Monday, November 30, 2015

I know I could stop being a cum dumpster by just cumming without permission..

While I really would like to, I just can't seem to go against her command to not cum. Even knowing that she expects me to disobey her command, we have even negotiated the penalty for when it happens, and yet I still am compelled to do what she has ordered me to do and that is to not have an orgasm. I think that since I have always been a stroker slut that no woman would want to have sex with I have always craved female attention and would do anything to please them. I will do anything a woman tells me to, I want to please them so they will like me and will do absolutely anything they want. That includes having to pay Mary for hooking up men for me to service, then pay the men for abusing me and making me do things I am very ashamed to admit to. She has officially said I am not allowed to cum, therefore I will do everything I can to please her by doing as she says and not cumming..

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