Monday, November 30, 2015

Using me to turn him into a cuckold...

After me being their fuck-toy for almost a month the asshole pissed off the wife and she made him service me as punishment. He protested and begged and whimpered and when he started to cry was when she had enough and shoved his face into my crotch. She said she would rip his dick off if he didn't have my cock in his mouth when he lifted his head up. He tried one more time to say something and she grabbed his balls hard and gave them a serious fucking yank, he let out a whimper as he took my cock into his mouth. She told him he better suck my dick real fucking good and she teased, taunted and laughed at him for few minutes. She pulled out her cell phone and took a few pictures and when he tried to say something she put on her strap-on, grabbed him by the hips and slid it in balls deep. That got his attention and he started to lift his head off my cock and she pushed it back down till he was gagging on my cock. As she did that she began fucking his ass harder and faster. She took some more pics and recorded some video of her husband taking it like a bitch. I am not allowed to cum so after a good long fucking she decided he had been punished enough, for one night.


  1. i bet you wanted to cum right then and there when she forced her head down

  2. Yeah, it was all I could do to keep from cumming right then!!!!