Monday, November 30, 2015

Step sister pushes me over the edge and watches and laughs as I spray cum everywhere!!

I was fucking my Fleshlight right in front of her as she was teasing me and fondling her fucking awesome tits. Everything was normal, no real issues holding back when she said the name of a friend of hers that I had the biggest crush for when we were teens. It was bad, whenever she was around I couldn't look her in the face and I would stutter every time I tried to say something, she was so fine and I wanted her so fucking bad. The thought of her hot body and what it did to me and I almost instantly exploded. I tried to pull out of the Fleshlight but it was too late I was past the point of no return. I immediately grabbed my cock and started pumping my fist up and down it, Debbie knew instantly what was happening and pushed my chest hard enough to push me off my knees and make me fall backwards onto my back. As my back hit the floor my cock started erupting and I sprayed cum onto my chest, neck, face and hair. I looked up and Debbie had her phone out and was recording me shooting cum on my face and she laughed as she said she was sending it to the girl who's name just made me cum instantly. I sat up and she snapped a few pics of cum dripping off my face to send to her mom and sisters.
She told me to pay Mary the penalty fee I owed her and that I was not allowed to do anything else for Mary, she said she was going to take control of my pathetic submissive ass if need be. Not to be left out she made me pay her half the amount that I owed Mary for helping me out of that mess.

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