Monday, June 29, 2009

I love to do nothing but masturbate all day long!!!

I was up early and started beating off immediately and have been going all day, that's about 15 hours of edging so far today. Not to mention I fell asleep real late as i was jerking off as i lay in bed.. I'm fucking my hand right now, but I am considering switching back to my FleshLight soon. I fucking love it and don't think I will be stopping for a lloooonnnnnggggg time.. I will most likely jerk all night...

As a slave I had to follow all instructions, even if that meant breaking the rules, which I was still punished for!!

I originally heard i was to follow orders from Goddess Candice, so when one of the girls in the motor home told me to look at her tits i didn't listen because one of the rules is to not look at women. When Goddess heard I didn't follow an order she pulled into a rest stop and I was taken from the motor home naked and bent over a table so they could take turns paddling my ass. I was then informed that I had to do what ever I was told, even if it broke the rules, then if I did violate a rule I had to admit it to Goddess right away so I could be punished for it. My ass felt like it was on fire as i was led back into the motor home. I was then teased by a hot young woman with great tits, she fondled them in front of me and made me say how much I liked them, what about them, how aroused she was making me. She made me tell her how I could be jerking my cock in front of a smoking hottie, who is totally teasing me with her damn near perfect tits, and not be spraying cum all over the place. I was so fucking close to losing control, I did my best to explain something I didn't really understand and all my concentration was required to keep from cumming. She thought it was funny when I stutter or my breathing would change from being so close to orgasm. She teased me all the way to the ranch, and then some...
I will be posting more soon...

Porn I'm watching while jerking off!!!

Here is a little bit of what I have been beating off with all night. First some pics, I was going through the stuff on one of my hard drives about a month ago when I came across about 20,000 pics from early-mid nineties, early internet newsgroup and even some from the BBS days...

These are fucking fun:

-Happy Stroking

Back from being naked slave to couple in desert!!

I left with no clothes on, returned with no clothes on, and didn't wear any clothes the whole time I was there. This was my first time doing something like this and I loved it! They are experienced and have done this before. Goddess Candice, who owns the place, wanted to see for herself if I could really jerk off all day long like she had heard. I wasn't treated as harshly as other slaves they had, at least that's what Steve the sissy cuckold husband often told me. My rules where pretty simple (with one notable misunderstanding I will put into another blog post), I was to always be naked (which was easy since I didn't have any clothes there), I was to do whatever I was told to do without hesitation, I was not to cum unless Goddess Candice instructed me to, and I had to do my chores. I showered outside in the open, I used a garden hose with a spray attachment hanging off a pole about seven feet off the ground, no curtain. One of my daily chores was walking the dog, twice a day, around the edge of the property, about three and a half miles along the top of some rolling hills. I had no worries of being scene by anybody out there, we were miles from the nearest anything.
I have lots to tell about the experience in upcoming posts..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I confessed FleshLight usage to friend who thought it was hilarious!!

It was almost the time she had to leave and she had me telling her the different ways I like to masturbate, which ones I like more, and of course, why I liked them so much. She had said she was going to let me cum so I was getting real excited. I had just shown her how I would masturbate when I very first started and I admitted that I had a FleshLight that I liked to fuck quite often. She thought that was fucking hilarious and made me get it out and show her me favorite ways of using it. She needed to go and said she would be back to watch more of me pathetically fucking a fake pussy, she also said I was going to have to wait to cum... Now I'm sitting here, still humping my FleshLight, waiting and hoping I will get to cum sometime soon

Good Tease Video

Shawna will tease you

difficult to keep from cumming!!

It has been a week and a half since I last came... I have beat off for a whole lot of hours since then and it is getting real hard to hold back.

Friend is getting real dominate..

In the last week or so my friend who stops by and watches has started being a total dom. I am definitely not complaining, it's just that I've known her for many years and all of a sudden she is ordering me to kneel in front of her and jerk-off, I am under orders not to cum unless I have been told to by her. She is supposed to stop by this morning and I am hoping to be allowed to cum....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I found out that my masturbation as a teen was not private and I was actually watched often.

I found out over the weekend that as a teen when I was in my room and would beat before I went to sleep I could be seen from sun deck on neighbors roof! I thought I was behind my closed door in private and I had louvered windows with the top couple panes being regular glass instead of frosted which allowed great viewing of me on my bed masturbating. The lady who lived in the house I could be seen from said her and my former step mother got a kick out of it and often watched me!! I am so fucking ashamed and humiliated. I don't know who they told or invited over to watch over the course of the almost four years this went on.
Sherri, the lady who lived next door, is still hot, but back then she was smoking fucking hot, her and my step mother.. Sherri's smoking hot daughter was best friends with my step mothers smoking hot daughters and I wonder if they all knew..Until a few months ago it had been almost twenty years since I had seen any of them.
At first I didn't want to believe her but she knew details that no one could know unless they had seen me. She knew how I most often stroked it back then, she knew the positions I used, what I used to clean up after, she knew everything..
I will, of course, post more about how I got back in touch with them, and other sordid tales....

Thinking about fucking my FleshLight this morning

I fucked it for a couple hours last night and am thinking about how great it would feel to fuck it some more. I was sitting and using my hands to pump the FleshLight over my cock last night, this morning I think I am going to set it up so I can pretend to be really fucking it by moving my hips...

A week since last cum shot!!

I have had more than a dozen masturbation sessions totaling probably 80+ hours since my last cum shot. I didn't mean to go this long, every time I have been ready to cum I have to stop for one reason or another. This session has been going all night and is pretty fucking intense. I may go ahead and cum this morning as it is feeling so fucking incredible!!

spend several hours today masturbating with out porn!!

Recently I've been spending increasing amounts of time really enjoying masturbating with out any porn. I really fucking love how it feels to just relax and get lost in being naked and pleasuring myself. I still love porn, but there is something about having no distractions, just enjoying the way it feels, every bit of it. How it feels as my hand glides up and down my rock hard cock.