Monday, November 30, 2015

My submissive side makes me do whatever a female tells me to...

I can't help it, it doesn't matter how much I don't want to, if a woman tells me to do something, I will do whatever she says. Lately Mary has been making me prove that there is absolutely nothing I won't do if she tells me to do it. She has been finding guys that will pay her to have me be their fuck toy and do whatever they want with me, she makes me pay her the same amount for pimping me out, then after they are done using me, and they can use me for as long as they want, I have to give them whatever amount they paid Mary, and of course I have to pay Mary again. So they get to fuck me for free and Mary gets paid three times, and I paid all of this to happen to me. I want to say no so fucking bad, but when she tells me to go service someone all I can say is "yes ma'am" as I pay her for making me go and do it. A few times she has made me pay them double what they gave her, so they actually got paid to abuse me, it is the ones that keep me for a long time and really abuse me that she does this with. Several have been smart enough to cum back for more, and Mary make me pay them and her up front, them they can take me and abuse me however they want. I used to like the ones that just wanted a suck and fuck so when it was done I could tell Mary the details then go beat off for the rest of the day, last few days however she has had me doing several of these a day.

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