Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jennifers friend is the hottest girl I ever met!!!!

Just fucking stunning doesn't come close to conveying hot drop dead gorgeous Ashley is. They walked in as I was sitting on the couch pounding my fist up and down my cock. I looked up and first saw Jen then Ashley stood next to her. Jen sad something like "See, I told you!!" and both of them started laughing at me. I almost came when I saw Ashley and Jen saw my reaction and began mercilessly teasing and humiliating me for it. I was in awe of her beauty and Jen made me admit it. I had to describe in detail how hot I think she is and how turned on sexually I am by her.
They both had on super small shorts and bikini tops that barely held their tits. I not only had to slow my stroking way down but I had to keep taking my had off it entirely to keep from exploding. Jen thought this was so fucking funny and made me tell them everything about Ashley that I found so arousing that I could barely touch my cock. This went on for what seemed like forever but was really only a little more than an hour.
Jennifer decided it was time for me to show Ashley that I will cum on my face when I am told to. I started begging her to not make me do it. Ashley is so fucking hot and the thought of having to do something so completely humiliating right in front someone so beautiful was killing me. I could feel my face was red, I was so ashamed, not just because of how much I was about to humiliate myself, but also because I was sitting in front of them naked with my dick in my hand begging and pleading for her to change her mind. She laughed in my face for being such a fucking pathetic hand humping jerk off slut that I would do what ever she told me.
They both took out their phones and started recording as I assumed the position. Jen ordered my to grunt and groan loudly, and to say I was their little bitch over and over as I came. It didn't take long and I came so fucking hard, I shot load after load onto face. When I stood up it was dripping off of my face and hair.
They got suck a kick out of what they saw that Jen decided I would be cumming for them every half hour for the rest of the night.

Monday, September 28, 2015

some jerk material..

I agree

I promise I won't!!!

I already am!!

I couldn't agree more!!

Yes, Yes I am!!

I do!!!

Absolutely loving life as I masturbate non-stop morning till night!!

I fucking love my life!!! I am able to masturbate just about every waking moment!! The amazing pleasure that comes from masturbation is what I live for, I have dedicated my whole existence to it!! My hand is sliding up and down the shaft of my rock hard cock, going just fast enough to stay right on the edge for the last couple hours. I can't begin to accurately express how great it feels and how much I fucking love it!! I'm getting real good at staying right on the very edge, less than a half a stroke away from cumming. Slowing just barely enough to keep from going to far, very rarely having to completely stop stroking to cool down. It's been at least two hours since I had to stop to cool down, since then I've been as close as less than half a stroke from cumming and no more than a whole stroke. What I mean by that is if I just went ahead and gave my dick a quick half stroke I would explode and shoot cum everywhere.

I like watching porn!! Seeing a nice set of tits bouncing around makes me so horny!! I used to wish I was a porn star fucking all kinds of hot women, but I love jacking off so much more!! I am proud to be a solosexual and a total and complete masturbation addict!! I readily admit that my preferred sexual encounter is with my hand!! I only want to keep stroking my cock!!

I FUCKING LOVE MASTURBATING!! I hope y'all do too!!! How great this feels is fucking insane!!! Today it has been just me here alone beating off, enjoying the pure pleasure without anyone else around. I love every second that my hand is on my dick!!