Sunday, December 25, 2016

I finally got permission to use a computer!!!

I have been a slave all year to a totally hot 19 year old!! She has total control of me and I fucking love it!! She is an amazing dom for how young she is! I am constantly being humiliated, abused, laughed at, and made to service her, her friends, and anyone else she can find. For the holidays she has had me servicing multiple gatherings of males each night. She loves having me stand naked in front of her and her friends and tell them the details of how I serviced the last group, what they did to me, what they made me do, what I loved the most about it, etc. I have paid for all of her schooling this year, books, lab fees, everything. I was paying for her apt for a while, then she decided to move into my place. I usually sleep on the back porch, lately I've been allowed to sleep just inside the back door. Every day I wash and detail the new suv I bought her. I usually am the driver when her or someone she knows needs to go anywhere. She often sends random guys to the house and I of course service them in any way they want, in addition to usually paying them for abusing me. I am not allowed to use any computers without her permission. I had to service an enormous number of guys to get the privilege of using the computer for a few minutes... Holy shit I've missed porn on my computer... I've missed telling y'all about my stroking.... I have to go now but will try to post again soon......

Keep stroking!!!!