her waist and she was drying her hair with another towel. She stopped drying her hair, picked up a brush and started brushuing her hair, I didn't know what to say or do as she was standing there with nothing covering her incredible tits. She began to talk about how she thought I was a wimpy little boy and how she wanted me to behave around her and her gorgeous daughters. After brushing her hair she began putting lotion on her arms, then body, and then her tits. She was standing in front of me putting lotion on her tits, rubbing them together, as she is telling me how I wouldn't have anyone as hot as her and her daughters. Her hands carressing and fondling her fucking incredible tits, she raised her voice and told me to stop staring, that we were family now and I better not be perverted, and even if we were not family there was no way someone like me would be able to get anyone like them.
As I'm telling the story she is interupting every sentence or so to fill in embarrassing details or put in her point

Friday, December 17, 2010

To me Masturbation is more of a lifestyle than an addiction!!!

I LOVE to masturbate, I constantly jerk off, I stroke my big fat cock all day and sometimes all night too!! An addiction is something you try to quit, I want to masturbate more, I don't feel bad about what I am and I try not to hide it. I am a seriously chronic and constant masturbator and don't care who knows and readily tell everyone who doesn't know.  I don't think everyone should masturbate as much as I do, but I do think everyone should masturbate at least once in a while.

Here are a few if the women I am beating off to right now..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home alone masturbating all day!!

What am amazing day so far!! Home alone and really enjoying how incredible it feels to masturbate!! I haven't been looking at any porn yet today, just sitting her enjoying my hand going up and down my rock hard cock! After being totally humiliated last night it is nice to be able to just relax and enjoy masturbating.

I am thinking about fucking my fleshlight for a while... will try to post more later....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stepmother tells me to cum while we are at drive though window and she rolls down window so everyone can see me cum!!

I am usually sitting in the back seat behind tinted windows beating off. We were at the drive though window at Carls Jr. when she tells me to cum, I start cumming about 5 seconds later and as I begin to cum she rolls down the back window so everyone can see me. Surely everyone turned to look as I was moaning and groaning like I am ordered to when I cum. As we pulled away my stepmother was laughing hysterically at me....

Stepmother gave copies of dvd's of me masturbating when I was a teen plus bonus footage to everyone at the bar she frequents..

To fill in some of the extra space my stepmother shot video of me fucking a bunch of different blowup dolls and pocket pussies. To show that I am still a masturbating loser. Apparently the dvd is quite a hit and everyone thinks it is fucking hilarious. Talk about humiliating....

Given to gay couple for the night to be a naked servent at their friends party!

They were throwing a friend a birthday party and thought it would be a hoot to have me as a slave for the evening. I spent the night getting drinks for the crowd and other servant type stuff. I was totally nude of course and was required to keep my cock hard, but I was not to stroke it in front of the guests (unless asked too). I did good i think, every time I could duck out of sight I would pound my cock and it would stay hard for 5-10 minutes then I would find a spot to jerk it some more. I didn't have to beat off for anyone till near the end of the party when the guest of honor wanted to see how far I could shoot cum, I shot a load that landed on a guest that was half the living room away. Everyone paid less attention to that than to the face I made when I came, they thought it was fucking hilarious...

Here is some of what I have been beating off to today!!

Need to find temp master for when step mother goes to Australia

It doesn't matter if you are local or not. While there are obvious benefits for someone local, I will do my best to provide instant verification that all commands are carried out as specified. The ideal would be a master who can provide some training as I am new to this and so is my master and I would like to be a better slave when she returns!! I am eager to learn and will do whatever is commanded of me, please allow me to show you what a great slave I can be!!
Master will be gone for two weeks and you will have complete and total control of me during that time.

Mother of stepsisters snobby friend comes over to get fucked, and busted when her daughter walks in as I am fucking her in the ass!!

It was what has become the standard, dropping by to get fucked situation. Just like her daughter she sat real close to me and asked if she could stroke it, then she had her mouth wrapped around it, and she began removing her clothes. I was giving her a pretty good fucking when she said she wanted my cock in her ass, so of course I did as she requested. She took it pretty well, she was real tight and I have a big cock, but she took it like a trooper. We had been fucking for a little over an hour at this point and right as I began to pump her ass hard and fast her daughter walked into the room. Talk about awkward!! Mom yelled at daughter, daughter yelled at mom,  daughter realized mom was getting it in the ass and yelled at her some more, mom grabbed her clothes as she ran out of the room. Then daughter and mother left the house, I'm sure one or both of them will be back to get fucked again....

Stepmother has me filling strangers gas tanks and cleaning windows completely naked!

I've been filling stepmothers tank for a while now. She takes me to a gas station with an almost perfect setup to see if anyone is going to pull in, we go late at night when there is no attendant, etc.. A couple of nights ago a car pulls in and pulls up to the other side of the pump we are using, I begin to panic and start to climb in the suv when she smiles and orders me to stand and pump the gas while she goes over to the car that just pulled up. She came around the pump, flashed me an evil smile, and ordered me to fill their tank up, and clean all of the windows.
I walk around the pump and there are three woman laughing and pointing inside the car. I put the nozzle into the tank and begin pumping the gas, I then grab the squeegee and begin cleaning their windows while stroking my cock with my other hand. The girl in the back is mesmerized and the two up front are laughing so hard tears are running down their faces! I can hear them talking about what a loser I am and that it is a shame such a nice big cock is wasted on a loser like me. I finish the windows as the nozzle shuts off, I put it back and they drive off cheering and laughing.
I put stepmoms gas cap back on and she laughs as I climb into the suv. She though that was the fucking best thing ever, and told me I would be doing stuff like that a lot more often. She teased me about liking it and when I asked how she knew that she said my cock was harder than she had seen it in a long time! She laughed at me for my face being so red with embarrassment while I was pumping gas for those girls!!
I have to admit I really did like it!! I just wish she didn't know how much!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Step sisters snobby friend from high school comes back to get fucked by me!!

Tricia was a complete fucking bitch in high school, she thought she was better than everyone. Her and her mother were here when I was humiliated with the video footage of me masturbating in high school, Tricia was particulary cruel to me that night. So it was a suprise when she walked into the house after Pat, my step mother had left for the bar. I was on the couch in the front room beating off when she came in. I told her Pat was gone already and she walked over and sat about two feet away from me. She told me that I had a nice cock, for a total jerk off perv, that is. She asked is she could stroke it for me and the rest is history. After about two strokes she began taking her clothes off, she was fondling her tits while she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I fucked her silly!! I don't think she was ready for the fucking that she got. I know she will be sore for a day or two as I tore that pussy up!!! She wanted me to cum on her tits so I sprayed her fucking bitch face with a huge load of cum, I did get some on her tits, after it dripped off her face...

Added task to getting morning paper while completely naked, I now have to cum while at the paper box!!

It was started last week, I've been ordered to cum when I am at the paperbox. It has been thrilling so far to follow the rules, I've almost been seen a couple of times that I know of. I've been instructed that the cumming at the paper box is to continue until I am told otherwise...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The face I make when I cum is funny to them so I have been cumming all day for them!!

I was jacking off on the couch in the front room when Pat walked in with a group of friends, she told her friends "You all want to see something funny" then she looked at me and told me to cum. I was edging and it only took one or two pumps for me to explode. They all got a good laugh and after a few minutes they decided they wanted to see me make that face again, and they have been ordering me to cum every ten to fifteen minutes, and I don't think they are going to stop anytime soon...
I have to grab my fleshlight and go back to the front house so they can watch me fuck it....

more details later...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mother of stepsisters best friend finds in closet video of me masturbating she took from girls over twenty years ago!!

It was a vhs tape almost filled with scenes of me masturbating in the back room!! They recorded me masturbating for about a year on this one tape. You could hear them talking and laughing and making fun of me while they watched and recorded me beating off. Apparently the girls were watching the tape at my stepsisters house when her mom came home from work early and walked in to find them watching me jerking off on the big screen tv. She said she scolded them and told them it wasn't very nice and she took the tape away. She admitted that she watched the tape and even liked it so much she showed some of her friends and after a while put it in her closet and forgot it was there. I think everyone in Long Beach was watching me masturbate when I was a teen, ether live or now I find out on video tape.
There were about 175  of my afternoon masturbation sessions on the tape and of course we had to watch them all (and make a copy of the tape). There were times when I came pretty quick and times I beat off for pretty long, using different stoking techniques, and sitting in the same spot because I thought I was hiding pretty well. If any came through my room to go into the back room they would have to walk all the way to the back and then along the back wall then turn again before they would see me. As it turns out it was directly in front of a small window in the girls closet. The back room was an addition and there were windows in the rooms before it was roofed in.  
I had to sit there and show everyone that I was a young stroker boy then and a pathetic constant masturbator now. They laughed and teased and humiliated me the whole time, and I wasn't allowed to cum until the tape was done playing when I was ordered to cum in front of everyone.
I'll probably write some more posts about this so watch for them!!

Beating off all night!!

I've been on the edge of cumming since yesterday afternoon and I fucking am about to go crazy it feels so great!! I am so close to the edge my legs are shaking uncontrollably!! I have to hold it, I don't have permission to cum, but I how much longer I can hold it is unknown!! Oh Fuck I'm on the edge!!
How about some more of what I am jerking off to:

Feels too good to stop!!!

I  LOVE TO MASTURBATE!!!! In case you didn't already know, lol.. The way it feels to have my hand wrapped around my cock pounding up and down, hard and fast. I don't ever see myself spending less time wanking, and it is all I do!! I like watching the news and I love to read and I jack off while I do. I am not going to stop beating off to do anything else.. I am less and less interested in cumming as time goes by, it's the stroking that feels so fucking incredible to me. Up and down my hand glides on my cock, it is amazing how good it feels to be doing it. Lets not forget edging, and I admit I have been on the edge since early afternoon, fuck, talk about insane pleasure, oh shit yeah!! I believe the last time I came was last Monday and have no idea when I will be allowed to cum again. Now that I think about it, I haven't wore any clothes since July!!

So let me end this by saying once again that I LOVE BEATING OFF!!

Here is some of what I have been looking at today:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stepsisters & friends watched me jerk off as a teen, I was just told humiliating truth..

I was sitting on the porch beating off when my stepsisters bff from high school came out quite drunk to make fun of me. She was and still is smoking hot, I totally wanted to fuck her and I remember beating off fantasizing about her quite often. She started by laughing at me for proving her right by becoming a total stroker boy. She wanted me to explain how I could just sit in the chair on the front porch and masturbate.
Then she said that it sure was different from back in high school when she would have to pretend to accidentally expose her tits to me before she could see me beating off.
I asked what she was talking about and she confessed that from my sisters room they were able to watch me masturbate in the back room, which is where I would go if I wanted to beat off during the day. She laughed as she explained that all the times I would see one of them changing, or getting out of the shower, it was all to see who could get me to beat off the most.
I didn't believe her until she described some of the different ways I beat off back then. She told me how they would all watch and laugh at me knowing it was one of them I was beating off too, and how fucking pathetic I was running to the back room almost every time I saw one of them naked. She said they made bets as to who could make me beat off most (Tammi, the girl I was talking to was the most), and who I pounded my cock the hardest to ( also Tammi as I really wanted to fuck her silly), and who I masturbated slowest to (Debbie who I wanted to make love to).
Apparently everyone could and did watch me doing one of the few things I really thought I was able to hide.

It's one thing to have people watch from the roof next door, but these girls knew I wanted to fuck them and would expose themselves to get me to run off to the back room where I would masturbate thinking I was hiding in a safe private location. I am a little ashamed that she knew how much I beat off to her.

She did take her top off for old times sake and I almost came at the sight of her damn near perfect tits. She left her top off for a few minutes as I pounded my cock and stared at her tits! She said she had always liked my big cock and even stroked it for a few minutes before she laughed as she went back inside.

During party I am forced to sit on front porch completely naked and jerk off!!

Before anybody had arrived I was told to go sit on the front porch, I did as I was told hoping that was all I was going to be made to do. I sat beating off as guests came and went, I know she got a kick out of it as some guests came that were more humiliating to me than others. My stepsisters were there and also a lot of their friends from back when we were teens and living together. It was more than I could handle at one point and as I started to get up to leave the front porch I was grabbed from behind and restrained to the chair I had been sitting on and I had to continue to sit there for everyone to see that all I have become is a chronic masturbator. Everyone got to see how I can't stop beating off, no matter what happens my hand is always on my cock!!

I have a couple of even more humiliating stories from that night that I will write separate posts about, believe me you won't want to miss them...

Caught 3 blocks from home as I am being walked, completely naked, on a leash, by stepmom!!

I was real late around 2:30am, we had been walking longer than usual, and we were still pretty far from the house when a female stepped out from her driveway, right in front of us, and said "Nice pet, does he do any tricks?". I almost fainted, but Pat didn't miss a beat and began telling her how I an a pretty good naked houseboy, and also do all the yardwork with a hard dick and how I am constantly beating off. The lady was a little amused at hearing this and said she had some chores that needed to be done. Pat said I would be over around 6:30 in the morning to do whatever she wanted me to do. I was red faced with embarrassment the whole way home as she laughed at how scared I was..

More helping cuckold husband of stepmoms friend!

I was dropped off early, around 6:00am, I stood next to the kitchen table and she made her husband kneel in front of me and stroke my big fat cock. She drank her coffee and talked to me for about an hour while he jerked me off. Our conversation alternated between humiliating her husband and general current events small talk. She then started making him worship my cock, completely humiliating him with what she made him admit and agree to. She made him smack his face with my hard cock while he begged me to service his wife because there is no way he could begin to please her with his tiny pin dick.
I was tied to a wall before they went to work, one arm above my head, the other restrained at my waist with just enough room to fuck my hand, so thats what i did all day. She got home first and she stripped out of her clothes as she walked across the room towards me, she undid the restraints and moved me to a table she, then climbed over me and began stroking my cock between her big tits. She restrained me spread eagle on the table then climbed on my rock hard cock and began riding me real hard. She let me that if my dick didn't stay hard as long as she wanted to ride it I was going to fucked by her and her big strap-on! She then began talking trash about her pin dicked husband, she was telling me how she was going to punish him when he got home for having such a pin prick when he walked out of the house into the backyard where she was riding my cock. He was naked of course, and it was obvious he didn't like the site of his beautiful wife fucking someone else!! She made him sit next to the table and beat his little dick while watching his wife fuck a big dick. She humiliated him as he beat off watching us, by the time she was getting ready to finish he was practically crying!!
That really made her mad and she went into the house and emerged putting on a big strap-on, she told him if he was going to act like a bitch he would be treated like one and she bent him over and started to fuck him, he protested that it wasn't fair to fuck him in front of someone. She laughed and told him he was going to be a real bitch and take two cocks, she had me stand in front of him as she pulled his hair back and shoved his face onto my cock. It was difficult to protest with my big cock slammed all the way into his mouth as she drilled him from behind. When she felt he had enough she told me to get ready to cum, and about a minute later had me spray cum all over her husbands face.
About 30 min later when I was told to wait at the end of the driveway, completely nude, till my ride showed up he still had my cum sprayed on his face!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

heckled all afternoon by gay man then stepmom gives me to him and his boyfriend

I was sitting in front of a few of stepmothers friends, masturbating with my un-lubed hand. I had been at it in front of her friends for a few hours and had been up all night jerking off. When my stepmother came into the room with a male I didn't think too much of it. Right away he started taunting and heckling me, telling me to stroke faster. He made fun of me for not doing exactly what he said, especially every time I tried to slow down. The problem was that I was on the edge when he arrived and had been for a couple of hours. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes of stroking fast for him till I was really struggling to keep from cumming. I tried not to show it too much but he saw it right away and had a great time teasing and harassing me about it. After about an hour he called his boyfriend and explained what was going on and a few minutes later they both were there giving me a hard time. They had fun with me for over an hour and when the started talking about leaving my stepmother said they could take me with them to do with what they wanted.
I was not happy but what could I do, so I left completely naked and got into the back seat of their suv. We went to their house and they continued to make fun of me. I was under the constant threat of having to perform homosexual acts with one or both of them and much to their amusement I was getting harder when they threatened me. It's not what I would have had to do that turned me on, but rather being forced to do it gets me off.
They kept me overnight and returned me in the morning and I'm quite sure this will happen again...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumping gas while completely nude and stroking cock!!

Last night my around 11:30 my stepmother pulled into a gas station and pulled around to a pump that was difficult to see from the road because it was blocked by a building. At night the gas station is unattended, no one is working, you have to pay at the pump by credit card. There were no other customers there either and it is kind of out of the way so there was not much traffic on the road either. As the suv stopped she told me to get out and fill up the tank with gas, I caught her eyes in the rear view mirror and she must have seen the look of panic in my face as she burst into laughter and told me again to get out and fill the tank with gas.
I was pretty nervous as I got out of the suv and stood there totally naked with my big dick in my hand. As I lifted the handle and put the pump handle into the vehicle I looked around and I could see video cameras but none of them were pointed where I was standing.
She got out of the suv and came around to watch and tease me. She said that next time she might make me clean all the windows too!! She really enjoyed how nervous I was and really teased and humiliated me while I stood there jacking off. It took about 10 minutes to fill the tank and no one else pulled into the gas station until the very end. I was a little panicked but my stepmother told me I had to stand there until SHE told me it was ok to get into the suv. Fortunately for me the car pulled up to a pump on the other side of the station.
After I was done I was told I could get into the vehicle, but I had to walk around and get in on the far side. While pumping gas the suv and pump blocked most of the view of me, but now I had to walk around the suv with nothing to block anyone from seeing me naked with my rock hard cock in my hand!! I so fucking turned on I almost came half way around the truck!! I climbed into the back seat and we drove off!! I was told that I would be doing that whenever the truck was running low on gas!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can't get my hand off my cock so it's another all night masturbation session!!

It feels too damn great to stop now, fuck yeah, I love the way it feels as my hand glides up and down my cock. I've been edging for a couple hours now and I can feel the energy of the orgasm rolling through me stronger and stronger. I never want these feelings of ecstasy to stop and I can edge for many, many hours more this morning.
My hand is pumping up and down my big cock sending me into this orgasm more and more.. I fucking love this and couldn't stop even if i wanted to. My whole body tingles as the energy coming out of my cock builds and builds.
Let's not forget hot babes in great porn, here is a sample of what has my going through the night tonight:

Step mother gives me to friend to help cuckold husband

I was put in the back yard around noon and told not to move off the chair I was told to sit on. I sat facing the sliding glass door and beating off until about 5:30pm when the door opened and a mans voice said "Honey, I don't remember anything about us getting a slave..", a stern female voice replied "the slave is for me". The male started to say something when I heard the crack of a whip and the female voice commanded "take off your clothes and go sit next to the slave." He did as he was told, his wife came outside a minute or so later and told him to start jerking off. She told him to look at the size of my cock and made him admit he wished he had a big dick. I looked over and his dick was smaller than my pinky and it was fully erect as he held it between two fingers while rubbing on it. She kept on humiliating him for having such a small dick, admitting he couldn't hope to please her, agreeing that she deserved to get fucked by a big cock, and that he wanted her to be satisfied sexually. She told him to keep jerking his little dickie and to look at and admire mine while he did so. Pretty soon she had him asking me if I would fuck his wife with my big cock and satisfy her like he can't with his little pin prick. She made him kneel in front of me and stroke my cock, making him say how he could see why she would want my cock, and made him tell how he would fuck her if he have a dick worth fucking.. She went into the house and came out almost naked with only some thigh high leather boots on. She sat on a bench then told her husband to sit in a chair so he could watch, she then started sucking on my cock. After a couple of minutes she humiliated hubbie some more telling him how much she loves  to suck on a big cock and how his was so small it wasn't worth trying to suck it.  As she continued to suck my dick she told him about how their relationship was going to be from now on, he was her total little pin prick slave, he had to be nude in the house at all times and of course do whatever she commanded. She told him that she would be fucking who ever she wanted and he would have nothing to say about it so he better get over any issues he has with it.
We fucked for hours, every position we could think of in almost every possible place on the property, in the house, in the back yard, in the garage, back into the house. All the while she made her husband sit close and watch her getting fucked by a real cock. As we get close to the end she tells hubbie he will be cleaning my cum out of her with his tongue, but at the last moment she makes him kneel in front of me and get sprayed all over his face with cum!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another all night jerk off session

all night and still going, I love it!!!!

here is some of what I've been jerking to:

In front of group I'm tied up and my stamina is tested with masturbation machine!!

There were about 10 doms with slaves already there. I was lead from the truck with only my leash on, stroking my rock hard cock. I was paraded across the front lawn and into the house in front of a group of women where my ankles were shackled to the floor a little more than shoulder width apart, and my right arm was cuffed to a ring on the ceiling, and I kept jacking off with my left hand. I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me and I could hear them laughing, pretty soon a fucking machine was brought into the room and set up with a fleshlight was put in place of the didlo that was on it. My left wrist was cuffed to the ceiling, my cock was inserted into the fleshlight and the machine turned on. My owner came over and as she whipped me on the ass with a riding crop she told me I better not cum till I'm told to.  She said if I fail her I will be fucked by all the other slaves and if I do good I might get to service a female.
It wasn't too long till I was really struggling to keep from cumming, I was ordered look at the woman and to describe in detail how I would service the slaves if I failed. How I would lick up and down their cocks, lick their balls, swirl my tongue around the head, slide it in my mouth while spreading my ass cheeks so I could be fucked in the ass by another slave at the same time. I know they took pleasure in seeing the shame in my eyes as I described how I would service the other male slaves.
I didn't think I could do it, I was so close to cumming the whole time!!  It was about two hours total that I was fucking the machine before I was finally uncuffed and told I was to show everyone how good I am at spraying cum on my own face. A couple of other slave held my legs up and I stroked a couple times and fucking showered myself with cum, I sprayed my entire face full of cum as everyone in the room erupted in cheers and laughter.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stepmother turns dom, I am only allowed to call her Master as she takes me for nude walks!!

She has a number of names for me including slave, bitch, fuck toy, jerk boy, stroker, slut, and more.. She has me on a leash quite a lot, last few nights around midnight she has taken me for walks around the neighborhood with nothing on but the collar on my neck and the leash she held. I had to keep my cock hard the whole time as we walked, I was so scared, she would me me get on all fours when a car would pass. She would laugh and talk trash telling me my cock better still be rock hard and tugging the leash  as I crawled along next to her. At one point we had to duck behind someones front hedges to avoid some people walking, I was so fucking scared. She pushed me on my back and started giving me head as the people walked right by us!! As soon as they were gone she stopped sucking my cock, got up and tugged on the leash for me to get up and follow her. I didn't have to touch my cock for at least a block it was so hard from her sucking it!! There were times I had to stroke my cock to keep it hard and times I was so turned on it stayed rock hard all by itself. Master made fun of me no matter what, when I stroking it she teased me for being such a pathetic stroker, when it was hard by itself she humiliated me for liking it so much. I think this is going to be something she makes me do regularly..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stepmom brings home two hot young girls and makes me cum on my face in front of them

Pat walked in with two fucking hot girls in their early twenties. I was close to cumming already and them walking in started to send me over the edge. Pat ordered me not to cum so I stopped stroking to keep from cumming, then she ordered me to keep stroking, hard and fast. As they sat and talked about what a loser I was sitting there beating off, I was barely able to hold back. Pat gets a kick out of making me admit how turned on I am by the girls, I have to tell them what I like most about them. Then I have to talk about which one I like more, and why, as they sat and laughed at me, i was so ashamed. Finally Pat said she wanted me to cum, but I had to cum on my face, i was fucking humiliated as I put my lags up so my cock pointed right at my face and shot my load all of my face. When I sat up cum dripped off my chin, at least I was allowed to get a towel and wipe my face off..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stepmother orders me to get newspaper from machine 1/2 mile away while completely naked

Pat thought it was hilarious to make me go completely nude and get the morning paper. My cock was rock hard the whole time!! I was so glad to make it back without getting caught!!!

For cumming on her face I have to cum on my face...

As punishment for cumming on my stepmothers face I have been ordered to cum on my face every time I orgasm until I am told i can stop. She sat and watched the first couple of time I came on my own face, it was humiliating and next chance I get I'm cumming on her face again!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Next thing I knew I was fucking my stepmother

(continued from previous post) Before I figured anything out she put her hand around my cock and began stroking it, soon she was titty fucking me, then she began sucking it real good. Then she laid back and next thing I knew I was fucking my stepmother!!  I held her ankles and spread her legs wide as pounded her, I fucked her real hard from behind, I fucked her every way I could.. Then I even pounded her ass with no mercy!! I fucked her silly and then she knelt before me and I sprayed cum all over her face!! It was awesome and creepy all at the same time!!

All afternoon stepmom humiliates me while watching me beat off

Pat sat watching me jacking off talking about how her and her friend caught me fucking my fleshlight the night before, teasing me about how red my face was and how embarrassed I looked. She laughed as she told me how pathetic I am always jerking off and that she always knew I never be anything more than a chronic masturbator. She told me how much she used to enjoy "accidentally" exposing herself to me and then finding where I ran off to masturbate, knowing that I was thinking off her the while I stroked my cock. She knew every place I went to jack off in that house and could hear or see me masturbate in all of them. During the day I didn't like to beat off in my room because she always had some reason to come barging in. She explained to me that at first when she barged in she was trying to catch me beating off and if she would have been able to walk in on me masturbating she probably would have fucked me. She told me how as time went by she thought more and more that I was pathetic because she could so easily and so often cause me to go jack off. All of that was in addition to the almost every night before going to bed masturbation that Pat and Sherri watched from Sherri's roof. Looking her in the eye as she laughed at me because here I was years later jacking off for her, She began asking if I always fucked like when I was fucking Sherri or if that was only sometimes, I told her that was how I always could fuck. She started slowly taking her clothes off while she had me tell her how I would fuck her if given the opportunity. She teased me as she made me confess how much I wanted to fuck her when I was a teenager. Then she was telling me how much she liked my big cock, how much she liked how I fucked her friend Sherri, and how she hadn't had a good fuck in a long time.

more to cum

Stepmom gets mad when she wakes up and see's me fucking the shit out of her best friend!!

I was jerking off and looking at Sherri's hot body when she woke up and took off her clothes and we started fucking. I really like fucking her hot body and seeing her big tits bounce around!! She was laying on the coffee table as I was holding her legs wide open and I was fucking her hard when Pat woke up. She woke up to us fucking less than three feet away from her sleeping and right away she was mad. She started talkng trash about how it was funnier when they waled in last night and caught me fucking my fleshlight stuffed in the couch.. Then she left and returned eating a bowl of cereal and sat watching us fuck. She directed me as to how she wanted to see her friend get fucked for over an hour before I was allowed to cum. Pat was still pissed about my spraying cum all over her face and she talked Sherri into having me cum on her face. She laughed as she watched me cum all over her friends face!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stepmom and her best friend come home from bar drunk and walk in on me fucking my FleshLight, I felt humiliated!

About two weeks ago I was fucking my Fleshlight hard and getting close to cumming when my stepmom Pat and her best friend Sherri walked in and started laughing at me... They were both drunk and the sight of me kneeling in front of the couch fucking my fleshlight which was shoved between the cushions, sent them into hysterical laughter. It was so humiliating to get caught fucking my fleshlight like that and of course they wouldn't let me stop. They teased and laughed and directed me on how to fuck it. Pat sat on couch right in front of me and teased me as she took of clothes and pretended like I was fucking her.. She kept rubbing her titties all over my face and talked major shit as I struggled not to cum. This lasted for a little more than an hour till I was finally given permission to cum..
Pat told me to cum on her tits and my aim was way off as I sprayed her face with cum!! She was pretty pissed off but I thought it was funny as hell and so did Sherri!!
Pat passed out on the couch about twenty minutes later!! I write another post about what happened the next morning!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Marathon All Night Masturbation Session!!

Started last night around 5 and have been pounding my cock ever since then!! I'm so fucking close to cumming it's crazy...

Her are some pics of what I have been using for jerk off material!

Stepmom walks in on me fucking her best friend and stays to watch!!

It was early afternoon when Sherri stopped by, she took off her clothes as she walked across the room, she laid on her back and asked me to fuck her, fuck her real hard. I had just slid it in and gone balls deep when my stepmother Pat walked in and in a mocking tone was saying "Yeah, fuck her, fuck her real hard". She pulled up a chair and sat down about two feet away from the two of us fucking. She starts acting like she was a fuck coach, telling me "fucker her harder", "more to the right", even telling us when to switch positions and what position to switch to.
I fucked Sherri hard for about an hour, the only time Pat left the room was to refill her drink. In between telling me what to do, Pat would talk to Sherri about how good I was fucking her! When I couldn't hold back anymore P at told Sherri to get on her knees and had me cum on her best friend face!! Sherri got cleaned up and her and Pat went out to the bar for the rest of the day.

It was weird and totally fucking hot all at the same time...

Friday, July 30, 2010

I have been on punishment for the last month

I'll give details later. I'm so close to cumming right now, oh shit, I'm about to cum!!

Here are some pics of what I am beating off to:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wore out another FleshLight, breaking in new one is a challenge!!

I really wore this last one out!!! I got one of the new Wonder Wave and it is real tight on my large cock. With the small end cap off I can only get about an hour of fucking it before I have to stop or I will cum. I fucked my last one two or three hours a day, every day, and I can't wit till this one is broken in so I can fuck it as much as my last one..
I am fucking pounding my cock in and out of my new FleshLight right now and it feels incredible!! This Wonder Wave insert produces some mind bending orgasms, and if at all possible you really should get one for yourself!!
I just got permission from my step mother Pat to cum, Yeah!!! I'm so close already... This is going to be a great one!!! Oh fuck yes!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Stepmother and friend tell me humiliating details about when they watched me masturbate when I was a teen

They knew every humiliating detail about my masturbation as a teen, proving they were watching me masturbate! They knew the grip I used most when I first moved to California and what I used most when I moved out. They knew where I kept my porn mags and how I would spread them out for a long jerk and page through them during a quickie. They described how I would sometimes fold a pillow over and fuck it while pretending i was fucking a girl. They know everything..
I found it humiliating to hear how they would laugh and giggle while watching me masturbate practically every night.
I had a serious crush on my step mother Pats best friend Sherri, she was (and still is) totally fucking hot. It is weird to find out she was watching me during what I thought were my most personal acts. She says she always liked what she saw, and thought I had a really great cock.

How could anyone think that masturbation is a bad thing??

Why does my hand fit perfectly around my cock if I'm not supposed to play with it?? I really don't get how any could say it is bad to masturbate, it feels so incredible!! I jerk of all day every day I love it so much!! I am not ashamed of my chronic masturbation, I spend most of my day on the edge of orgasm, it feels so fucking great why would I want to stop, I live in total ecstasy and love every minute of it....

It doesn't hurt anyone, I'm not cheating, I won't catch anything, and there is zero chance of pregnancy.. So tell me again why it's bad to masturbate...

Great weekend for masturbating!!

I have been jerking off almost non-stop since Friday morning!! I slept a couple hours Friday night and maybe three hours yesterday afternoon, the rest has been continuous jerking off!!
Here are some pics for y'all...

My favorite chore at the ranch was walking the dog!!

The first chore I was given when I got to the ranch was to walk the dog every morning. There was a trail that went along some hilltops behind the ranch, the trail was about 5 miles long and you could see the house along almost the entire trail. I had to follow all the rules while walking the dog including being completely naked and masturbating the entire time. A little past halfway there was a picnic table on the top of the highest hill along the trail, almost everyday I would sit and look at the amazing view as I beat my meat. Most mornings as the dog, Butch, and me would be returning to the house Mistress would be sitting on the patio drinking coffee with a pair of binoculars in front of her. Often she was not alone and one or more of her friends would be there, they would laugh and tease me about what they saw me doing along the way.
Depending on their mood I was often told to stand in front of them and continue masturbating while they finished their coffee. While all of Mistress's friend were hot, there were a few that I really had the hots for and Mistress loved to humiliate me in front of them. She would make me admit how bad I wanted them, and what I liked most about them, and what I was fantasizing about them, as I stood masturbating in front of them. They would laugh at me and tease and humiliate me as I confessed my lust.
I have many stories from walking the dog, I will of course keep posting them from time to time.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Don't ever want to stop!!

I don't ever want to stop beating my meat!! I love it and as long as I have hands and arms and my cock gets hard I will be jacking off!! Non-stop as often and as long as I can!!
Here are some pictures of what I am currently jerking off to!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another all night masturbation session!!

It feels so good I just can't stop!!! I've been edging all night and am right on the verge of exploding, I am maybe two strokes from cumming.. It's been a pretty good session, great control, extreme arousal, good porn, I was it could always be this great!!! Here are some more pics from what I've been beating off with..

What I'm jerking off to!!!

Here are some of the women I am currently looking at while I pound my fist up and down my cock...

I'm Finally back!!!!!!

It's been a lllloooooonnnngggg time since I was last able to post to my blog, I've got so many stories to share with everyone. I was out at a ranch for most of the last six months, I served completely naked the whole time, I had chores and duties to perform everyday, in addition to always stroking my cock, either with my hand or one of the many devices that were rigged up!! Mistress was amused and entertained by the non-stop masturbation and loved to show me off!!
I am currently staying in the pool house at my stepmothers house, and I am not allowed to wear clothes here either. My stepmothers best friend has been stopping by at least once a day to get fucked, so far Pat hasn't found out but that's just a matter of time...
It's good to be back!!!