Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wendy makes me admit embarrassing truth about how hot I think she is..

She made me tell her in humiliating detail how much I want to fuck her hot little body. I had to describe everything I liked, from top to bottom! She sat and laughed and asked questions that made me go into even further detail.. It took about an hour but it seemed like forever as she laughed at me for how I was
having a difficult time holding back from cumming as I beat off while talking about her hot body.
She was teasing me for being so close to cumming and laughing at me because she wouldn't give me permission to cum when Jenni came over. Jenni showed her how I react to seeing a little skin, she began by fondling her incredible tits while leaning forward. It was almost impossible to keep from exploding and Wendy thought it was impressive how turned on I was. Jenni took off her shirt and bra and began playing with her bare breasts. I was begging for permission to cum or at least permission to slow down the pace of stroking, and was told definitely NO WAY. I was just about to explode when Wendy grabbed a riding crop and smacked my ass real hard several times. They continued to tease me for about a hour before they went out to meet their boyfriends...

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