Saturday, April 25, 2015

When masturbation becomes a religious event, taking it to the next level with extreme edging!!!

After riding closer to edge than I thought possible for several hours, non-stop, I felt like I was pure pleasure. I felt like I was pure energy, pleasure, my body had transformed into something I can't accurately describe. I had no sense of time or place, I was pure energy, a ball of electric orgasm floating weightless. I was the energy of orgasm, pure, total, absolute, blissful, powerful, the total of every orgasm I've ever had all at once, all together, right here, right now. I cannot find the proper words to express how incredible it was. This lasted for a couple of hours and at the end I shot cum so hard I thought I might turn inside out!!!

I now know that I am doing the right thing, that dedicating my life to masturbation is the only way to be!!! I hope to help others find the way to true pleasure, this is my life, this is my mission!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Getting professional help...

I decided months ago that I needed to find competent professional help for my absolutely out of control masturbation lifestyle. I had to do some searching before I found the right person but she was worth the effort and the money it costs is well spent. She is more than just a femdom, she really pushes me into new humiliating situations making sure I know what a fucking lucky jerk off slut I am to be used and controlled by her!!! I can't wait till the next session with her, she always has something special planned!!!

Last time she made me go up to random women in random bars and stores and admit to them what a stroker slut I am try to get them to watch me beat off! Out of the probably 30 of so women I talked to I got 4 of them to let me put on a show for them!!

If you think you are out of control I highly recommend seeking some help!!

Fucking my Fleshlight all day!!

I have been pounding the shit out of my FleshLight since I woke up this morning!! I fucking love this thing, it feels so fucking great, like fucking a real pussy!!! I've got it wedged in between the couch and the cushions and I'm on my knees in front of the couch fucking it like it was a real woman sitting on the couch!!!
It is easy to watch porn and fantasize about fucking, it feels so fucking real on my cock!!!
Here is some of what I'm dreaming about fucking:
I really like this next one!!!
I'd fuck this next girl so fucking hard!!
I can't stop looking at this one!!
I've been pretending to fuck this last one for at least an hour now!!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I am!!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pounding my fist up and down my fuck stick!!

I'm in the middle of another multi-day stroke-a-thon!! I've been beating the shit out of my cock, non stop, since yesterday morning!! Fuck Yeah it's feels so good riding on the edge, half a stroke away from blowing, for hours and hours!!! Looking at porn and beating off so fucking hard I can hardly think or see straight!!

I fucking love porn!! looking at naked chicks makes my cock so fucking hard!!! Paulo left a comment telling me to edge more and cum less, so I will be doing as instructed, like a good stroker slut slave!! I plan on jerking all tonight and tomorrow!! On the edge for as much of that time as possible!! I will see how long I can go before I cum again, maybe a week or three???..

Here is some stuff to stroke to!!