Sunday, August 29, 2010

Next thing I knew I was fucking my stepmother

(continued from previous post) Before I figured anything out she put her hand around my cock and began stroking it, soon she was titty fucking me, then she began sucking it real good. Then she laid back and next thing I knew I was fucking my stepmother!!  I held her ankles and spread her legs wide as pounded her, I fucked her real hard from behind, I fucked her every way I could.. Then I even pounded her ass with no mercy!! I fucked her silly and then she knelt before me and I sprayed cum all over her face!! It was awesome and creepy all at the same time!!

All afternoon stepmom humiliates me while watching me beat off

Pat sat watching me jacking off talking about how her and her friend caught me fucking my fleshlight the night before, teasing me about how red my face was and how embarrassed I looked. She laughed as she told me how pathetic I am always jerking off and that she always knew I never be anything more than a chronic masturbator. She told me how much she used to enjoy "accidentally" exposing herself to me and then finding where I ran off to masturbate, knowing that I was thinking off her the while I stroked my cock. She knew every place I went to jack off in that house and could hear or see me masturbate in all of them. During the day I didn't like to beat off in my room because she always had some reason to come barging in. She explained to me that at first when she barged in she was trying to catch me beating off and if she would have been able to walk in on me masturbating she probably would have fucked me. She told me how as time went by she thought more and more that I was pathetic because she could so easily and so often cause me to go jack off. All of that was in addition to the almost every night before going to bed masturbation that Pat and Sherri watched from Sherri's roof. Looking her in the eye as she laughed at me because here I was years later jacking off for her, She began asking if I always fucked like when I was fucking Sherri or if that was only sometimes, I told her that was how I always could fuck. She started slowly taking her clothes off while she had me tell her how I would fuck her if given the opportunity. She teased me as she made me confess how much I wanted to fuck her when I was a teenager. Then she was telling me how much she liked my big cock, how much she liked how I fucked her friend Sherri, and how she hadn't had a good fuck in a long time.

more to cum

Stepmom gets mad when she wakes up and see's me fucking the shit out of her best friend!!

I was jerking off and looking at Sherri's hot body when she woke up and took off her clothes and we started fucking. I really like fucking her hot body and seeing her big tits bounce around!! She was laying on the coffee table as I was holding her legs wide open and I was fucking her hard when Pat woke up. She woke up to us fucking less than three feet away from her sleeping and right away she was mad. She started talkng trash about how it was funnier when they waled in last night and caught me fucking my fleshlight stuffed in the couch.. Then she left and returned eating a bowl of cereal and sat watching us fuck. She directed me as to how she wanted to see her friend get fucked for over an hour before I was allowed to cum. Pat was still pissed about my spraying cum all over her face and she talked Sherri into having me cum on her face. She laughed as she watched me cum all over her friends face!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stepmom and her best friend come home from bar drunk and walk in on me fucking my FleshLight, I felt humiliated!

About two weeks ago I was fucking my Fleshlight hard and getting close to cumming when my stepmom Pat and her best friend Sherri walked in and started laughing at me... They were both drunk and the sight of me kneeling in front of the couch fucking my fleshlight which was shoved between the cushions, sent them into hysterical laughter. It was so humiliating to get caught fucking my fleshlight like that and of course they wouldn't let me stop. They teased and laughed and directed me on how to fuck it. Pat sat on couch right in front of me and teased me as she took of clothes and pretended like I was fucking her.. She kept rubbing her titties all over my face and talked major shit as I struggled not to cum. This lasted for a little more than an hour till I was finally given permission to cum..
Pat told me to cum on her tits and my aim was way off as I sprayed her face with cum!! She was pretty pissed off but I thought it was funny as hell and so did Sherri!!
Pat passed out on the couch about twenty minutes later!! I write another post about what happened the next morning!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Marathon All Night Masturbation Session!!

Started last night around 5 and have been pounding my cock ever since then!! I'm so fucking close to cumming it's crazy...

Her are some pics of what I have been using for jerk off material!

Stepmom walks in on me fucking her best friend and stays to watch!!

It was early afternoon when Sherri stopped by, she took off her clothes as she walked across the room, she laid on her back and asked me to fuck her, fuck her real hard. I had just slid it in and gone balls deep when my stepmother Pat walked in and in a mocking tone was saying "Yeah, fuck her, fuck her real hard". She pulled up a chair and sat down about two feet away from the two of us fucking. She starts acting like she was a fuck coach, telling me "fucker her harder", "more to the right", even telling us when to switch positions and what position to switch to.
I fucked Sherri hard for about an hour, the only time Pat left the room was to refill her drink. In between telling me what to do, Pat would talk to Sherri about how good I was fucking her! When I couldn't hold back anymore P at told Sherri to get on her knees and had me cum on her best friend face!! Sherri got cleaned up and her and Pat went out to the bar for the rest of the day.

It was weird and totally fucking hot all at the same time...