Thursday, October 1, 2015

Orgasm marathon as Jennifer and Ashley make me cum a couple times an hour non-stop since yesterday afternoon...

They said the faces I made when I came were fucking hilarious and made me show it to them every half hour since yesterday afternoon!! All night they laughed and teased me, sending pictures and video of me cumming to their friends. I'm fucking wore out from all the orgasms I've had in the last 24 hours. It was only a minute or two after each orgasm till I was stroking again, and probably around five minutes till I was edging again!!
The two of them teased me with their incredible bodies, I was so fucking turned on by them. They both have amazing tits and kept putting my face in between them!! It was pure heaven, a loser like me would NEVER have a chance with either of them but they seemed to enjoy teasing and humiliating me all night. They did drink a pretty good amount of the alcohol I had here and of course I gave them some cash. They made me go to the atm in the middle of the night, they made me go completely naked and I had to keep my fist pumping up and down my cock the whole time. I was super nervous but i'm such a pathetic stroker slut I would do anything they want me to, and they know it...
I'm going to jerk off the rest of the day thinking about that perfect fucking body that Ashley was flaunting and those tits she fondled right in front of me. I will be dreaming about her for quite a while, I'm sure of it!!

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