Monday, November 30, 2015

Small barn with old crappy computer is where I am kept completely nude.

I have a refrigerator with bottles of water and I am brought food several times a day. There are two females that bring my food and give me my chores to do. The younger woman likes to tease me with her tits, likes to have me tell her how much they turn me on, and have me beg to jack off to them. She loves laughing at me for being such a loser who begs women to jack off to their tits. She teases me almost everyday and usually early in the morning around 8:00. I am so close to cumming when she leaves that it is difficult for me to keep from exploding the whole day. Sometimes she will return with a friend to show what a fucking jerk off loser I am. They laugh at how the only thing I do in the presence of beautiful women is beat my meat harder, don't even try to hit on them, just stroke harder and faster.
The older woman usually stops by in the evening and likes to have me tell her about the times I got caught masturbating when I was a teenager. She likes to hear me admit that I would be ready to cum in just a few strokes, and how my premature ejaculation issues fueled my drive for masturbation. The only sex I've ever been worthy of is masturbation, I've always known that I didn't deserve to have sex with a woman. I have never been deserving of having sex with a real live female, loser's like me are only supposed to beat off. She made me realize that no matter how much I jack off I am still that little premature ejaculator who is not worth fucking. Just the sexual nature of the attention I get from her has me instantly on the very edge fighting to keep from cumming. I am not worth fucking so that means I am definitely not worthy of cumming, I'm way to big of a pathetic loser for such a privilege. I am usually about to cry because I am so ready to cum but I am not allowed to and I am not allowed to stop stroking either.

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