Tuesday, October 26, 2010

heckled all afternoon by gay man then stepmom gives me to him and his boyfriend

I was sitting in front of a few of stepmothers friends, masturbating with my un-lubed hand. I had been at it in front of her friends for a few hours and had been up all night jerking off. When my stepmother came into the room with a male I didn't think too much of it. Right away he started taunting and heckling me, telling me to stroke faster. He made fun of me for not doing exactly what he said, especially every time I tried to slow down. The problem was that I was on the edge when he arrived and had been for a couple of hours. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes of stroking fast for him till I was really struggling to keep from cumming. I tried not to show it too much but he saw it right away and had a great time teasing and harassing me about it. After about an hour he called his boyfriend and explained what was going on and a few minutes later they both were there giving me a hard time. They had fun with me for over an hour and when the started talking about leaving my stepmother said they could take me with them to do with what they wanted.
I was not happy but what could I do, so I left completely naked and got into the back seat of their suv. We went to their house and they continued to make fun of me. I was under the constant threat of having to perform homosexual acts with one or both of them and much to their amusement I was getting harder when they threatened me. It's not what I would have had to do that turned me on, but rather being forced to do it gets me off.
They kept me overnight and returned me in the morning and I'm quite sure this will happen again...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumping gas while completely nude and stroking cock!!

Last night my around 11:30 my stepmother pulled into a gas station and pulled around to a pump that was difficult to see from the road because it was blocked by a building. At night the gas station is unattended, no one is working, you have to pay at the pump by credit card. There were no other customers there either and it is kind of out of the way so there was not much traffic on the road either. As the suv stopped she told me to get out and fill up the tank with gas, I caught her eyes in the rear view mirror and she must have seen the look of panic in my face as she burst into laughter and told me again to get out and fill the tank with gas.
I was pretty nervous as I got out of the suv and stood there totally naked with my big dick in my hand. As I lifted the handle and put the pump handle into the vehicle I looked around and I could see video cameras but none of them were pointed where I was standing.
She got out of the suv and came around to watch and tease me. She said that next time she might make me clean all the windows too!! She really enjoyed how nervous I was and really teased and humiliated me while I stood there jacking off. It took about 10 minutes to fill the tank and no one else pulled into the gas station until the very end. I was a little panicked but my stepmother told me I had to stand there until SHE told me it was ok to get into the suv. Fortunately for me the car pulled up to a pump on the other side of the station.
After I was done I was told I could get into the vehicle, but I had to walk around and get in on the far side. While pumping gas the suv and pump blocked most of the view of me, but now I had to walk around the suv with nothing to block anyone from seeing me naked with my rock hard cock in my hand!! I so fucking turned on I almost came half way around the truck!! I climbed into the back seat and we drove off!! I was told that I would be doing that whenever the truck was running low on gas!!