Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can't get my hand off my cock so it's another all night masturbation session!!

It feels too damn great to stop now, fuck yeah, I love the way it feels as my hand glides up and down my cock. I've been edging for a couple hours now and I can feel the energy of the orgasm rolling through me stronger and stronger. I never want these feelings of ecstasy to stop and I can edge for many, many hours more this morning.
My hand is pumping up and down my big cock sending me into this orgasm more and more.. I fucking love this and couldn't stop even if i wanted to. My whole body tingles as the energy coming out of my cock builds and builds.
Let's not forget hot babes in great porn, here is a sample of what has my going through the night tonight:

Step mother gives me to friend to help cuckold husband

I was put in the back yard around noon and told not to move off the chair I was told to sit on. I sat facing the sliding glass door and beating off until about 5:30pm when the door opened and a mans voice said "Honey, I don't remember anything about us getting a slave..", a stern female voice replied "the slave is for me". The male started to say something when I heard the crack of a whip and the female voice commanded "take off your clothes and go sit next to the slave." He did as he was told, his wife came outside a minute or so later and told him to start jerking off. She told him to look at the size of my cock and made him admit he wished he had a big dick. I looked over and his dick was smaller than my pinky and it was fully erect as he held it between two fingers while rubbing on it. She kept on humiliating him for having such a small dick, admitting he couldn't hope to please her, agreeing that she deserved to get fucked by a big cock, and that he wanted her to be satisfied sexually. She told him to keep jerking his little dickie and to look at and admire mine while he did so. Pretty soon she had him asking me if I would fuck his wife with my big cock and satisfy her like he can't with his little pin prick. She made him kneel in front of me and stroke my cock, making him say how he could see why she would want my cock, and made him tell how he would fuck her if he have a dick worth fucking.. She went into the house and came out almost naked with only some thigh high leather boots on. She sat on a bench then told her husband to sit in a chair so he could watch, she then started sucking on my cock. After a couple of minutes she humiliated hubbie some more telling him how much she loves  to suck on a big cock and how his was so small it wasn't worth trying to suck it.  As she continued to suck my dick she told him about how their relationship was going to be from now on, he was her total little pin prick slave, he had to be nude in the house at all times and of course do whatever she commanded. She told him that she would be fucking who ever she wanted and he would have nothing to say about it so he better get over any issues he has with it.
We fucked for hours, every position we could think of in almost every possible place on the property, in the house, in the back yard, in the garage, back into the house. All the while she made her husband sit close and watch her getting fucked by a real cock. As we get close to the end she tells hubbie he will be cleaning my cum out of her with his tongue, but at the last moment she makes him kneel in front of me and get sprayed all over his face with cum!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another all night jerk off session

all night and still going, I love it!!!!

here is some of what I've been jerking to:

In front of group I'm tied up and my stamina is tested with masturbation machine!!

There were about 10 doms with slaves already there. I was lead from the truck with only my leash on, stroking my rock hard cock. I was paraded across the front lawn and into the house in front of a group of women where my ankles were shackled to the floor a little more than shoulder width apart, and my right arm was cuffed to a ring on the ceiling, and I kept jacking off with my left hand. I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me and I could hear them laughing, pretty soon a fucking machine was brought into the room and set up with a fleshlight was put in place of the didlo that was on it. My left wrist was cuffed to the ceiling, my cock was inserted into the fleshlight and the machine turned on. My owner came over and as she whipped me on the ass with a riding crop she told me I better not cum till I'm told to.  She said if I fail her I will be fucked by all the other slaves and if I do good I might get to service a female.
It wasn't too long till I was really struggling to keep from cumming, I was ordered look at the woman and to describe in detail how I would service the slaves if I failed. How I would lick up and down their cocks, lick their balls, swirl my tongue around the head, slide it in my mouth while spreading my ass cheeks so I could be fucked in the ass by another slave at the same time. I know they took pleasure in seeing the shame in my eyes as I described how I would service the other male slaves.
I didn't think I could do it, I was so close to cumming the whole time!!  It was about two hours total that I was fucking the machine before I was finally uncuffed and told I was to show everyone how good I am at spraying cum on my own face. A couple of other slave held my legs up and I stroked a couple times and fucking showered myself with cum, I sprayed my entire face full of cum as everyone in the room erupted in cheers and laughter.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stepmother turns dom, I am only allowed to call her Master as she takes me for nude walks!!

She has a number of names for me including slave, bitch, fuck toy, jerk boy, stroker, slut, and more.. She has me on a leash quite a lot, last few nights around midnight she has taken me for walks around the neighborhood with nothing on but the collar on my neck and the leash she held. I had to keep my cock hard the whole time as we walked, I was so scared, she would me me get on all fours when a car would pass. She would laugh and talk trash telling me my cock better still be rock hard and tugging the leash  as I crawled along next to her. At one point we had to duck behind someones front hedges to avoid some people walking, I was so fucking scared. She pushed me on my back and started giving me head as the people walked right by us!! As soon as they were gone she stopped sucking my cock, got up and tugged on the leash for me to get up and follow her. I didn't have to touch my cock for at least a block it was so hard from her sucking it!! There were times I had to stroke my cock to keep it hard and times I was so turned on it stayed rock hard all by itself. Master made fun of me no matter what, when I stroking it she teased me for being such a pathetic stroker, when it was hard by itself she humiliated me for liking it so much. I think this is going to be something she makes me do regularly..

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stepmom brings home two hot young girls and makes me cum on my face in front of them

Pat walked in with two fucking hot girls in their early twenties. I was close to cumming already and them walking in started to send me over the edge. Pat ordered me not to cum so I stopped stroking to keep from cumming, then she ordered me to keep stroking, hard and fast. As they sat and talked about what a loser I was sitting there beating off, I was barely able to hold back. Pat gets a kick out of making me admit how turned on I am by the girls, I have to tell them what I like most about them. Then I have to talk about which one I like more, and why, as they sat and laughed at me, i was so ashamed. Finally Pat said she wanted me to cum, but I had to cum on my face, i was fucking humiliated as I put my lags up so my cock pointed right at my face and shot my load all of my face. When I sat up cum dripped off my chin, at least I was allowed to get a towel and wipe my face off..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stepmother orders me to get newspaper from machine 1/2 mile away while completely naked

Pat thought it was hilarious to make me go completely nude and get the morning paper. My cock was rock hard the whole time!! I was so glad to make it back without getting caught!!!

For cumming on her face I have to cum on my face...

As punishment for cumming on my stepmothers face I have been ordered to cum on my face every time I orgasm until I am told i can stop. She sat and watched the first couple of time I came on my own face, it was humiliating and next chance I get I'm cumming on her face again!!