Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First night at ranch I had to watch pin dick hubby get humiliated as he tried to fuck wife!

I was put in a chair next to the bed, she was telling him about me as they got undressed and climbed onto the bed. His cock was short AND thin, maybe four and a half inches long and not very round, I looked down and my cock in my hand suddenly looked mammoth.. She had him like her pussy for a bit, she wanted to hear what I would do to her with my big cock if i wasn't such a jerk-off. I described how I would tittie fuck her amazing tits, then fuck her real hard, bend her over and keep going. The slide it in her ass and fuck her like there is no tomorrow. As her husband, Steve, was done licking her and was getting ready to slide his pin dick in her it was obvious he was a little miffed. She saw it too and began really giving him a hard time. She made him say out loud he thought I had a nice, large cock. She got him beg her to let him watch if she decided she wanted to get fucked by a real dick. Even though he was getting angry with talking about my dick he kept staring at it, and she caught him and made a fool of him a couple times for it. After probably the tenth time she said that since he liked my cock so much he was going to get a cum shower from it and she told me to describe in detail how i would tittie fuck her, and to let her know when I couldn't hold back from cumming any longer. Looking at and talking about her amazing tits put me at the edge in a couple of minutes. She had me stand up and made Steve kneel in front of me and beg me to give him a cum shower. He was mad and embarrassed as hell, but he did it. I felt bad for the guy, and kept staring at her tits so I could cum, as i'm getting ready to explode she makes him tell me how much he likes my cock. I fucking exloded, the first wad hitting him squarely in the face, I shot some on his head, chest and some more on his face. He was not aloud to clean it off and had to go to sleep drenched in my cum. I was tied to a table at the end of their bed and fell asleep jerking off...

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