Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jill decides that I need to be totally and absolutely humiliated during her last weekend living with me!!

She started by having me masturbate using different toys and video recording it with her phone. I was told to talk about what a loser jerk off I am while she recorded me masturbating. She then has me get dressed and we go out to get a drink at a bar near her work. We sit at the bar with her next to a pretty hot woman I've never seen before. After a bit she begins chatting with the woman, I am instantly fucking humiliated as I hear her tell the lady that I am a lame ass chronic masturbator.
She tells all about how much I beat off, how I rarely ever am not jerking my meat. It doesn't take long until the cute bartender joins the conversation about how pathetic my constant masturbation is. I am totally humiliated sitting there hearing her describe how I fuck blow up dolls, and fleshlights. When I think it can't get worse she pulls out her phone and shows them the videos she made of me masturbating with different sex toys, they are laughing at me so hard they can barely sit on their bar stools. They laugh so hard they have tears running down their faces!! After showing them the video Jill tells me we are going to another bar to have a drink..

Every place we went she told all the women about my constant, chronic masturbation habit, showed them all the video clips. We went to at least a dozen different bars and restaurants and by the time we left every one of them I was being laughed at, right in my face they made fun of me!! I don't know if I've ever been more ashamed and humiliated in my whole life!!
On the way home she told me that the humiliation was just more payback for fucking her friend!!!

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