Chronic Masturbator Answers Some Questions

I live to edge my cock and I do it all day! I spend hours on the edge of orgasm, the amazing amount of pleasure my hand makes my cock produce is fucking insane. I have fully committed every waking moment of my life to masturbation!!

Does the chronic masturbator only jerk off while watching  porn??  No, I jerk off while watching the news or whatever is on tv, sometimes I don't even have the tv on and I'll sit and enjoy masturbating in silence. Don't get me wrong, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like to watch porn while I jack off...

Have I always masturbated or wanted to masturbate as much as I do now??  No, I didn't start masturbating all day every day till about 12 years ago. Before that I would beat off probably around 3-5 times a week on average, when I first started masturbating I probably average once a day. One of the differences between when I first started and now is when I started all I wanted was to cum so 2-3 minutes of stroking and I was done for the day.

Did I always like to be watched while masturbating??  I had never tried it till about 15 years ago now, but ever since that first time I've been addicted to masturbating in front of an audience.

What do I masturbate with the most?? I would say I use my hand about half of the time and the other half is probably split about equally between my Fleshlight and a blow-up sex doll..

Does my stepmother really watch me masturbate?? She is actually my former stepmother, her and my dad got divorced almost twenty years ago. And YES she watches me masturbate and much much more, read through the blog for all the details....

How did I start masturbating in front of my stepmother??  As far as me knowing she was watching me, it was through her roommate who was watching me jerk off at the time and invited her roommate (my stepmother) in to watch also. I recently found out that when I was a teenager living with her and my dad, the neighbor and her often watched me masturbate from the sun deck on the neighbors roof, they could see right down into my room. (read this, this, and this)

What's changed since she officially made me her slave??   About the only change has been that before it was a guideline that I wear no clothes when home, now I don't have any clothes, she took all my clothes and keeps them locked away, so I have no choice I am naked absolutely all the time!

Do I still masturbate for my step mother? Yes, she drops in from time to time, usually to humiliate in some way.

Do your step sisters watch you masturbate?? Yes, they have all seen me masturbate!! They still stop by from time to time to have a good laugh at what a pathetic stroker slut I am...

Have you had sex with your step sisters?? Only one of my step sisters, Debbie, has been kind enough to let me fuck her. They are all smoking fucking hot and hopefully they all will decide to let me have the honor of fucking someone that hot!!!

Why write the blog??  I don't think I should hide that I masturbate constantly and this is one way of letting the world know that I am a chronic masturbator!! It also fucking turns me on to share my experiences!! I hope others will enjoy what I have written and maybe see that they are not alone if they really like to masturbate!!

How long have I enjoyed edging??  For over thirty years I've been learning how to edge. Although even before I knew about "edging" I loved to beat off and would beat it till I was about to cum, then take my hands off for a while, then do it again and again. It was about fifteen years ago that instead of taking my hands off I began slowing down the stroking.

How good am I at edging?? I am becoming a fucking pro at edging!!! I can hold back from cumming most of the time with just minor corrections in stroking speed and can stay about a half stroke away from cumming for hours and hours. It is the most incredible feeling to be that close to orgasm for that long!!!

How much do I masturbate??  um, A LOT!! I wake up beating off and fall asleep doing the same, and EVERY moment possible in between I have my hand pounding up and down my cock..

Isn't there more to life than masturbation??? I don't think there has to be, my whole life is dedicated to edging my cock as much as possible, masturbation is my life and I love it!!!

What is the nature of your sexuality?? I have become a solosexual or pornosexual. Masturbation is my favorite sexual outlet and I can't get enough (even though I beat off pretty much every waking moment!). I used to like to fuck women, now I would rather fuck my hand than a woman. The only time I will fuck a girl is if she tells me to..

How comfortable are you with your sexual preference?? I fully embrace my sexuality and am open and honest with anyone and everyone who asks. I LOVE masturbation, fucking LOVE it. I don't care who knows it and/or what they think about me. I am a stroker slut, jerk toy, hand humper, chronic, constant masturbator and I will never change!!! I would proudly march in a "Solo-Sexual" pride parade, if they ever have one!! This doesn't mean that there are not embarrassing or humiliating situations because of my masturbation, but I usually am super turned on when that happens..

Do I think everyone should masturbate so much?? Only if they want to. Every person should masturbate as much or as little as they want to.. I would like to say that I feel that the hatred that some people express towards me because of masturbation conflicting with their religion is mind boggling. If you don't like masturbation, for whatever reason, you probably won't find this blog entertaining.....