Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trying to setup Live webcam

Please leave a comment and let me know how this works for you...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Very drunk step mother and her best friend stop over after bar close!!

Pat, my former step mother, was fucking drunk, and being a fucking bitch. She wanted me to beg her to let me fuck her while I jerked off. So to keep the drunk bitch from going nuts I sat and begged her to fuck me. Even though her friend Sherrie knew i didn't mean it, I was still humiliated. Soon Pat kneeling in front of me playing with her tits, then she wrapped them around my cock and and started tittie fucking me. I was in total shock when she slid her tits down my cock and slid it into her mouth. She was giving a pretty good blow job when she passed out, and by the time I got her laid face down on the couch, her friend Sherri was naked and wanting to fuck!!
I fucked the shit out of her for about an hour and a half when Pat woke up and was upset that we were fucking.. oh well, i didn't care, Sherri is a great fuck, pissing off Pat was just a bonus!! It was about twenty minutes that Pat watched me fuck Sherri real hard.
Pat didn't remember anything that she did earlier and didn't believe us when we told her about tittie fucking me and sucking my cock. Pat was calling Sherri a slut and tramp while she got dressed and then they left. Pat said she wanted me to be her naked slave at her house today, that should be interesting...

Will someone please do a webcam session where I do WHATEVER you command me to!!

I have to perform a session with someone commanding me to do whatever they want to see me do. I must find someone, I must do whatever I am asked to do no matter how humiliating...

Please help me!!!

Email me and we will do this whenever you are ready!!!

Weekly interview with Lisa

The interview took rhe standard 45 min, then she put her papers away and took off her top. She said that seeing me cum last week was totally fun and she wanted me to cum for her again. She fondled her breasts as I tried to keep from cumming right then from the sight of those magnificent tits!! It wasn't too long till i was close to cumming, she started talking about tittie fucking and that was it I fucking came. I shot huge loads all over myself. Once again she stood up put her top on, grinned and said goodbye..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly interview with Lisa

She was wearing a bikini top and shorts again, and she has a hot fucking body!! We got through the interview in about 45min, she caught me looking at her tits a couple of times, and after the interview asked if I liked them. She asked me to describe what I like about tits, it took me about an hour to explain i'm a guy, i don't know why I like them, i just do.. She began slowly fondling her tits as I stared at them, she got more into it and eventually took off the bikini top. I don't know if she was trying to make me cum, but she was doing a fine job of it.. As I moaned louder she would tease more, finally I was about to cum and she starts encouraging me to, that was it, I leaned back and shot cum all over.. She got up put on her top, smiled as she said goodbye and left....

Confirmation of being watched during masturbation when I was a teen!!

Pat was real fucking drunk and it was her and a couple of friends watching as I did every embarrassing thing she told me to. Apparently I didn't do something quite right because she started talking about how I masturbated when I was a teenager, and she knew all the humiliating details.
She confirmed all the details Sherri had previously told me (I wrote about it in this blog post I found out that my masturbation as a teen was not private and I was actually watched often). I listened to her describe how funny she thought it was at the time. I learned that they watched quite a lot of my masturbation, and I masturbated frequently...
I had to listen to Pat tell her friends how she would set up situations where I would walk in on her dressing, changing or getting out of shower.. She would take her time covering up, hoping to cause me to go and masturbate, and it worked fairly often, she was smoking fucking hot.. I never realized what was going on, I just saw a hot body and would go jerk off thinking about it...
She reminded me of when I wanted to re-arrange the furniture in my room and she talked me out of it, I now know it was so they could keep watching me...
It was interesting to hear that when we would go to the river on vacation they would follow me to see where I was going to masturbate.

Bridge Club night at step mom's house

On Bridge-Club night I was sitting on a stool for a little bit, then out came a Sybian and they had me orally warm them up before riding the device. I was laying on the floor and they were sitting on my face, some world jrk my cock, otherwise I did stroked it. after the first couple they began riding my cock also, so I was servicing two at the same time. Since I had my face buried deep into ass and pussy I didn't know who I was eating or who was riding me.
After they all finished I was kneeling in front of them as I masturbated, they sat and drank more and had a god ol' time making fun of me, however they all agreed it was more fun with me there. When all but one had left Pat and her wanted to see me cum, and the two drunk bitches were not taking no for an answer..
The closer I got to cumming the nastier they got.. Finally as I was moaning I was going to cum they started cheering and chanting, as I shot my load they both laughed uncontrollably...

Jerking off at step mother's house every night for almost a week..

I was the entertainment for her and her friends, some nights in restraints, some nights just kneeling in front of her as she verbally abuses me. She really seems to take pleasure in humiliating and degrading me as she steps closer and closer to having sexual relations with me.
I hate that I love being used and abused, and put on display for others to laugh at..
There were a couple of nights that really got of of hand, I will write posts about them shortly....

Weekly interview and girl taking over for Tara is oldest daughter of a former girlfriend of mine!!

I was going to cum before the interview so I would be more relaxed. I was just about to shoot my load when they knocked on the door, around 30min early, I yelled come in as I tried to hold back. Tara said it sounded like I was having fun as they could hear me moaning that I was about to cum as they approached the door, then she turned to introduce the other girl as her friend said Todd is that you?? Oh Fuck, it was Lisa the oldest daughter of a woman I dated about 8 years ago, I tried to cover up and she told me not to be freaked out, she was here to collect clinical data. Last time I saw her she was 14 and of course I had no impure thoughts about her, now both her and Tara have bikini tops on that are barely containing really fucking nice tits.
After everyone apologizing, I gain composer and agree to have the interview. I was really ashamed and humiliated sitting there naked, slowly masturbating I tried to keep my gaze off of them but they both have incredible tits, and both if them catch me looking. After the interview I assure them it is no problem to continue with Lisa, even though I am totally freaked out by how hot she is.
They walk out and Lisa grins as she looks at my cock and says she will see me in a week...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Step mother just stopped by and said I will be jerking off for her at her house tonight..

This should be interesting.. I really don't like her.... She comes in her and tells me to jerk off to her as she rubs her tits together, wants me to fantasize about her and tell her the details of what I am fantasizing about her. As she looks at me with this fucking smirk... I tried to play off and cum on her face but she told me to slow down and that I wasn't allowed to cum till tonight, grinning like I was about to cum because she was so fucking hot that I would be so turned on that I have to cum...

Out all night helping Dom escort friend humiliate pin dick client

Shannon picked me up around 9:00 last night and we went to a hotel where her client had a room. I sat on the couch and continued masturbating, she had her client, Paul, take off his clothes and get his dick hard. I heard him say he was ready and then I heard her start laughing, she told him to turn and me to look. I swear his dick, fully erect, was smaller than my little finger.. She had him sit facing me and told him that to watch how a man strokes a real cock. She ordered him to masturbate while he watched, she left for a bit and came back and started humiliating him. She had him get on the bed and try to fuck her, he was trying and she kept making fun of him. After about 30 min of that she told him to have a seat watch what a real cock can do, she told me to take over for him. As I fucked her she was screaming and howling, and talking shit. We went through several positions when she had him come sit on the bed so he could get a real good view. She was getting fucked just a few inches away from him as she made fun of him sitting there trying to jerk his pathetic little prick.
To end it real good she had him experience what a real cock can do by having me cum on his face...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hand humping all day

After the fleshlight most of the night, I've been fucking my hand most of the day. I love the way it feels to stroke my cock

Weekly interview with step sisters friend for college paper.

Tara came by today for the weekly interview, wearing shorts and a bikini top that barely held her incredible tits. When she walked in and I saw her fucking incredible body I almost came right then!! I had to close my eyes or I would have sprayed cum all over. When I opened my eyes she was sitting in a chair near me grinning from ear to ear. We went over my masturbation during the last week, how often, what did I fantasize about, anything out of the ordinary, did I beat off in front of anyone, etc. It took about 45min to get through the interview and I did my best not to stare at her tits. She caught me looking at them several times and didn't seem to mind..
After the interview she told me she was going on vacation in a few weeks so next week she would be bringing the girl who would be doing the interviews when she was gone. That is kind of embarrassing and scary, but a turn on...
After she was done she stayed for a bit and we talked about several different things, she caught me looking at her tits and asked if I liked them. I admitted the humiliating truth that I almost came when she walked in the room and she thought that was hilarious. She rubbed her tits together for a few seconds and then she said she had to go. She smiled as she told me to "have fun" as she walked out the door..

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been 4 days since last cum shot, don't know if I can hold back much longer..

i've beat off at least 12 hours each day since my last orgasm... I don't think I can go much longer, it is feeling so fucking awesome right now, oh fuck yeah... Tonights orgasm is really intense and i have had to really concentrate to hold back..
Oh FUCK it keeps building, getting more and more intense... I don't know how I am keeping from cumming.
I gotta go, this is getting un fucking real....

Step sister's friend got the ok to use me as subject for college research paper

After watching me beat off all evening Tara thought I would be a great subject for her research on sexual addiction. She got the ok from her prof and I was filled in on what I was required to do. I was given a couple of notepads to log my masturbation sessions, when I start, when I stop, did I orgasm, did I use toys, did I masturbate in front of anyone, etc. I was given a camcorder and a box of tapes, if possible I am to record my masturbation. Tara comes by once a week to pick up my notes and recordings, she also interviews me for about an hour while she is here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I'm looking at while I'm Jerking off

Here's a small sample of what I am using for jerk off material this morning... Enjoy..

Fucking my FleshLight and about to cum!!

I made it to work yesterday, and I've been beating off since I got home.. I am fucking the shit out of my FleshLight and it has me about a half stroke away from cumming. I can barely hold back from cumming, oh shit!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't take my hand off my dick, so I may have to take day off work!!

Fuck, it feels so fucking great!!! I've been up all night beating off and I don't think I can stop to go to work. I am fully engulfed in orgasm, been edging all night, fuck i love it..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Step Sister's best friend sits and plays board games all evening while I masturbate!!

We sat and talked and played board games all evening as I set there totally naked and masturbating the whole time. I am working on putting the video online, until then, here are some screen caps from the video:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nice to be home, able to jerk off alone!!

It almost feels weird to be sitting here beating off any way I want to.. I am fucking my hand right now but am getting ready to slip my cock into my FleshLight. Just me and my rock hard dick, i love it.. Watching the porn I want to, how and when I want to is really making me hard!!

Pat is back (She is my former Step Mother who likes to wacth me masturbate!)

I had been doing a great job avoiding (read hiding from) her, until she walked in to her best friend's (and our neighbor when I was a teen) house and caught us fucking. I have been "servicing" Sherri a couple times a week for a little more than a year now. I was fucking her on the dining room table, she was on her back, I grabbing her ankles and holding her legs wide open as I fucking pounded her with my cock. I was fucking bummed, Pat started getting real creepy and I started avoiding her a few months ago. She was happy to find me there and I have been at her house for almost a week since then. She watched as we finished fucking then she had me go with her, completely naked, to her house.
As soon as we got into her house she pulled out a video camera and started recording me as she told me how she wanted me to beat off for her. At first I started to protest but she reminded me that she still talks to dad on a regular basis, and flat out threatened to tell him about my masturbation habits, and now she could even show him video.. I do as I am told and we sit there for several hours as I masturbate for her and lie about ducking her and have to tell her how i like to have her watch. She loves to hear how great her body is and I think she used to be real hot, but she is getting a bit older now, and she has a great body for her age, but it's definitely showing some wear and tear.. At one point she had me bend over and she paddled my ass, hard, with a wooden spoon, after that I was to kneel on the floor in front of her as I beat off, I was not allowed to look at her unless I was told to.
She is very effective at totally and completely humiliating me, having me admit the most private and shameful details, which she uses against me later. She really enjoyed taking humiliation to new heights over the last week as punishment for avoiding her. While all that is going on she seemed to grow more infatuated with my cock, staring at it and telling me how much she liked it. She would stroke my cock sometimes with the creepiest look on her face, getting more and more comfortable with my dick, and talking herself into going farther and farther. I is one thing to be humiliated by having to masturbate in front of you step mother, it is something completely different when she wraps her tits and her lips around my dick, talking about how great my cock feels..
I have many embarrassing stories to tell, including video of me fucking one of my step sisters friends... More to cum!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I will be sitting here fucking my hand all day today!!!

I don't have anything to do today except to sit here and masturbate all day long!!! That makes it a great day!! I've been edging for hours now and it is a pretty intense one building, fuck it feels great!! My cock is being pummeled mercilessly by my hand!!!

Great porn and a really really intense orgasm are making today fucking great!!!!!!!!!

Fucking my FleshLight all night long!!

I started with the FleshLight around 8:30 last night and I am still fucking it.!!

A liitle bit of todays jerk off material!!

I found and beat off with these awesome webteases:

Documentary of Humiliation

Here Comes Trouble

Kate’s breasts are spectacular

More in a bit...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some porn I'm masturbating with!!

Another Good one:

Here are a couple of pics:

It feels so fucking incredible I want to just keep stroking it all day long!!

Fuck Yeah, this is a good one!! pumping my fleshlight up and down my cock, the way it grips tight around my big dick is fucking insane!!
Writing these posts gets me so horny!! I do my best with spelling but it is challenging one handed ;)

Update: I'm back to humping my hand and this incredibly insanely intense feeling rushing through my whole body removes any doubts or questions i may ever have about my chronic masturbation!! I know if I try to stop or even reduce my constant masturbation I will kick my own ass!!

First night at ranch I had to watch pin dick hubby get humiliated as he tried to fuck wife!

I was put in a chair next to the bed, she was telling him about me as they got undressed and climbed onto the bed. His cock was short AND thin, maybe four and a half inches long and not very round, I looked down and my cock in my hand suddenly looked mammoth.. She had him like her pussy for a bit, she wanted to hear what I would do to her with my big cock if i wasn't such a jerk-off. I described how I would tittie fuck her amazing tits, then fuck her real hard, bend her over and keep going. The slide it in her ass and fuck her like there is no tomorrow. As her husband, Steve, was done licking her and was getting ready to slide his pin dick in her it was obvious he was a little miffed. She saw it too and began really giving him a hard time. She made him say out loud he thought I had a nice, large cock. She got him beg her to let him watch if she decided she wanted to get fucked by a real dick. Even though he was getting angry with talking about my dick he kept staring at it, and she caught him and made a fool of him a couple times for it. After probably the tenth time she said that since he liked my cock so much he was going to get a cum shower from it and she told me to describe in detail how i would tittie fuck her, and to let her know when I couldn't hold back from cumming any longer. Looking at and talking about her amazing tits put me at the edge in a couple of minutes. She had me stand up and made Steve kneel in front of me and beg me to give him a cum shower. He was mad and embarrassed as hell, but he did it. I felt bad for the guy, and kept staring at her tits so I could cum, as i'm getting ready to explode she makes him tell me how much he likes my cock. I fucking exloded, the first wad hitting him squarely in the face, I shot some on his head, chest and some more on his face. He was not aloud to clean it off and had to go to sleep drenched in my cum. I was tied to a table at the end of their bed and fell asleep jerking off...

Monday, June 29, 2009

I love to do nothing but masturbate all day long!!!

I was up early and started beating off immediately and have been going all day, that's about 15 hours of edging so far today. Not to mention I fell asleep real late as i was jerking off as i lay in bed.. I'm fucking my hand right now, but I am considering switching back to my FleshLight soon. I fucking love it and don't think I will be stopping for a lloooonnnnnggggg time.. I will most likely jerk all night...

As a slave I had to follow all instructions, even if that meant breaking the rules, which I was still punished for!!

I originally heard i was to follow orders from Goddess Candice, so when one of the girls in the motor home told me to look at her tits i didn't listen because one of the rules is to not look at women. When Goddess heard I didn't follow an order she pulled into a rest stop and I was taken from the motor home naked and bent over a table so they could take turns paddling my ass. I was then informed that I had to do what ever I was told, even if it broke the rules, then if I did violate a rule I had to admit it to Goddess right away so I could be punished for it. My ass felt like it was on fire as i was led back into the motor home. I was then teased by a hot young woman with great tits, she fondled them in front of me and made me say how much I liked them, what about them, how aroused she was making me. She made me tell her how I could be jerking my cock in front of a smoking hottie, who is totally teasing me with her damn near perfect tits, and not be spraying cum all over the place. I was so fucking close to losing control, I did my best to explain something I didn't really understand and all my concentration was required to keep from cumming. She thought it was funny when I stutter or my breathing would change from being so close to orgasm. She teased me all the way to the ranch, and then some...
I will be posting more soon...

Porn I'm watching while jerking off!!!

Here is a little bit of what I have been beating off with all night. First some pics, I was going through the stuff on one of my hard drives about a month ago when I came across about 20,000 pics from early-mid nineties, early internet newsgroup and even some from the BBS days...

These are fucking fun:

-Happy Stroking

Back from being naked slave to couple in desert!!

I left with no clothes on, returned with no clothes on, and didn't wear any clothes the whole time I was there. This was my first time doing something like this and I loved it! They are experienced and have done this before. Goddess Candice, who owns the place, wanted to see for herself if I could really jerk off all day long like she had heard. I wasn't treated as harshly as other slaves they had, at least that's what Steve the sissy cuckold husband often told me. My rules where pretty simple (with one notable misunderstanding I will put into another blog post), I was to always be naked (which was easy since I didn't have any clothes there), I was to do whatever I was told to do without hesitation, I was not to cum unless Goddess Candice instructed me to, and I had to do my chores. I showered outside in the open, I used a garden hose with a spray attachment hanging off a pole about seven feet off the ground, no curtain. One of my daily chores was walking the dog, twice a day, around the edge of the property, about three and a half miles along the top of some rolling hills. I had no worries of being scene by anybody out there, we were miles from the nearest anything.
I have lots to tell about the experience in upcoming posts..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I confessed FleshLight usage to friend who thought it was hilarious!!

It was almost the time she had to leave and she had me telling her the different ways I like to masturbate, which ones I like more, and of course, why I liked them so much. She had said she was going to let me cum so I was getting real excited. I had just shown her how I would masturbate when I very first started and I admitted that I had a FleshLight that I liked to fuck quite often. She thought that was fucking hilarious and made me get it out and show her me favorite ways of using it. She needed to go and said she would be back to watch more of me pathetically fucking a fake pussy, she also said I was going to have to wait to cum... Now I'm sitting here, still humping my FleshLight, waiting and hoping I will get to cum sometime soon

Good Tease Video

Shawna will tease you

difficult to keep from cumming!!

It has been a week and a half since I last came... I have beat off for a whole lot of hours since then and it is getting real hard to hold back.

Friend is getting real dominate..

In the last week or so my friend who stops by and watches has started being a total dom. I am definitely not complaining, it's just that I've known her for many years and all of a sudden she is ordering me to kneel in front of her and jerk-off, I am under orders not to cum unless I have been told to by her. She is supposed to stop by this morning and I am hoping to be allowed to cum....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I found out that my masturbation as a teen was not private and I was actually watched often.

I found out over the weekend that as a teen when I was in my room and would beat before I went to sleep I could be seen from sun deck on neighbors roof! I thought I was behind my closed door in private and I had louvered windows with the top couple panes being regular glass instead of frosted which allowed great viewing of me on my bed masturbating. The lady who lived in the house I could be seen from said her and my former step mother got a kick out of it and often watched me!! I am so fucking ashamed and humiliated. I don't know who they told or invited over to watch over the course of the almost four years this went on.
Sherri, the lady who lived next door, is still hot, but back then she was smoking fucking hot, her and my step mother.. Sherri's smoking hot daughter was best friends with my step mothers smoking hot daughters and I wonder if they all knew..Until a few months ago it had been almost twenty years since I had seen any of them.
At first I didn't want to believe her but she knew details that no one could know unless they had seen me. She knew how I most often stroked it back then, she knew the positions I used, what I used to clean up after, she knew everything..
I will, of course, post more about how I got back in touch with them, and other sordid tales....

Thinking about fucking my FleshLight this morning

I fucked it for a couple hours last night and am thinking about how great it would feel to fuck it some more. I was sitting and using my hands to pump the FleshLight over my cock last night, this morning I think I am going to set it up so I can pretend to be really fucking it by moving my hips...

A week since last cum shot!!

I have had more than a dozen masturbation sessions totaling probably 80+ hours since my last cum shot. I didn't mean to go this long, every time I have been ready to cum I have to stop for one reason or another. This session has been going all night and is pretty fucking intense. I may go ahead and cum this morning as it is feeling so fucking incredible!!

spend several hours today masturbating with out porn!!

Recently I've been spending increasing amounts of time really enjoying masturbating with out any porn. I really fucking love how it feels to just relax and get lost in being naked and pleasuring myself. I still love porn, but there is something about having no distractions, just enjoying the way it feels, every bit of it. How it feels as my hand glides up and down my rock hard cock.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At home fucking my hand

Back home, naked, big hard cock being pounded, it's going to be a great day!! I am already edging and have been for at least 30min. Shit, this orgasm keeps building, I am fucking electrified from head to toe. The force of this orgasm is unbelievable and getting stronger with each stroke. I can't imagine how there could be any better pleasure than what I am surrounded by right now. Edging more and more, staying mid orgasm for as long as possible.

Still going...

I have been at it all night... I have to get ready for work... I think I am not going to cum this morning, perhaps tonight.....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is a fucking intense orgasm building up

Oh yeah this is a big one!! I'm in my fifth session since I last came, and this is the third 8+ hour session. I have been on the edge for several hours now and am loving it. Every aspect of this one is phenomenal, the edge I keep pushing without going over, the way my whole body shakes from the energy pumping out of my cock, how my cock is throbbing and dancing around as my well lubed hand pounds mercilessly up and down on it.
This is way I would like to always be, this is what I fucking love. The way every cell of my being is stimulated by and is part of the all consuming experience I am having. Fuck yeah, I am so fucking floating mid orgasm!!

thinking about live webcam of my place for the blog

I am trying to figure out how to have a live, full time web cam that can be watched from my blog. Then anyone could watch me when I am sitting here beating off, which is pretty much all the time. Then anyone would be able see how I am constantly beating off, I shouldn't be able to sit and hide it.
Does anyone know of a blog widget or some other way to set this up??

Hotel room adventures

One of the girls that I used to be a regular with around a year ago calls and says she has a new client and he is a sub and to humiliate him I am going to watch her fuck him with her strap-on as I sit there naked and masturbate. She takes me to a motel and tells me sit and keep beating off and she will be back. About five minutes later I she is waving for me to go into a room at the end of the building, I look around, coast is clear, I get out of her suv and walk quickly to the room, my hard cock standing straight up for all the world to see. She tells me to sit in chair and she says I am not beating off fast enough and I am to stroke faster. She makes a bunch of phone calls and schedules several clients for that afternoon. She opens the door and lets in the sub I am to watch her fuck with her strap-on. She has him naked and begging for mercy when she tells him about me watching, he starts to whimper and she grabs him by the top of his head and shoves her strap-on into his mouth. Every time she pulled her dick out of his mouth he pleaded and begged her to not do this to him, she laughed at his cries and told him to stop being such a bitch or she would have me fuck him instead.
She thoroughly humiliated him, fucking him hard, making him beg for more. Making him tell me what a sissy slut he was as she drilling him. When she was done she tossed him and his clothes out the front door...
The motel was built on a hill so the first (and only) floor on one side was the third floor on the other. She made me go sit on the balcony while she took care of some customers, I was terrified as I sat out there jerking off. I had no problems until right before she opened the sliding glass door to let me back in. A girl a few rooms down came out onto her balcony and when she looked around and saw me she asked what I was doing, even though she could see all of me with no problem. I didn't know what to say and started stammering trying to find anything to say. That's when Shannon opened the sliding glass door. She came out and told the neighbor that she made me sit out there and beat off, she then told me to go inside while she sat outside talking to the neighbor for a while longer.
She came in and took a shower and teased me with her incredible body while she put on her makeup and got ready to go to a party. She answered a call and she was talking about the party she was going to, and she looked at me and told the other person she could drop off a circus level masturbating freak for entertainment. I'll tell more in another post...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another clip of friend watching me masturbate!!


I wasn't always a Chronic Masturbator

But I am now!!!! I beat off probably of couple times a week for most of my life, then about five years ago in the span of around a month I went from a couple times a week to several times a day. I don't know what changed or what might have triggered this but I can't get enough of beating off. From the moment I wake up and grab my cock till I fall asleep while still stroking it, all I want to do is masturbate. I don't know if anybody will understand how the only thing I want to do is masturbate, I spend most of my waking hours in a state of pure pleasure, mid orgasm, right on the edge. I absolutely love it and hope I don't ever slow down.
I probably cum with the same frequency I used to, I just spend 12-18 hours a day stroking my cock, I don't cum every time I beat off, cumming isn't really why I masturbate. Like right now, I feel like I am floating, mid way into an orgasm, and every pump of my hand sends stronger wave out of my cock and across my body. I can keep it like this for hours, I spend most of my waking hours mid orgasm, it is the most intense, incredible thing i have felt, ever. I am fine with my totally freakish constant masturbation, I don't want to change. I also am not trying to tell anyone to masturbate more, everyone has their own amount they like.

Feel to voice your opinion in the comments!!

She really likes to fuck!!

She opened the door and by the time she got to the couch she was naked, she put a condom on me, turned around and started riding me. Sherri has a smoking hot body and a great pair of tits. I fucked her every which way but loose!! When she had enough she got on her knees in front of me and told me to cum on her face, I came right then, all over her face, chest, and hair, then she stood up, got dressed, thanked me and left..

One time her mom walked in right as I shot cum all over her face!!

Her husband was gone for a week on business and she wanted me to stay at her place so she could serviced more. She picked me up completely naked and that was how i stayed the whole time. I think it was the second day, it was in the morning, and I had fucked her real good. We were in the hallway right by the front door, she was kneeling in front of me rubbing her tits together and telling me to cum on her. Just as I started to cum the front door opened and her mom walked in, just in time to see me spray cum all over her face and tits. Sherri jumped up and ran upstairs to get dressed, I had nowhere to go and no clothes to put on.. Sherri came right back down putting on clothes as she did, she grabbed her mom and led her outside. I could hear them talking and her poor mother just couldn't seem to understand what she just saw.
I'll tell more later, I hear her pulling up...

Older FuckBuddy called from bar and says she's drunk, coming over, and wants to fuck

She comes by at least once a week to be serviced by a large dick. It is a weird situation, she has been married for 20 years and was about to get divorced when she came by with a friend to watch and loved how big my cock is and pretty soon we were fucking.. Now her marriage is going great and they have never been happier. She says she really loves him but not only is his dick real small, but he doesn't know how to use it. She swears I am the only person besides her husband she has fucked since she got married. I have some crazy stories about fucking her....

FleshLight wedged in couch & I am fucking it stroke for stroke with the porn I have on!!

I LOVE doing this, fucking my FleshLight just like the girls on the porn are getting pounded!!

I have masturbated in front of quite a few people but only one have I used my FleshLight while they watched. For some reason I feel humiliated and ashamed if I admit that I fuck a FleshLight. The girl who watched me fucking my FleshLight walked in as I was fucking it, I tried to put it away but she insisted I let her watch me fuck it! This was someone that watched me masturbate quite often and I still felt humiliated and ashamed!!
Perhaps I should be using it the next few times anyone stops by. I will have think about it..

Great CFNM video

Friday, May 22, 2009

New FleshLight

Today I got a new FleshLight, my old one was worn out, I had it for about four years and during that time I fucked it pretty much every day for at least a couple of hours. My large cock fucking it that often, I'm suprised it lasted that long.. New one feels great, nice and tight!! I really like using my hand to move the FleshLight, but I also really enjoy putting the FlashLight somewhere where I can pretend that I'm fucking it..
I've been at it for a few hours now and will probably keep fucking it all night long. No control issues so far and the feeling is fucking incredible!! Even with the orgasm i'm edging against being real fucking strong I'm enjoying great control today and am not having any real problems!!!

I get so turned on writing these posts!!

Writing the posts gets me so turned on it is difficult to control! I have a couple of ideas about why, but I am not entirely sure. I think part of it is the admitting to the world the details of what is usually a very private activity. Some of it is knowing that everybody may read it, but not knowing who actually is reading these posts. I am able to write about details that i would probably be humiliated or ashamed to tell somebody in person. Shit, I am so fucking on the edge!! My legs are starting to shake, this orgasm is really intense and it is ripping through my body. The girl in porn I have on has almost perfect tits! I am mezmorized by the way they are bouncing up and down as she is getting fucked. Switching hands feels nice but I like turning my hand around so my thumb and forefinger are closest to my body. Oh yeah.. this is a real strong orgasm building up!! I am stroking real slow as I try not to cum. My cock is a little bigger than average both in length and girth and it is a great feeling to slowly stroke up and down the whole thing, right on the edge on the edge of orgasm, pure pleasure flowing over me. I'm going to end this post so I can fully enjoy this for a bit!!

I love jerking off all day!!

It is a great day when I get to beat off all day long!! I turned off the porn a little while ago and have been really enjoying the feeling of my hand going up and down my rock hard cock. Not edging, just the feeling of my hand stroking my dick. I LOVE IT!! I am going to put some porn on in a minute as i am about to edge.

Webtease site

Found a great site with scripted masturbation webteases, here is the link: http://www.milovana.com/webteases/

I found MANY teases that I like so far...

Love to be watched while I masturbate!!

I think the only thing I like more than masturbating is having people watch me masturbate!! I just had a visit from my friend Tracy, she was here for a little more than two hours. I fucking love beating off in front of people!!
I live in Southern California (Long Beach) and if anyone would let me get naked and masturbate for them I will be there right away!! I will drive to pretty much anywhere in So Cal.. I would also love to be your nude servant/house boy and/or do chores/yardwork completely naked.
If any of this interests you please let me know!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Out of work early to jerk off...

Had to leave early or I would have probably started beating my meat right there in my office... I was naked by the time I closed the front door, and pounding on my rock hard cock by the time I sat at my computer....
I will probably work on some more videos of women watching me masturbate tonight....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

part of an older video of Tracy watching me masturbate

I'll post more after work....


It feels so good that if I don't cum I will never get my dick out of my hand!!

It feels so incredible that there is no fucking way I could stop stroking my cock without cumming!! I started thinking about calling in sick because no way am going to do something that ends this jerk off session except for cumming!!! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I am so right fucking there on the edge of orgasm!!!
It's not going to take much for me, oh shit, to step, fuck yeah, over that edge, oh yes, oooohh, this is a real strong one, it's right here, fuck, fuck, i'm cumming, oh shit yeah, i'm cumming!!!

Fuck that was a good one, I have to clean cum from my monitors, my keyboard, the wall, and everything in between!!!

I've always loved being completely naked!

There is something I really like about being totally nude. Way back when I was first starting to masturbate I loved having no clothes on, I remember how much I loved being naked outdoors. I used to go out to the woods and the hay fields near my house and walk around naked, stroking my cock as I walked feeling the warm sun on my body. At night I would hide my clothes in the bushes next to the elementary school by my house, I walked naked across the playground in the back and would climb on the monkey bars and other toys that were there, I loved to sit on top of the monkey bars completely naked and jerk off. There were houses all around the back of the school so I could only do that at night. I would sometimes ride my bike a few miles out to where the farm houses were far apart and I didn't have much traffic to worry about. I would hide my bike and my clothes and walk naked up and down the streets with my rock hard cock in my hand. I remember diving behind trees or bushes, almost getting caught a couple of times. At night I also used to go out onto the roof of my house and lay back and jerk off watching the traffic on the main street about half a block away. When cars would turn on my street their headlights would sweep across the front of our house, I was always afraid someone would see me on the roof, but no one that I know of ever did. I did that kind of stuff for a couple of years and I don't remember why I switched to beating my meat in my room. It wasn't too long till I moved to California and there is just not enough open space to be able to get away with that kind of thing.
I still love taking off all my clothes and being totally naked, rock hard dick in my hand, not a stitch of clothing to hide behind!!! One thing I didn't find out till just five or so years ago is how much I REALLY LOVE to be naked and masturbate in front of other people!! I will go anywhere and do just about anything when I find someone who will let me beat off in front of them.

Another all night stroke session

back to back all nighters.... I think I will be beating off right up till I have to leave for work, I have been thinking about cumming but there is a very good chance I will wait till another session, perhaps tonight after work. What's keeping me from cumming and getting it over with is the fucking incredible sensations it is producing and I don't want to stop this insane level of pleasure i am experiancing. It is almost unreal how fucking great this feels!!!

Totallly hot videos of girls telling you how to jerk it

These girls tell you how they want you to stroke it for them....
These are all great videos!!!

One more:

I never want to stop masturbating!!

I'm still going, that makes this sessions almost ten hours and i am pretty sure I will be going through the night!! Fuck Yeah!! This is the reason I beat off so much, I am so overwhelmed by the energy of the orgasm I am on the edge of. Every stroke of my cock sends more energy shooting through every cell in my body, harder, stronger. Having fucking intense levels of orgasm energy flowing into, through, and around me, being in a state or orgasm for minutes even hours on end. There is nothing like it and all I want to do is be like this forever..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tracy arrived early and stopped me as I was about to cum!

I had decided I was going to cum so i could be relaxed and enjoy myself while she was here, i was pounding my fist over my cock, building up, i was maybe two strokes away from cumming when she opened the door, walked in, saw what I was about to do and told me not to cum! I barely managed to hold it, I slowed down and explained why I was going to cum, so i could be more relaxed, etc. She didn't care what my reasons were, i was not to cum. I have never seen Tracy be assertive or domineering before but she did a pretty good job of it tonight. She was in control and made sure i knew it. She didn't even let me cum before she left

Thinking about cumming before friend gets here

Thinking about when she is watching me is making it very difficult to keep from cumming!! That and knowing that people are looking at a record of my masturbation has me straining to hold back.. I believe this is the seventh multi-hour masturbation session since i last sprayed cum all over! I am thinking that if I do orgasm before she arrives then I will be more relaxed and won't be fighting as hard to keep for cumming and will enjoy it more. Or maybe that is me rationalizing my way into letting lose with this incredible orgasm I have been edging so fucking good i feel like i'm floating. My legs are twitching and my toes curled as I ride the edge of orgasm..
Maybe I'll wait to cum, shit, i don't know, I'll post when she leaves and let you guys know what I decided...

Girl I've known for a long time stopping by to watch me masturbate!!

I've known Tracy for many years, for the last few years whenever she runs out of money she stops over and "earns" some money by kicking back and watching me masturbate, she wants only $20 an hour and if i try to give her more she won't take it.. We sit and talk, and play board games and have a good time. She is supposed to stop in around nine tonight, I can't wait..
Here is a pic from a previous time she was here and I recorded it with my webcam..
I have a few of these movies if any wants to watch them I will put them on a filesharing server and post a link to them..

Back at home for more masturbation!!

Jury duty is over, I am already naked and stroking my big, rock hard cock!!! I see no reason why I wouldn't be able to beat off till i fall asleep..... I love it.....

Lunch break at home jerking off

I have jury duty today and came home for lunch to beat off for an hour and a half before I have to go back... Was up all night stroking my cock, still haven't cum.... It is a great day jerking off, great control, great arousal, great porn, fuck yeah!!!!! the intensity is really building up as i pound my hand up and down on my rock hard cock. The orgasm is starting to ripple through my entire body, making me shake and twitch.
Oh yeah I LOVE THIS, it is fucking incredible!!!
I gotta get back, I be jerking off again as soon as I get back home!!!

Looke like an all nighter

I LOVE IT!! I am not ready to let myself cum and don't think I will be for a while, it feels so fucking good right now! My hand is wrapped around my big, hard cock, pounding up and down!! I am feeling so incredible, real close to the edge, orgasm starting to run through me. Great porn always helps, I love seeing tits bouncing from being pounded hard. This woman has the best tits I've seen in while!! I post more in a bit....

Looke like an all nighter

I LOVE IT!! I am not ready to let myself cum and don't think I will be for a while, it feels so fucking good right now! My hand is wrapped around my big, hard cock, pounding up and down!! I am feeling so incredible, real close to the edge, orgasm starting to run through me. Great porn always helps, I love seeing tits bouncing from being pounded hard. This woman has the best tits I've seen in while!! I post more in a bit....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I love stroking it

Started slow today, been at it for around a couple of hours and i am just starting to edge for the first time. I REALLY enjoy the feeling of my hand stroking my cock, without any feelings of orgasm, just stroking away, pounding up and down!! It was great, but now we are on the edge, and that is a different animal!! The girl in the porn I am watching has fucking great tits, i have had to slow way down to keep from cumming, she is so fucking hot!!

New Blog of my Chronic or Constant Masturbation & Edging

This is a way for me to share/record what I am dreaming, thinking, and/or fantasizing about during my practically constant masturbation..