Monday, June 29, 2009

Back from being naked slave to couple in desert!!

I left with no clothes on, returned with no clothes on, and didn't wear any clothes the whole time I was there. This was my first time doing something like this and I loved it! They are experienced and have done this before. Goddess Candice, who owns the place, wanted to see for herself if I could really jerk off all day long like she had heard. I wasn't treated as harshly as other slaves they had, at least that's what Steve the sissy cuckold husband often told me. My rules where pretty simple (with one notable misunderstanding I will put into another blog post), I was to always be naked (which was easy since I didn't have any clothes there), I was to do whatever I was told to do without hesitation, I was not to cum unless Goddess Candice instructed me to, and I had to do my chores. I showered outside in the open, I used a garden hose with a spray attachment hanging off a pole about seven feet off the ground, no curtain. One of my daily chores was walking the dog, twice a day, around the edge of the property, about three and a half miles along the top of some rolling hills. I had no worries of being scene by anybody out there, we were miles from the nearest anything.
I have lots to tell about the experience in upcoming posts..

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