Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Edging really is the most incredible way to masturbate!!!

If you like to masturbate, and if you don't you have some serious issues to work out, but for those that like it, you really must give edging a try. You know that feeling of orgasm right before you begin ejaculating, it that feeling stretched out to last for minutes, hours, sometimes days. It takes some practice but very soon you will understand what I am talking about. If you keep practicing edging you will not believe the incredible amount of pleasure you can get from your cock. I never imagined that I could experience the level of pure extacy and orgasmic bliss that I get while edging. I know it may be hard to believe but masturbation can get so much better. It is difficult to put into words how fucking mind bendingly insanely intense the pleasure is that you can get from your cock through edging.
If you do a google search you'll find sites that have pretty thorough instructions on how to get started. I can help some quick hints on starting edging. What you want to do is as you approach orgasm, before you have got to the point were cumming is inevitable, you want to stop stroking, in the very beginning probably just take your hand completely of your cock. Let it settle down, at first probably till you are about half hard, then resume stroking, repeating the previous steps. Before you get to were there is no turning back, take your hand off your cock, let it relax till it's half hard then, resume stroking. Do this over and over, trying to get closer to cumming, but not cumming, each time. At the same time waiting less time before resuming stroking, each time. It will take a little practice, but you will quickly LOVE it. Don't worry about pushing too far and  actually cumming, it happens, when it does, quickly grab your cock and stroke out what you can of the orgasm, no sense in completely ruining it... Next time try approaching the point of no return a little slower, you can get much closer stroking slowly as you near the edge of orgasm.
I think everyone should give it a try, practice every couple of days for a few weeks, believe me you can't begin to imagine how great you can get you cock to feel with edging....

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  1. I very much agree!! I love to edge. And I'd love to talk to your friends some time.