Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Girls make sure I totally humiliate myself at adult toy store then continue humiliating me all night!!!

I knew I was in for trouble when Wendy and Jenni said they thought it would be fun to go shop for some toys at an adult toy store nearby. Of course they went over the top with the humiliation!! We walked in together and made our way to the fake pussy area where they began laughing and joking
about how I would look fucking the different items. After a while an employee walked by and the girls asked if he could help us. They told him I am a chronic masturbator and started asking specifics about the different fuck toys. After a few minutes of that they told me to go walk around the store by myself and they would text me instructions when they wanted me to do something. I was looking at the inflatable fuck dolls when I get a txt that said I had go over to the two girls a few feet away from me and tell them I am a chronic masturbator and ask them which they thought would be funnier me fucking a pocket pussy or me fucking a blow up doll. The girls said they thought a blow up doll would be funnier. I texted them the answer and I was told to ask them if they had any thoughts about which doll would be most pathetic to be fucking. After about 5 minutes of torturous humiliation they picked out the doll they thought was the lamest one to fuck. I was told to take that doll and go up to the checkout counter where I was to tell the cashier about my chronic masturbation and ask what lube they sell would be the best one to use with the doll I am buying, specifically the best one for very frequent usage with the doll...
Of course I had to fuck the doll on the ride home! Once we got home I had to walk naked with the doll up the sidewalk and into the house. Then I had to fuck the doll as they laughed at me and told me the different positions they wanted to see me use while fucking the doll!! They called a few friends and before I knew it there were around ten girls teasing and laughing at me fucking an inflatable sex doll!!

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