Saturday, April 25, 2015

When masturbation becomes a religious event, taking it to the next level with extreme edging!!!

After riding closer to edge than I thought possible for several hours, non-stop, I felt like I was pure pleasure. I felt like I was pure energy, pleasure, my body had transformed into something I can't accurately describe. I had no sense of time or place, I was pure energy, a ball of electric orgasm floating weightless. I was the energy of orgasm, pure, total, absolute, blissful, powerful, the total of every orgasm I've ever had all at once, all together, right here, right now. I cannot find the proper words to express how incredible it was. This lasted for a couple of hours and at the end I shot cum so hard I thought I might turn inside out!!!

I now know that I am doing the right thing, that dedicating my life to masturbation is the only way to be!!! I hope to help others find the way to true pleasure, this is my life, this is my mission!!!


  1. I'm in my mid 60s and I have edged for over 20 years. The three advantages are-a larger ejaculation (way more volume), stronger ejaculations which last longer and on the day I ejaculate I can again edge later and enjoy it.
    I usually edge for an hour and a half a day (sometimes two sessions) and I usually cum on the third or fourth day. A fixed schedule may not be possible so there is some variation but that is the average. Sometimes I will ejaculate again the day after ejaculating like a quick session so it is important to maintain flexibility and not get locked into "I should do this this way."
    I find that I get a lot of pleasure from edging and that I can resume that activity at any time-I don't have that depletion syndrome, the urge is always under the surface.
    If you have any questions please ask.

    1. Do you push your edges closer ans closer, getting closer than you thought possible? How long can you stay right on the very edge, like a slight flick of the wrist away, without backing off?? When you first started edging did you know it was going to consume you???

  2. Hi 1-Yes, I push to the edge which leads me to 2- I can ride that very edge for 20 seconds that's the limit at that extreme limit then I back off usually will get pre cum at that point. 3- It is consuming and intense. When I first learned how to do it it was frustrating because I had many "accidents" but as control got better and better the pleasure from that activity just increased. Thanks for your reply.