Monday, November 30, 2015

She was to take care of me for the rest of my stay

The younger woman was put in charge of teasing and humiliating me full time, non-stop, till I was returned home. She took her job very seriously and made sure I was laughed and felt humiliated the rest of the trip. She changed things up a lot, she walked me all over completely naked with a rock hard cock, took me to friends houses and made me jerk of for them, sometimes by hand, sometimes with the fleshlight, and sometimes with a blow-up sex doll. Walking on a leash, naked, with a rock hard cock, carrying a blown-up sex doll in the middle of the day is super embarrassing. She always had the camcorder recording what I was doing and saying, it is quite humiliating being video recorded while you admit your deepest secrets about your masturbation habits throughout your whole life, in great detail, while being teased and mocked and laughed at for everything you say. Her and some of her friends would sometimes tease the fuck out of me by removing some clothes and putting their tits in my face or otherwise flaunting their hot naked bodies. Mostly they kept their clothes on and laughed and made fun of the stuff they got me to admit to them. At one point I was pleading and begging so hard to be allowed to cum in front of them that I started crying, of course I was totally and completely denied any orgasm.
They did a fucking great job of keeping me on the very edge and very humiliated and ashamed of what a loser I am. I loved every second of it and wished it would go on forever.

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