Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whole night all alone, loving every minute of the pure pleasure of masturbation!!

I started watching porn but I quickly found that distracting and just sat back and totally got lost in the feeling of my hand going up and down on my cock. Not even close to orgasm, just the feeling of stroking my rock hard cock!! It's amazing how incredible it feels just stroking!!! Soon I was thinking

Friday, November 18, 2011

She started stroking my cock on ride home from bike path!

I was in the back seat of the car beating my meat as we drove back to the house when Wendy's friend pushed my hand out of the way and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I was immediately impressed with how skilled she is at such a young age (she is 19). She started slowly and by the time we were back

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Forced to sit on bench on public bike path completely naked and beat off!!

The bench was along the inside of a curve in the bike path and it was set back a few feet with the walls coming together so that unless you knew what you were looking for you would miss it, even if you were walking by!! The bike path runs  along a river and the bench was about a mile up the path from where we parked, ans of course I had to be completely naked to whole way to the bench!! I was left

She made me sit in front of window at night with all the lights on!!

We went to Wendy's friends house and I was put on a bench just inside the large front windows and I was told that I batter not stop jerking off till I was told to!! It was 7:30pm and already dark outside so anyone that looked toward the house would definitely see me! Thankfully the house is in  fairly rural

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wendy makes me admit embarrassing truth about how hot I think she is..

She made me tell her in humiliating detail how much I want to fuck her hot little body. I had to describe everything I liked, from top to bottom! She sat and laughed and asked questions that made me go into even further detail.. It took about an hour but it seemed like forever as she laughed at me for how I was

Girls make sure I totally humiliate myself at adult toy store then continue humiliating me all night!!!

I knew I was in for trouble when Wendy and Jenni said they thought it would be fun to go shop for some toys at an adult toy store nearby. Of course they went over the top with the humiliation!! We walked in together and made our way to the fake pussy area where they began laughing and joking

Saturday, November 5, 2011

In the line at the grocery store Wendy and neighbor Jenni loudy discuss if the blow-up doll or the Fleshlight is funnier to watch me fuck!!!!

It was a busy time at the grocery store, the line we were in had about 7 or 8 people in front of us and the cashiers on both sides were open and had about the same length. Wendy and Jenni had been discussing what was the most enjoyable thing to watch me fuck and by the time we got in the checkout line they were argueing over what was the funniest with Jenni saying the Fleshlight and Wendy saying the blow-up doll. Wendy loudly made her case with details of the noises I made and the faces I made on top of the sheer undeniable humor of seeing a grown man fucking an inflatable sex doll. Jenni just as loudly and in great detail described how the Fleshlight can be put here and there and wedged between cushions and how I looked when fucking a fake pussy in each of those situations!! There was a good amount of laughing and giggling coming from the people around us.. I would say probably twenty or thirty different people heard at least some of the girls description of how I looked while fucking a sex toy, and they made sure everyone knew that I was the one they were talking about... 

Friday, November 4, 2011

I get to resume my normal, constant, masturbation schedule!!!!!

My stepmother Pat thought it would be funny to have her underage niece move into my place for the last few months as her parents moved out of state and living with me allowed her to stay in the same high school. Since Wendy was under 18 till yesterday I was unable to masturbate whenever she was home, which was pretty much always. There were a couple of times that I was real close to getting caught!! The neighbors had a lot of fun telling Wendy how much of I love to masturbate, it was embarrasing not just because of her being so young but also because she is EXTREMELY good looking.. She had a lot of fun checking to see what I was doing every few minutes to see if she could catch me masturbating.