Tuesday, November 18, 2014

JOI Humiliation Videos

Here are a few videos of humiliating Jerk Off Instructions for your stroking pleasure:

You're a loser (Bikini JOI):

Loser Jerk Addict:

Jerk It Loser JOI:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fucking edging all day, right on the edge for a couple hours, I fucking love it!!! Masturbation Fucking Rules!!!!

Fuck yes, I've right on the edge for a couple of hours and holy shit is it incredible!!! I fucking never want to stop beating my meat!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am proud of masturbation being my favorite sex!!

I as proud of my sexuality as any straight or gay person is!! Just because I prefer solo-sex doesn't mean I have to hide it. I would march openly in a masturbators or solo-sexual parade!! I look forward to my next sexual experience, just like everyone else! I love sex with myself, it is by far my favorite sexual activity. I fucking totally love edging and am getting better and better at it all the time. I am beating off as I write this, have been all day, and will be all night. I find levels of pleasure that I never thought possible and never what to end.

Fuck yes I'm proud to be a hand humping, cock stroking, dick pulling, constantly masturbating, solo-sexual!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My cock is the only thing I care about!!! I am an addicted, constant, chronic masturbator and I am proud of it!! Masturbation is a way of life, and my lifestyle of choice, and I love every second of it and I will never stop!!!

I want to keep stroking my rock hard cock and never, ever stop. It is the only thing I care about and pounding my fist up and down on it is the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life!!! I love how my cock makes me continuously pound it, mercilessly jack it, hard and fast, non stop!! I fucking can't get enough of the incredible awesomeness that I feel when I play with my dick. I am fucking amazed at how insane my cock makes my whole body feel when it is being abused by my fist!!! I never want to stop edging, I want nothing more than to ride that edge every moment I am awake. Every minute of every day, for the rest of my life, I want to be riding the edge of orgasm!! I love how intense the pleasure can get as my body twitches and shakes uncontrollably as I get closer to the edge. After a while I feel like my body is going crazy as the twitching and shaking makes me look like I might be having a seizure. There is nothing I ever want to do other than masturbate, my hand feels at home wrapped around my rock hand cock. Like it is meant to do nothing else, only pump up and down on my dick, nonstop, making it produce the magic energy of orgasm that I live for.

I am way beyond the point of being able to quit or even significantly reduce the amount of time I spend masturbating. I live only to stroke my cock, I fully embrace my masturbation and consider it a lifestyle. I have no problem telling anyone and everyone that all I do is masturbate, some people look at me strange and some get offended, but I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. I know how pathetic and/or lame it looks and I love it way, way, way too much to really care about what other people may think about it. My cock is the center of my universe, it is my whole world, it is fucking absolutely the best part of me. My existence is really a journey of unbelievable pleasure that keeps getting better and better and more and more intense the more time I spend beating off. I know this is what I was born to do and I am absolutely certain I am right. I know I am not missing out on anything but rather I am getting more out of my life than everyone else because of the pleasure I am constantly immersed in. As I get better at the art of edging I become more unable to even think I could change.

My every need is filled by my fist pounding up and down on my rock fucking hard cock!!!

My masturbation lifestyle is more than just merely a physical thing, it is also a spiritual awakening that has lifted my soul and my entire being to a whole new level of ecstasy and pure pleasure that just a few months ago I couldn't have imagined it even existed or could exist. I feel luminous, like I glow brightly with the energy from the orgasms I edge up to. I can't wait to see what new heights I can achieve as I continue to get better in-tune with my body and get better at the art and science of masturbation.

Marathon masturbation session!!! Been jacking for days and nowhere near done!!!

Fuck yes, I love pounding my fist up and down my rock hard cock!! I don't want to stop even to sleep, I've been jacking off continuously for three days and four nights!!! I've been edging super hard for at least 12 hours, I mean SUPER hard, right on the fucking edge, less than half a stroke away from cumming!! My whole body throbbing and pulsing with pleasure from the huge fucking orgasm I am so close to. Time seems to stop as I am consumed by the feelings of the orgasm washing over me and pulsing through me. My whole body shakes from the energy that my cock is picking up like an antennae and amplifying it as it flows through my whole body. My dick is the center of my whole universe right now, everything I am is because of my cock and my addiction to this incredible energy it produces when I stroke it!! I am nothing but a chronic masturbator, I live for nothing except this rock hard cock in my hand. My cock is sending so much energy from this orgasm through my body that I can't keep from shaking and twitching as I stroke it fast and hard!!! OH FUCK YEAH I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!!!!