Saturday, August 29, 2015

Embracing that my life is totally and completely dedicated to masturbation!!

I spend by far the vast majority of my time masturbating! It is fairly rare when I have to stop, and then I am in a hurry to start beating off again. If I need both hands for something I will get out the Fleshlight and fuck it while I complete that task. I usually am jacking off till fall asleep from exhaustion and then as soon as I wake up I am beating my meat again. I don't ever deny or even hide that I am a permanent, dedicated, full time, solo sexual, compulsive, chronic, and constant masturbation junkie.
I sometimes go days and weeks without cumming and sometimes I cum many times a day. I have many styles and positions that I switch off using. I never get bored or wish I was doing something else, on the contrary I love it more every day!!
I fucking love edging and probably am doing it most of the time, but I also just like the feeling of my hand going up and down my rock hard cock. I like masturbating more than fucking women and am totally ok with it. I am in awe of how it just keeps feeling better and better!! I don't know why I wasn't always this way, I feel like I wasted a large portion of my life by not dedicating my life to masturbation right away when I first started jacking off. At least 20 years that I wasn't constantly jacking off, what the fuck was wrong with me?? I love that I did figure it all out and have found my life's calling. I hopefully still have many years of non-stop masturbation to enjoy!!
I hope every who reads this blog enjoys masturbating, no matter how much they do it!! I think the world would be a much better place if everyone masturbated more!!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jennifer knows I will do anything she tells me to, and regularly abuses me for entertainment and profit!

At first she was just making me give her money so she could go drink with her friends, she would tease me a bit, flash a little tit and then laugh as she walked out the door. Then she would bring over guys to fuck right in front of me, laughing at me as I jacked off, making fun of me because I am such a pathetic jerk off I don't even want to fuck real girls anymore. Then she started having her girl friends come to my place to drink and laugh at what a fucking jerk off loser i am. I had to serve them drinks and what ever else they wanted without stopping jacking off, of course!! They like to tell me strange and difficult positions they want see me in while I jack off in front of them. They will take off their tops and play with their incredible tits right in front of me and make me admit that I am such a loser and make me beg for forgiveness for being such a lame ass, and beg to see more even though I don't deserve it. Sometime they make me give them money to keep teasing he fuck out of me.
There is much more to tell in future posts....

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mary stopped by after work.

Colleens mother Mary came by after work and walked in on me fucking my Fleshlight hard, and about to cum!!! She wanted to let me know how much she liked the previous show I had put on for the three of them and wanted to see some more. She told me that she was very much into the lifestyle of being a dominant female and that I was going to be one of her bitches. Much more about this to be written soon!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Colleen came by at lunch...

Not long after her daughter left colleen walked in as I was fucking my fist. She wanted to tell me how much they all enjoyed watching me and how pathetic they all thought I was. She took her top and bra off and fondled her almost perfect tits for me. She teased me for almost an hour before she put her clothes back on and left. She made sure I knew she would be back....

Jennifer comes back the next morning..

It was around 9:00am when she walked in on me fucking my blow-up sex doll while pretending it was her, I was moaning and groaning her name right when she caught me. I was embarrassed as hell and she had a great time making me feel like a loser. She was not only ditching school but knew she could get a loser like me to give her some money to go out drinking that night. She watched me fuck that doll for about an hour before she left. She teased the fuck out of me with her awesome tits and perfect young ass and made it clear she would be back and I would do whatever she wanted me too...

When she came back she brought her mom and daughter so they could all laugh at my being addicted to masturbation!!

Colleen had a great time with the other friends of my sisters watching me humiliate myself in front of them fucking my sex doll and my Fleshlight. Back when we were teens she was one of the hottest of all of my sisters friends and one of the meanest. She teased me mercilessly then made fun of me for being a loser jack off artist. The three of them walked in as I was pounding my fist up and down my cock, they all burst out laughing. I looked up and they all had bikini tops on and super small boy shorts, holy fuck they are all smoking fucking hot standing there laughing at me jacking off. Colleen told me they were there for a show, they wanted to see what a fucking total jerk off I am. I was staring at there fucking awesome tits, barely held back by their bikini tops and Colleen told me that if I was going to fantasize about them they wanted to here the details and also I should be moaning and groaning.... I admitted how much I liked their tits and they laughed and started to fondle their breasts. Colleens daughter came over and stuck my face between her perfect tits and I almost came instantly! They thought that was fucking hilarious and kept teasing me with their tits, making me describe what I like about them, and how much I like them, and how much they turn me on. 
Colleen's daughter (Jennifer) was the meanest of them, she made me admit that I would rather masturbate than actually fuck one of them, she also made me get out my blow up sex doll so they could watch me humiliate myself by fucking it in front of them.
All of them had their phones out and took pictures and/or video of me from time to time and I'm sure they sent them to their friends to laugh at. When I brought out my blow-up sex doll Jennifer pulled out a camcorder and recorded me the whole time I fucked that doll. She made me take turns pretending it was each of them I was fucking. The one I was pretending to fuck, I had to look her in the eye while I was fucking the doll, moaning and groaning, just like it was real. it was super humiliating but they really got a kick out of it. They teased me with their bodies, taking off their clothes and caressing their bodies as I pretended to fuck them.
Colleen got me to admit my true nature as a constant masturbator and that I have dedicated my life to my masturbation project. I told them how much I am addicted to pornography and that I jack off from morning to night, every waking minute. I admitted that I like to fuck my hand more than real pussy, which they thought was fucking hilarious!!!
It was Mary, Colleens mother that wanted me to cum on my own face. After I was done they made sure I knew how much of a pathetic loser I have become. They also made it clear they would be back...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Edging over the years....

At first I would jerk fast till I was pretty close to the edge then slow down a little and when I got to the edge I took my hands off my cock, as it twitched and bobbed. As I got better able to recognize when I was getting close to cumming I started slowing down earlier, this allowed me to not have to let go of my cock entirely, every  time. I still had to stop stroking completely but I could keep my hand wrapped around it sometimes. Doing this reduced the number of ruined orgasms because if I had pushed a little to far I could start stroking again and finish off with a good cum. The combination of getting better at edging and more good orgasms made masturbation much more pleasurable and I began to do it more often.
As a young adult I beat off fairly often, not the everyday, sometimes a few times a day of my teenage years but still several times a week at least. As I got better with the edging and the increase in the pleasure from masturbating I was soon jacking off daily again. As I got better and better with edging the length of my sessions grew longer and longer.
The next big milestone for me was the ability to slow down the stroking instead of totally stopping. As I started being able to slow down I was becoming addicted to how fucking awesome it feels!! I began thinking about masturbation throughout the day, soon if I wasn't jacking off, I was figuring out how I could go and masturbate. I was becoming a totally hand humping, fist fucking, stroker slut!!!