Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When she came back she brought her mom and daughter so they could all laugh at my being addicted to masturbation!!

Colleen had a great time with the other friends of my sisters watching me humiliate myself in front of them fucking my sex doll and my Fleshlight. Back when we were teens she was one of the hottest of all of my sisters friends and one of the meanest. She teased me mercilessly then made fun of me for being a loser jack off artist. The three of them walked in as I was pounding my fist up and down my cock, they all burst out laughing. I looked up and they all had bikini tops on and super small boy shorts, holy fuck they are all smoking fucking hot standing there laughing at me jacking off. Colleen told me they were there for a show, they wanted to see what a fucking total jerk off I am. I was staring at there fucking awesome tits, barely held back by their bikini tops and Colleen told me that if I was going to fantasize about them they wanted to here the details and also I should be moaning and groaning.... I admitted how much I liked their tits and they laughed and started to fondle their breasts. Colleens daughter came over and stuck my face between her perfect tits and I almost came instantly! They thought that was fucking hilarious and kept teasing me with their tits, making me describe what I like about them, and how much I like them, and how much they turn me on. 
Colleen's daughter (Jennifer) was the meanest of them, she made me admit that I would rather masturbate than actually fuck one of them, she also made me get out my blow up sex doll so they could watch me humiliate myself by fucking it in front of them.
All of them had their phones out and took pictures and/or video of me from time to time and I'm sure they sent them to their friends to laugh at. When I brought out my blow-up sex doll Jennifer pulled out a camcorder and recorded me the whole time I fucked that doll. She made me take turns pretending it was each of them I was fucking. The one I was pretending to fuck, I had to look her in the eye while I was fucking the doll, moaning and groaning, just like it was real. it was super humiliating but they really got a kick out of it. They teased me with their bodies, taking off their clothes and caressing their bodies as I pretended to fuck them.
Colleen got me to admit my true nature as a constant masturbator and that I have dedicated my life to my masturbation project. I told them how much I am addicted to pornography and that I jack off from morning to night, every waking minute. I admitted that I like to fuck my hand more than real pussy, which they thought was fucking hilarious!!!
It was Mary, Colleens mother that wanted me to cum on my own face. After I was done they made sure I knew how much of a pathetic loser I have become. They also made it clear they would be back...

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