Friday, August 28, 2015

Jennifer knows I will do anything she tells me to, and regularly abuses me for entertainment and profit!

At first she was just making me give her money so she could go drink with her friends, she would tease me a bit, flash a little tit and then laugh as she walked out the door. Then she would bring over guys to fuck right in front of me, laughing at me as I jacked off, making fun of me because I am such a pathetic jerk off I don't even want to fuck real girls anymore. Then she started having her girl friends come to my place to drink and laugh at what a fucking jerk off loser i am. I had to serve them drinks and what ever else they wanted without stopping jacking off, of course!! They like to tell me strange and difficult positions they want see me in while I jack off in front of them. They will take off their tops and play with their incredible tits right in front of me and make me admit that I am such a loser and make me beg for forgiveness for being such a lame ass, and beg to see more even though I don't deserve it. Sometime they make me give them money to keep teasing he fuck out of me.
There is much more to tell in future posts....


  1. I love to jerk off to femdom humiliation vids. You're lucky to have real women call you a loser and tease and laugh at you while you beat your meat. That must be an incredible turn on!

    1. It is fucking incredible to be humiliated by real women!!!