Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am given to Lifestyle Dom from party to use to for her younger sister's first dom experience!!

Mistress Tara decided it was finally time for her younger sister to have her first dom experience and liked what she saw of me getting fucked at the party by my sister. Her sister Erica, was young, just turned 18, and was pretty fucking hot!! Tara came into the room first wearing a fairly small strap-on, I wrongly hoped that her sister would have small one also. Erica was fully clothed in regular street clothes as her older sister demonstrated how to treat me by walking to me and putting her cock up to my lips and pressing on the back of head as she ordered me to "Suck it!". She slid it all the way in my mouth and I began sucking it like there was no tomorrow. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and face fucked me for a couple of minutes, she asked her sister if she wanted to try and Erica shouted an enthusiastic "Yes!".
The left the room for a few minutes and when Erica came back she had a big fucking strap-on swinging from her waist. She did just like she was shown and walked up pressed her cock against my lips and pressed the back of my head as she ordered "Suck It!"!! That thing was fucking huge and she pushed it right the fuck down my throat, balls deep!!!  I went to town sucking that enormous fucking dick, she seemed to get a real kick out of looking me in the eye as she face fucked me and I choked on her huge cock!! Tara instructed her to have me lay on my back with my legs spread and beg to be fucked be that cock. Erica lubed it up and slid it balls deep looking me in the eye with a wicked smile as it slid in. Tara had me moaning how much I loved that cock and begging to be fucked harder with it. Begging to be fucked like the true bitch that I am with my legs spread wide and a big cock pounding in and out of my ass!!
She had me get on my hands and knees and she pulled the back of my hair hard as she pummeled my ass. She was calling me her bitch, telling me to take it like a bitch, ordering me beg her to keep fucking my ass!! I was amazed that my cock was rock fucking hard while I was being abused!!!

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