Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An agreement has been reached on what I will have to pay if/when I cum without permission...

Since I will never be given permission, it's just a matter of time till I slip up.. It is a large amount, Mary and Jennifer will split it and I will no longer be their full time bitch boy, although they can stop buy at any time and I have to do whatever it is they want....
I don't know if I should just get it over with, the problem is that it is a large sum of money, way more than I usually have access to. I don't go through that much money in 6 months so it will take some effort to pull it together.
Funny thing is that Mary sent Jennifer and Ashley home with me to do their best (or worst) to get me to cum. More about that later.....

some pics to jerk off to....

Fuck yeah I'm addicted to porn!!!!

I'll try to pump harder!!!

I'm on the edge!!!!

And I love porn!!!!!

I will be masturbating all day, and probably all night too!!!

Just me and my cock all day!!!

Fucking loving pounding my fist up and down my rock hard cock!!!! Holy fuck I can make my dick feel so fucking insanely good!! This is what I live for, riding on the edge for hours, with now worries and no one to have to deal with. Just me alone abusing the fuck out of my cock!!!

I washed everyone's car, I painted houses, inside and out, I cleaned pools, did yard-work, while completely nude and beating off!!

I paid money to who I was doing the work for, for the privilege of being allowed to serve, of course. Plus I had to gave Mary and Jennifer some $ every time, a pimp charge if you will. I mostly brought my Fleshlight along as I have a stand for it so I can keep fucking it almost no matter what else I may have to do.
I am staying back at my place now, but Mary still considers me to be her and Jennifer's property, their bitch boy, and I am still definitely NOT allowed to cum. I have a feeling it will be a lllloooonnnggg time till I actually get to cum again.....

Edging really is the most incredible way to masturbate!!!

If you like to masturbate, and if you don't you have some serious issues to work out, but for those that like it, you really must give edging a try. You know that feeling of orgasm right before you begin ejaculating, it that feeling stretched out to last for minutes, hours, sometimes days. It takes some practice but very soon you will understand what I am talking about. If you keep practicing edging you will not believe the incredible amount of pleasure you can get from your cock. I never imagined that I could experience the level of pure extacy and orgasmic bliss that I get while edging. I know it may be hard to believe but masturbation can get so much better. It is difficult to put into words how fucking mind bendingly insanely intense the pleasure is that you can get from your cock through edging.
If you do a google search you'll find sites that have pretty thorough instructions on how to get started. I can help some quick hints on starting edging. What you want to do is as you approach orgasm, before you have got to the point were cumming is inevitable, you want to stop stroking, in the very beginning probably just take your hand completely of your cock. Let it settle down, at first probably till you are about half hard, then resume stroking, repeating the previous steps. Before you get to were there is no turning back, take your hand off your cock, let it relax till it's half hard then, resume stroking. Do this over and over, trying to get closer to cumming, but not cumming, each time. At the same time waiting less time before resuming stroking, each time. It will take a little practice, but you will quickly LOVE it. Don't worry about pushing too far and  actually cumming, it happens, when it does, quickly grab your cock and stroke out what you can of the orgasm, no sense in completely ruining it... Next time try approaching the point of no return a little slower, you can get much closer stroking slowly as you near the edge of orgasm.
I think everyone should give it a try, practice every couple of days for a few weeks, believe me you can't begin to imagine how great you can get you cock to feel with edging....

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mary tells me what a pathetic loser she thinks I am.....

It was around 4am, I was fucking my Fleshlight in the back den/party room at Mary's house when she came and sat down next to me. She made me kneel on the floor about 10 feet in front of her. She told me that she has been a dom for around 40 years and that I am the most pathetic masturbation addict she has ever seen. She has known that I am a stroker slut since way back when I was in high school when her daughter Colleen would tell her all about how the girls used to "accidentally" show me their tits so they could catch me when I would go masturbate. Being a chronic compulsive masturbator my whole life doesn't make my current jack off obsession any less impressive. She told me that all men, especially ones like me, were only here to serve her and provide her with whatever she wanted. She doesn't care what I think or want or need and by controlling my orgasms she can get me to do anything. She wanted her granddaughter, Jennifer, to learn how easy it is to totally control a man through sexual domination. Her daughter Collen didn't care for that kind of stuff, but Jennifer really seems to like it and is doing well with learning how to truly make a man her bitch.
I was then allowed to express my gratitude for being able to serve them. I did what I thought was a good job and then I brought up that I was supposed to be allowed to cum once when I first became their bitch. She laughed so hard she almost fell off the couch, then she said that I must not have been listening to what she just said. She doesn't care about what I want or what I said or what I think was part of the deal, the deal is I will do what they say, when they say it. She said that I can forget about being able to cum, as long as I am not able to cum I will do anything, without hesitation, no matter how fucked up it may be.
She asked me how bad I wanted to cum and laughed as I did my best to try to talk her into letting me cum. She told me to beg, she made me shout loudly while I was begging to cum. I had to beg forgiveness for being a pathetic stroker slut who only lives to beat his meat. My shouting woke up Ashley, Jennifer and a couple of their friends who all came to see what was going on. I had to beg forgiveness for being turned on by and fantasizing about the smoking hot girls there watching me. I had to beg forgiveness for only wanting to jack off and not wanting to fuck them. Still Shouting I had to describe what and how I fantasized about each of the women there. All this while fucking my fleshlight, hard and fast, fantasizing about it being each one of their pussies. As I begged them to let me do whatever they wanted so I could cum they took turns teasing me with their smoking hot bodies, they had me promising to do everything they said, and more.
Mary laughed and reminded me that I wouldn't be cumming anytime soon, no matter what I said or did.. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I almost got to cum, at least I thought I was going to get permission....

I was going out of my mind with the teasing that bordered on torture that Mary and Jennifer had been putting me through. It was the most intense teasing they had done so far. I really fell for it when they started talking about letting me come later on that night. They talked about how they thought I had earned it, that I deserved to finally have permission to explode. They had a bunch of friends over to party and they all talked about my getting to cum, and how they should make me do it. They teased me about finally getting to see my cum face and laughed about how fucking horny I was. After what seemed like forever Ashley and Mary stripped in front of me and teased me with their naked bodies. They said I should get ready to cum to their hot bodies, pressing my face between their tits, totally rubbing all over me, making me believe I was about to get to cum. They told me to lay so I would shoot my cum on my face, I was so fucking ready to explode. Then Mary walked in said I definitely did NOT have permission to cum, everyone started laughing at me. I was fucking crushed, and right on the edge of cumming. That was really cruel of them, I need to cum so fucking bad...

Monday, October 5, 2015

Two of the hottest girls I've ever met and all I want to do is masturbate!!

Ashley may be the hottest girl I've ever met and Jennifer is a close second. Even when I had my face buried between one of their perfect sets of tits, all I wanted to do was keep pounding on my cock!! I know exactly how to make my cock produce the most insanely intense feelings of pleasure. I'm real good at it and I practice getting better all day every day! Make no mistake their hot bodies turned me the fuck on, it just made me want to stroke harder and faster! Just thinking about Ashley's tits has me ready to explode again!!! Unfortunately I'm not allowed unless I get permissions from Mary or Jennifer...

Mary brings Jennifer over to show her how to really control a cock!

Jennifer told her grandmother Mary about the cum fest her and her friend put me through and Mary brought her back to show her the "right" way to control a cock.Mary has me get my knees in front of them and tells me how she wants me to masturbate. She then got me to admit how much I like Jen's friend Ashley, then made me describe in detail what I liked about her and how turned on I was by her and how much of a loser I felt like jerking off in front of her. Then she makes me pretend what it would be like fucking her, tells me to pound the shit out of my cock, ans describe in detail what I would be doing to her. She also tells me I am not allowed to cum without permission and that I definitely don't have permission. It doesn't take long till I am struggling to hold back and she reminds me that I don't have permission to cum.
Then she wants me to do the same with Jennifer as the subject. I do as I'm told and it's not long till I am really struggling not to cum. Mary tells Jen to take off her top and play with her tits. I am so close I have take my hand off my cock or I will cum. Mary yells at me for being such a loser and tells me if I do that again I will be severely punished. I tried to tell her I was going to cum if I hadn't let my dick go and I was laughed at, she said that wasn't her problem.
Soon I'm losing my mind, I can't cum and if I keep stroking I'm going to cum in the near future. I begin to beg for permission to cum. Mary insists that I shout while I beg so anyone walking by can easily hear my pathetic pleadings. She asks what is in it for her and Jennifer, what do they get if I am allowed to cum. She knows I will do anything at this point and she takes full advantage of the situation.
To make it even more difficult for me she has Jen come over and stick my face between her fucking amazing tits. Seeing her get up and begin coming towards me almost instantly pushed me over the edge!! Then she buried my face between those tits and I really don't know how I didn't cum, I had my face between the best tits I've ever seen and I somehow manage to not cum. But it has pushed me much closer and I know I'm going to blow any minute.
We negotiate a large cash payment, more than I can get from the ATM, I will have to go in to the bank to get the money and unfortunate;y for me it was Saturday night so it would be a another whole day till I could get their money. For the next month I will be their taxi service taking them anywhere at anytime, I will be completely naked and beating off the whole time, of course. I will also be naked servant and nude chore chore whore for the next month for the both of them. I will remain under their control and will not cum unless given permission.
For this I will be allowed to cum, but not until the I give them the money, then it will up to them to at some time in the near future give me permission to cum. It's not relief now but it will hopefully not be too long...
Mary explained to Jennifer how controlling and denying a man's orgasm is how you get a man to give her any and everything she may want.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Orgasm marathon as Jennifer and Ashley make me cum a couple times an hour non-stop since yesterday afternoon...

They said the faces I made when I came were fucking hilarious and made me show it to them every half hour since yesterday afternoon!! All night they laughed and teased me, sending pictures and video of me cumming to their friends. I'm fucking wore out from all the orgasms I've had in the last 24 hours. It was only a minute or two after each orgasm till I was stroking again, and probably around five minutes till I was edging again!!
The two of them teased me with their incredible bodies, I was so fucking turned on by them. They both have amazing tits and kept putting my face in between them!! It was pure heaven, a loser like me would NEVER have a chance with either of them but they seemed to enjoy teasing and humiliating me all night. They did drink a pretty good amount of the alcohol I had here and of course I gave them some cash. They made me go to the atm in the middle of the night, they made me go completely naked and I had to keep my fist pumping up and down my cock the whole time. I was super nervous but i'm such a pathetic stroker slut I would do anything they want me to, and they know it...
I'm going to jerk off the rest of the day thinking about that perfect fucking body that Ashley was flaunting and those tits she fondled right in front of me. I will be dreaming about her for quite a while, I'm sure of it!!