Friday, July 17, 2009

Pat is back (She is my former Step Mother who likes to wacth me masturbate!)

I had been doing a great job avoiding (read hiding from) her, until she walked in to her best friend's (and our neighbor when I was a teen) house and caught us fucking. I have been "servicing" Sherri a couple times a week for a little more than a year now. I was fucking her on the dining room table, she was on her back, I grabbing her ankles and holding her legs wide open as I fucking pounded her with my cock. I was fucking bummed, Pat started getting real creepy and I started avoiding her a few months ago. She was happy to find me there and I have been at her house for almost a week since then. She watched as we finished fucking then she had me go with her, completely naked, to her house.
As soon as we got into her house she pulled out a video camera and started recording me as she told me how she wanted me to beat off for her. At first I started to protest but she reminded me that she still talks to dad on a regular basis, and flat out threatened to tell him about my masturbation habits, and now she could even show him video.. I do as I am told and we sit there for several hours as I masturbate for her and lie about ducking her and have to tell her how i like to have her watch. She loves to hear how great her body is and I think she used to be real hot, but she is getting a bit older now, and she has a great body for her age, but it's definitely showing some wear and tear.. At one point she had me bend over and she paddled my ass, hard, with a wooden spoon, after that I was to kneel on the floor in front of her as I beat off, I was not allowed to look at her unless I was told to.
She is very effective at totally and completely humiliating me, having me admit the most private and shameful details, which she uses against me later. She really enjoyed taking humiliation to new heights over the last week as punishment for avoiding her. While all that is going on she seemed to grow more infatuated with my cock, staring at it and telling me how much she liked it. She would stroke my cock sometimes with the creepiest look on her face, getting more and more comfortable with my dick, and talking herself into going farther and farther. I is one thing to be humiliated by having to masturbate in front of you step mother, it is something completely different when she wraps her tits and her lips around my dick, talking about how great my cock feels..
I have many embarrassing stories to tell, including video of me fucking one of my step sisters friends... More to cum!!

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  1. You are being ungrateful to your stepmother who is only trying to show you what a slattern you are.You are having problems admitting your love of her abusing your body when and how she thinks fit.

    She has a right to fondle you and use that cock and to watch it being played with when ever she wants.Just accept it