Sunday, December 21, 2014

After everone leaves a male friend of Debbie's arrives late becaused of work and she get's video of me showing her friend what a slut I am and taking my first real cock!!!

I still had cum on my face as Debbie laughed and teased me as she finished her beer. She was just about done when a friend of hers arrived and said he couldn't get out of work. She made me describe what had happened to me when a evil grin shot across her face and she gabbed the camera and began recording as she mad me admit I wanted and needed cock. That I wanted his cock,

Step sister brings friend over and watches and records friend fucking my ass!!

I was fucking the shit out of my fleshlight and I looked up as Debbie walked in the front door holding up a video camera recording as she came in. I could feel my face getting red from embarrassment even before I saw Tiffany walk in behind her. I felt utterly humiliated by Tiffany seeing me, and the fear of what they had in store for me was almost to much to take. I pulled out of the fleshlight as Debbie was finishing setting up a little tri-pod and putting the video camera on it, she flashed me a wicked smile and said I

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Step mom walks in on me fucking a girl and has that girl stay and watch step sister fuck my ass!!

I was fucking a girl that I had just met earlier that day. Her name is Tiffany and she is pretty hot with better than average tits and I was fucking the living shit out of her. I was enjoying the view of her tits bouncing up and down and she was moaning about getting ready to cum again when my stepmother,

Friday, December 12, 2014

Poll Results

What kind of posts do you like the most???
Lots of pictures of naked women..
Links to videos..

Stories about what happens to me (step mom humiliating me, etc.)

Posts detailing how much I love to masturbate and how I am constantly doing it, and how I'm doing iit (fleshlight, blow up doll, etc)..

Movies and/or pics of me jerking of in front of people or getting fucked, etc..


Votes so far: 24

Poll closed

Ok, so more stories and pictures it is!!!!! Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please participate in new poll!!

If you look on the top of the column of things on left side on this blog you will see a new poll, please participate. I thank you in advance for your help and here are some pics, but you can't jack off to them until you submit your answer(s) for the poll....

Happy stroking, and thanks for participating in the poll!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

JOI Humiliation Videos

Here are a few videos of humiliating Jerk Off Instructions for your stroking pleasure:

You're a loser (Bikini JOI):

Loser Jerk Addict:

Jerk It Loser JOI:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fucking edging all day, right on the edge for a couple hours, I fucking love it!!! Masturbation Fucking Rules!!!!

Fuck yes, I've right on the edge for a couple of hours and holy shit is it incredible!!! I fucking never want to stop beating my meat!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am proud of masturbation being my favorite sex!!

I as proud of my sexuality as any straight or gay person is!! Just because I prefer solo-sex doesn't mean I have to hide it. I would march openly in a masturbators or solo-sexual parade!! I look forward to my next sexual experience, just like everyone else! I love sex with myself, it is by far my favorite sexual activity. I fucking totally love edging and am getting better and better at it all the time. I am beating off as I write this, have been all day, and will be all night. I find levels of pleasure that I never thought possible and never what to end.

Fuck yes I'm proud to be a hand humping, cock stroking, dick pulling, constantly masturbating, solo-sexual!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My cock is the only thing I care about!!! I am an addicted, constant, chronic masturbator and I am proud of it!! Masturbation is a way of life, and my lifestyle of choice, and I love every second of it and I will never stop!!!

I want to keep stroking my rock hard cock and never, ever stop. It is the only thing I care about and pounding my fist up and down on it is the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life!!! I love how my cock makes me continuously pound it, mercilessly jack it, hard and fast, non stop!! I fucking can't get enough of the incredible awesomeness that I feel when I play with my dick. I am fucking amazed at how insane my cock makes my whole body feel when it is being abused by my fist!!! I never want to stop edging, I want nothing more than to ride that edge every moment I am awake. Every minute of every day, for the rest of my life, I want to be riding the edge of orgasm!! I love how intense the pleasure can get as my body twitches and shakes uncontrollably as I get closer to the edge. After a while I feel like my body is going crazy as the twitching and shaking makes me look like I might be having a seizure. There is nothing I ever want to do other than masturbate, my hand feels at home wrapped around my rock hand cock. Like it is meant to do nothing else, only pump up and down on my dick, nonstop, making it produce the magic energy of orgasm that I live for.

I am way beyond the point of being able to quit or even significantly reduce the amount of time I spend masturbating. I live only to stroke my cock, I fully embrace my masturbation and consider it a lifestyle. I have no problem telling anyone and everyone that all I do is masturbate, some people look at me strange and some get offended, but I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. I know how pathetic and/or lame it looks and I love it way, way, way too much to really care about what other people may think about it. My cock is the center of my universe, it is my whole world, it is fucking absolutely the best part of me. My existence is really a journey of unbelievable pleasure that keeps getting better and better and more and more intense the more time I spend beating off. I know this is what I was born to do and I am absolutely certain I am right. I know I am not missing out on anything but rather I am getting more out of my life than everyone else because of the pleasure I am constantly immersed in. As I get better at the art of edging I become more unable to even think I could change.

My every need is filled by my fist pounding up and down on my rock fucking hard cock!!!

My masturbation lifestyle is more than just merely a physical thing, it is also a spiritual awakening that has lifted my soul and my entire being to a whole new level of ecstasy and pure pleasure that just a few months ago I couldn't have imagined it even existed or could exist. I feel luminous, like I glow brightly with the energy from the orgasms I edge up to. I can't wait to see what new heights I can achieve as I continue to get better in-tune with my body and get better at the art and science of masturbation.

Marathon masturbation session!!! Been jacking for days and nowhere near done!!!

Fuck yes, I love pounding my fist up and down my rock hard cock!! I don't want to stop even to sleep, I've been jacking off continuously for three days and four nights!!! I've been edging super hard for at least 12 hours, I mean SUPER hard, right on the fucking edge, less than half a stroke away from cumming!! My whole body throbbing and pulsing with pleasure from the huge fucking orgasm I am so close to. Time seems to stop as I am consumed by the feelings of the orgasm washing over me and pulsing through me. My whole body shakes from the energy that my cock is picking up like an antennae and amplifying it as it flows through my whole body. My dick is the center of my whole universe right now, everything I am is because of my cock and my addiction to this incredible energy it produces when I stroke it!! I am nothing but a chronic masturbator, I live for nothing except this rock hard cock in my hand. My cock is sending so much energy from this orgasm through my body that I can't keep from shaking and twitching as I stroke it fast and hard!!! OH FUCK YEAH I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

7th day of nothing but being a hand humping stroker slut all fucking day!!!

This is the 7th day in a row that I've done nothing but masturbate from the time I woke up till I fell asleep. What a fucking stroker slut I am!!!! I need to get a new blow up sex doll as I fucked the last one to death! I was fucking her real hard when a seam split open and she instantly deflated, I kept fucking her for a while though.... I've been edging for a couple of days without cumming and I'm thinking about having a orgasm marathon this afternoon!!
I love abusing my fuckstick with my handpussy!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I love doing nothing but masturbating all day!!

I am loving another full day of my fist pounding up and down my rock hard cock!!! Just sitting on the couch, drinking beer, watching porn, and beating off!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

All day and all night marathon masturbation session!!

I've been beating off continuously since early yesterday morning!!! I've been edging real hard since last night around 7-ish!! I fucking love how it feels as my hand pumps up and down my rock hard cock!! I never want to stop stroking my dick, it keeps feeling more incredible every time I stroke it!! The very first thing I do every day when I wake up is grab my dick and start stroking, and I don't stop until I have to, usually it is because I fell asleep, but not always.. I love getting lost in the awesome pleasure of masturbation, floating on the feeling pouring over my body, no thoughts other than stroking, drifting farther away from reality, the only part of my body that I am still aware of is my cock, there is nothing else, just the pure pleasure flowing out of my dick as I stroke it. It builds and builds as it takes over my existence, making my whole body feel only the energy flowing from my cock. Completely surrendering is the only option, as I am fully taken over by my masturbation addiction I can only think about stroking my dick. I am gone, lost in the amazing feeling of my cock as I pound my fist up and down pushing deeper into paradise!! As I begin to edge my cock, getting less than a stroke away from orgasm, then backing away, only to push right to the edge again, holding there as long as I can before backing away. The feeling of being that close to orgasm is fucking insane, and with every edge pushing just a little closer to losing control, staying right there as long as possible, stretching the feeling of the orgasm's energy out for hours and hours.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am given to Lifestyle Dom from party to use to for her younger sister's first dom experience!!

Mistress Tara decided it was finally time for her younger sister to have her first dom experience and liked what she saw of me getting fucked at the party by my sister. Her sister Erica, was young, just turned 18, and was pretty fucking hot!! Tara came into the room first wearing a fairly small strap-on, I wrongly hoped that her sister would have small one also. Erica was fully clothed in regular street clothes as her older sister demonstrated how to treat me by walking to me and putting her cock up to my lips and pressing on the back of head as she ordered me to "Suck it!". She slid it all the way in my mouth and I began sucking it like there was no tomorrow. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and face fucked me for a couple of minutes, she asked her sister if she wanted to try and Erica shouted an enthusiastic "Yes!".
The left the room for a few minutes and when Erica came back she had a big fucking strap-on swinging from her waist. She did just like she was shown and walked up pressed her cock against my lips and pressed the back of my head as she ordered "Suck It!"!! That thing was fucking huge and she pushed it right the fuck down my throat, balls deep!!!  I went to town sucking that enormous fucking dick, she seemed to get a real kick out of looking me in the eye as she face fucked me and I choked on her huge cock!! Tara instructed her to have me lay on my back with my legs spread and beg to be fucked be that cock. Erica lubed it up and slid it balls deep looking me in the eye with a wicked smile as it slid in. Tara had me moaning how much I loved that cock and begging to be fucked harder with it. Begging to be fucked like the true bitch that I am with my legs spread wide and a big cock pounding in and out of my ass!!
She had me get on my hands and knees and she pulled the back of my hair hard as she pummeled my ass. She was calling me her bitch, telling me to take it like a bitch, ordering me beg her to keep fucking my ass!! I was amazed that my cock was rock fucking hard while I was being abused!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Had an orgasm fest early this morning, then back to edging all day!!!

I couldn't hold it anymore around 4:00am and had a fucking crazy insane orgasm!!! I came at least six more times in about two hours and have been edging ever since!!! All day I've been fucking the shit out of my FleshLight, it is fucking great for edging!!! I'll post more of the pics I like in a little while!!!

Fully embracing masturbation as my way of life, and loving every second of it!!!!

There is nothing that even comes close to comparing to the awesome feeling of masturbating!! I've been pounding my cock for around two whole fucking days in this session, holy shit I can't get enough of the way the feelings totally fill and consume every last bit of my body. The way the energy of orgasm totally engulfs me with un fucking believable amounts of total fucking bliss, I fucking can't get enough of it!!! I never want to stop pounding my fist up and down my fucking cock, the orgasm I have been in the edge of since yesterday is so fucking intense I can't fucking believe it!! It keeps building and building, I am fucking totally consumed by the fucking awesomeness of it pulsing through my body over and over, stronger and stronger!
I am going to keep edging this fucking orgasm and see just how much more I can take of this insane fucking pleasure I am experiencing over my whole fucking naked body!!!! This is fucking crazy, how much I fucking can't get enough of this feeling that floods out of my rock hard cock!!!! 

Here are some pics from current all day, all night, all day again beat off session!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Edging for 6 hours now and absolutely loving it!!

Pics like these make it impossible to do anything except constantly masturbate!! 

Payback, I am forced to let step sister fuck my ass in front of everyone at a party!!

I knew I was in trouble when my step mother Pat walked in the door, the look on her face worried me. She brought two young women with her and introduced me by pointing at me and saying "this is the loser jerk off that is the star of tonight's show". I was fucking my FleshLight and Pat had the girls sit and watch for a while. She told them all about me

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Holy fuck, all day masturbation is AWESOME!!!!

There is nothing better than pounding my fist up and down my rock hard cock, all fucking day!!! I've been edging for hours and there is no reason to stop!!! I love how my cock feels as I ride right on the edge, the intensity of it all is fucking amazing!!!

Some pics I really enjoyed looking at while beating off!!!

I liked this one as I often have to pump gas completely naked!!!

First punishment for fucking my step sisters ass...

My step mother pulled out her new camcorder and had me stand in front of her while I beat off and had me describe how I would see hot women in public then fantasize about them later while masturbating. I had to describe what I liked most, what kind of women I looked for, what about them did I fantasize about, and why it proves what a loser jerk off boy I am. She recorded around two hours of video then had me

Friday, June 20, 2014

Step mother catches me balls deep in my step sisters ass!!

I REALLY love fucking my step sister, she is so fucking hot it's unbelievable!! I fuck the shit out of her and was getting tired of her attitude so I made up my mind to pound her in the ass real hard. After she got so fucking drunk she was slurring her words she decided it was time for me to fuck the shit out of her.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More women that I liked while beating off!!

When you see girls this hot, you have to masturbate!!! 

I fucking love looking at naked women and jacking off!!!

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye recently...

Step sister gets drunk and lets me fuck her again!!

I was looking at her amazing body lying naked on my couch as I fucked my FleshLight like it was her pussy. I was mezmorized by her beauty and couldn't take my eyes off of her body. She woke up with a nasty hangover and it took a few beers before she started to feel better. Her hangover didn't keep her from telling me what a fucking loser pervert she thinks I am, if anything it probably made it worse.

This girl looks amazingly like my step sister!!!!

They could be twins!!! It is scary how much it looks like her!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Completely wasted step sister returns to get fucked again!!

When she returned later that night Debbie was so fucking drunk she could barely stand up. She sat on the couch and was slurring her words as she told me she might do a loser like me a huge favor and let me fuck her again.

jerking off all day thinking about step sisters hot body!!!

It was a struggle to keep from cumming as I beat off thinking about the way her perfect tits bounced up and down as I fucked the shit out of her!! In my mind I went through every inch of her smoking hot body while I pounded my fist up and down my cock!!! Right on the very edge on cumming all day!!

Step sister wakes up and catches me staring at her naked body while jacking off!!!

Debbie has a smoking hot body and seeing it naked on my couch, there was no way to do anything except beat off!!! From her blue eyes to those incredible, perky, tits to her thin waist, to her really great ass, and lets not forget her legs!! I was pounding

Some of my favorites from today's masturbation

More than twice as many pics after the jump!!

Really drunk step sister comes back.. and gets fucked real hard!!!

It was around bar closing time when Debbie came back and she was REALLY drunk. She let me know what a perverted loser she thinks I am, and that her friend thinks I'm a huge jerk off loser also. After insulting me for a while

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I am humiliated when step sister brings friend over who didn't believe stories of my getting caught masturbating as a teen, and they catch me fucking my blow up sex-doll!!

It was in the middle of the afternoon, I was fucking the shit out of my blow-up sex doll when my step sister Debbie and her friend Laura walked in the door.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Some of the best pics that beat off to today..

Here are a few of the ones that I thought were the best..

Here is some of what I'm jerking off to today..

Here are some of the pics that I really liked today...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Best jerk off material on tumblr!!

Here is the tumblr site i've been beating off to all day, it is AWESOME!!! Hot Girls onTumblr
How about a couple of example pics...