Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jill freaks out when she finds out I fucked her friend!!

Holy shit, did she freak out!! She talked to her friends mother and immediately beat my ass with a riding crop!! I was then put into one on the closets in the house and told I was not allowed to come out until I was told to.. When I had to go to the restroom I had to get Jills attention then beg for permission. I was brought food whenever she felt like being nice, usually at least once a day, but never anything that didn't taste fucking horrible.

I sat in the closet and beat off in the total darkness for almost a month before I was allowed out... I was not given any lube or toys, it was just my naked ass, in the dark, furiously beating off..

After I was let out she beat my ass black and blue again and I knew she was serious when she said she was just getting started punishing me.....

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