Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After being gone for a month Jill orders me to be like a naked taxi driver for her friends!!

One of Jill's friends got a dui and to keep anything like that from happening again she ordered me to drive any of her friends, anywhere they want to go, any time they want to go, for free, and I have to be totally naked at all times!! Just like when I drove them around previously, unless told otherwise, I am to get out and open the doors for them while completely nude!
At first it was every couple of days one of them would call to be taken to a bar usually at night.. They also didn't want me to get out and open their doors when I first pick them up, but by the end of the night when they were drunk they insisted on me opening their doors so they could tease me while I'm standing there naked!! Soon it was every night and I was taken different girls different places at the same time. Then they wanted me to take them places during the day, to work and/or school, and/or shopping, and/or the beach. It was always fun to take them to the beach as they are all super fine and their bikini's are super small and they love to tease me with their smoking hot bodies!!
The amount of gas I go through is becoming obscene and it is not always easy to find a gas station where I won't get caught filling the tank with no clothes on!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jill and I spend intimate afternoon together...

It was around 11:00am when Jill came into the bedroom wearing only a pair of boy-shorts, seeing her fucking incredible tits almost made me cum instantly.

Jill throws a big farewell party and makes me stay in my bedroom..

She made me stay in the room all day, and her party started early around 6:00pm.. I sat on a chair with no lights on and fucked my fleshlight for a while.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jill decides that I need to be totally and absolutely humiliated during her last weekend living with me!!

She started by having me masturbate using different toys and video recording it with her phone. I was told to talk about what a loser jerk off I am while she recorded me masturbating. She then has me get dressed and we go out to get a drink at a bar near her work. We sit at the bar with her next to a pretty hot woman I've never seen before. After a bit she begins chatting with the woman, I am instantly fucking humiliated as I hear her tell the lady that I am a lame ass chronic masturbator.

Jill and friends go out drinking for the night and I have to drive, totally nude, including opening and closing the car doors for them at every stop...

Jill told me I was going to be the designated driver for the whole night, well that and loser jerk off boy, of course. All her friends are smoking fucking hot and all under 21, but they have fake ID's, although they rarely get carded because of how gorgeous they are. Jill made me pull up in front of each bar or night club they went to and get out, and go around and open the doors for the ladies, completely nude, with a rock hard cock!! Every place we went had either a line to get in or people out front smoking cigarettes who all cheered and laughed as I held the doors open. I then got back in the suv and found a place nearby and waited for them to come out so I could pick them up, again getting out and opening the doors for the ladies. 

Jill freaks out when she finds out I fucked her friend!!

Holy shit, did she freak out!! She talked to her friends mother and immediately beat my ass with a riding crop!! I was then put into one on the closets in the house and told I was not allowed to come out until I was told to.. When I had to go to the restroom I had to get Jills attention then beg for permission. I was brought food whenever she felt like being nice, usually at least once a day, but never anything that didn't taste fucking horrible.

I sat in the closet and beat off in the total darkness for almost a month before I was allowed out... I was not given any lube or toys, it was just my naked ass, in the dark, furiously beating off..

After I was let out she beat my ass black and blue again and I knew she was serious when she said she was just getting started punishing me.....