Monday, October 5, 2015

Mary brings Jennifer over to show her how to really control a cock!

Jennifer told her grandmother Mary about the cum fest her and her friend put me through and Mary brought her back to show her the "right" way to control a cock.Mary has me get my knees in front of them and tells me how she wants me to masturbate. She then got me to admit how much I like Jen's friend Ashley, then made me describe in detail what I liked about her and how turned on I was by her and how much of a loser I felt like jerking off in front of her. Then she makes me pretend what it would be like fucking her, tells me to pound the shit out of my cock, ans describe in detail what I would be doing to her. She also tells me I am not allowed to cum without permission and that I definitely don't have permission. It doesn't take long till I am struggling to hold back and she reminds me that I don't have permission to cum.
Then she wants me to do the same with Jennifer as the subject. I do as I'm told and it's not long till I am really struggling not to cum. Mary tells Jen to take off her top and play with her tits. I am so close I have take my hand off my cock or I will cum. Mary yells at me for being such a loser and tells me if I do that again I will be severely punished. I tried to tell her I was going to cum if I hadn't let my dick go and I was laughed at, she said that wasn't her problem.
Soon I'm losing my mind, I can't cum and if I keep stroking I'm going to cum in the near future. I begin to beg for permission to cum. Mary insists that I shout while I beg so anyone walking by can easily hear my pathetic pleadings. She asks what is in it for her and Jennifer, what do they get if I am allowed to cum. She knows I will do anything at this point and she takes full advantage of the situation.
To make it even more difficult for me she has Jen come over and stick my face between her fucking amazing tits. Seeing her get up and begin coming towards me almost instantly pushed me over the edge!! Then she buried my face between those tits and I really don't know how I didn't cum, I had my face between the best tits I've ever seen and I somehow manage to not cum. But it has pushed me much closer and I know I'm going to blow any minute.
We negotiate a large cash payment, more than I can get from the ATM, I will have to go in to the bank to get the money and unfortunate;y for me it was Saturday night so it would be a another whole day till I could get their money. For the next month I will be their taxi service taking them anywhere at anytime, I will be completely naked and beating off the whole time, of course. I will also be naked servant and nude chore chore whore for the next month for the both of them. I will remain under their control and will not cum unless given permission.
For this I will be allowed to cum, but not until the I give them the money, then it will up to them to at some time in the near future give me permission to cum. It's not relief now but it will hopefully not be too long...
Mary explained to Jennifer how controlling and denying a man's orgasm is how you get a man to give her any and everything she may want.

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