Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mary tells me what a pathetic loser she thinks I am.....

It was around 4am, I was fucking my Fleshlight in the back den/party room at Mary's house when she came and sat down next to me. She made me kneel on the floor about 10 feet in front of her. She told me that she has been a dom for around 40 years and that I am the most pathetic masturbation addict she has ever seen. She has known that I am a stroker slut since way back when I was in high school when her daughter Colleen would tell her all about how the girls used to "accidentally" show me their tits so they could catch me when I would go masturbate. Being a chronic compulsive masturbator my whole life doesn't make my current jack off obsession any less impressive. She told me that all men, especially ones like me, were only here to serve her and provide her with whatever she wanted. She doesn't care what I think or want or need and by controlling my orgasms she can get me to do anything. She wanted her granddaughter, Jennifer, to learn how easy it is to totally control a man through sexual domination. Her daughter Collen didn't care for that kind of stuff, but Jennifer really seems to like it and is doing well with learning how to truly make a man her bitch.
I was then allowed to express my gratitude for being able to serve them. I did what I thought was a good job and then I brought up that I was supposed to be allowed to cum once when I first became their bitch. She laughed so hard she almost fell off the couch, then she said that I must not have been listening to what she just said. She doesn't care about what I want or what I said or what I think was part of the deal, the deal is I will do what they say, when they say it. She said that I can forget about being able to cum, as long as I am not able to cum I will do anything, without hesitation, no matter how fucked up it may be.
She asked me how bad I wanted to cum and laughed as I did my best to try to talk her into letting me cum. She told me to beg, she made me shout loudly while I was begging to cum. I had to beg forgiveness for being a pathetic stroker slut who only lives to beat his meat. My shouting woke up Ashley, Jennifer and a couple of their friends who all came to see what was going on. I had to beg forgiveness for being turned on by and fantasizing about the smoking hot girls there watching me. I had to beg forgiveness for only wanting to jack off and not wanting to fuck them. Still Shouting I had to describe what and how I fantasized about each of the women there. All this while fucking my fleshlight, hard and fast, fantasizing about it being each one of their pussies. As I begged them to let me do whatever they wanted so I could cum they took turns teasing me with their smoking hot bodies, they had me promising to do everything they said, and more.
Mary laughed and reminded me that I wouldn't be cumming anytime soon, no matter what I said or did.. 

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