Friday, July 24, 2015

when I first started edging...

It was around 27 years ago and I don't know if it was called edging at that time, but if so I didn't know it had a name. I would masturbate to porn on vhs cassettes and as I got close to cumming I would slow down the stroking and when I got almost to the point of no return I would take my hands off my cock and let it sit for a few minutes till I wasn't about to cum. Then I would grab my cock and start stroking it again, and once again slow down and then take my hands off at the last second before I exploded. There were many a ruined orgasm as I took my hands off my cock and it still went over the edge, but I was no longer stroking it, i.e. a ruined orgasm.
I got better and better and after a few years I was able to just control things by slowing down the stroking, no more taking my hands completely off my cock at the last instant. I like this WAY better as I can stay right on the edge while I slowly stroke my cock. I have gotten so good that I can stay right on the edge for hours at a time without having to take my hands off my cock or backing to far from the edge.
If you are new to edging, keep at it, it is totally worth it. It took many years till I became a total edge junkie, hand humping, fuck-tard, now I don't know why I didn't always beat off constantly like I do know.
I'm edging right now and have been all night long and it is almost noon. I fucking can't ever get enough of the incredible feeling of being on the edge of orgasm for hours and hours!!!
I wish I could go back to when I very first started beating off and beat off as much as I do now throughout my life... Twenty years went by that I could have spent every waking moment either jacking off or planning to jack off....
No matter what I hope you enjoy, whatever the amount of time, masturbating!!! Keep on stroking!!!


  1. Fuck!
    That's amazing ... I was 11 years old I had my first orgasm, since always watching pornography. I loved to have multiple orgasms a day (8 minimus cums per day). after the age of 14 years I started doing edging (I do not know if it was called edging too).I watched until the end of porns. I had several porn on VHS cassettes.

    Let me know more about ur bate days...
    Have u got email or skype??

    1. We seem to have similar dedication to masturbation!! I love to learn about others who love jacking off as much as I do!!!