Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly interview with Lisa

She was wearing a bikini top and shorts again, and she has a hot fucking body!! We got through the interview in about 45min, she caught me looking at her tits a couple of times, and after the interview asked if I liked them. She asked me to describe what I like about tits, it took me about an hour to explain i'm a guy, i don't know why I like them, i just do.. She began slowly fondling her tits as I stared at them, she got more into it and eventually took off the bikini top. I don't know if she was trying to make me cum, but she was doing a fine job of it.. As I moaned louder she would tease more, finally I was about to cum and she starts encouraging me to, that was it, I leaned back and shot cum all over.. She got up put on her top, smiled as she said goodbye and left....

Confirmation of being watched during masturbation when I was a teen!!

Pat was real fucking drunk and it was her and a couple of friends watching as I did every embarrassing thing she told me to. Apparently I didn't do something quite right because she started talking about how I masturbated when I was a teenager, and she knew all the humiliating details.
She confirmed all the details Sherri had previously told me (I wrote about it in this blog post I found out that my masturbation as a teen was not private and I was actually watched often). I listened to her describe how funny she thought it was at the time. I learned that they watched quite a lot of my masturbation, and I masturbated frequently...
I had to listen to Pat tell her friends how she would set up situations where I would walk in on her dressing, changing or getting out of shower.. She would take her time covering up, hoping to cause me to go and masturbate, and it worked fairly often, she was smoking fucking hot.. I never realized what was going on, I just saw a hot body and would go jerk off thinking about it...
She reminded me of when I wanted to re-arrange the furniture in my room and she talked me out of it, I now know it was so they could keep watching me...
It was interesting to hear that when we would go to the river on vacation they would follow me to see where I was going to masturbate.

Bridge Club night at step mom's house

On Bridge-Club night I was sitting on a stool for a little bit, then out came a Sybian and they had me orally warm them up before riding the device. I was laying on the floor and they were sitting on my face, some world jrk my cock, otherwise I did stroked it. after the first couple they began riding my cock also, so I was servicing two at the same time. Since I had my face buried deep into ass and pussy I didn't know who I was eating or who was riding me.
After they all finished I was kneeling in front of them as I masturbated, they sat and drank more and had a god ol' time making fun of me, however they all agreed it was more fun with me there. When all but one had left Pat and her wanted to see me cum, and the two drunk bitches were not taking no for an answer..
The closer I got to cumming the nastier they got.. Finally as I was moaning I was going to cum they started cheering and chanting, as I shot my load they both laughed uncontrollably...

Jerking off at step mother's house every night for almost a week..

I was the entertainment for her and her friends, some nights in restraints, some nights just kneeling in front of her as she verbally abuses me. She really seems to take pleasure in humiliating and degrading me as she steps closer and closer to having sexual relations with me.
I hate that I love being used and abused, and put on display for others to laugh at..
There were a couple of nights that really got of of hand, I will write posts about them shortly....

Weekly interview and girl taking over for Tara is oldest daughter of a former girlfriend of mine!!

I was going to cum before the interview so I would be more relaxed. I was just about to shoot my load when they knocked on the door, around 30min early, I yelled come in as I tried to hold back. Tara said it sounded like I was having fun as they could hear me moaning that I was about to cum as they approached the door, then she turned to introduce the other girl as her friend said Todd is that you?? Oh Fuck, it was Lisa the oldest daughter of a woman I dated about 8 years ago, I tried to cover up and she told me not to be freaked out, she was here to collect clinical data. Last time I saw her she was 14 and of course I had no impure thoughts about her, now both her and Tara have bikini tops on that are barely containing really fucking nice tits.
After everyone apologizing, I gain composer and agree to have the interview. I was really ashamed and humiliated sitting there naked, slowly masturbating I tried to keep my gaze off of them but they both have incredible tits, and both if them catch me looking. After the interview I assure them it is no problem to continue with Lisa, even though I am totally freaked out by how hot she is.
They walk out and Lisa grins as she looks at my cock and says she will see me in a week...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Step mother just stopped by and said I will be jerking off for her at her house tonight..

This should be interesting.. I really don't like her.... She comes in her and tells me to jerk off to her as she rubs her tits together, wants me to fantasize about her and tell her the details of what I am fantasizing about her. As she looks at me with this fucking smirk... I tried to play off and cum on her face but she told me to slow down and that I wasn't allowed to cum till tonight, grinning like I was about to cum because she was so fucking hot that I would be so turned on that I have to cum...

Out all night helping Dom escort friend humiliate pin dick client

Shannon picked me up around 9:00 last night and we went to a hotel where her client had a room. I sat on the couch and continued masturbating, she had her client, Paul, take off his clothes and get his dick hard. I heard him say he was ready and then I heard her start laughing, she told him to turn and me to look. I swear his dick, fully erect, was smaller than my little finger.. She had him sit facing me and told him that to watch how a man strokes a real cock. She ordered him to masturbate while he watched, she left for a bit and came back and started humiliating him. She had him get on the bed and try to fuck her, he was trying and she kept making fun of him. After about 30 min of that she told him to have a seat watch what a real cock can do, she told me to take over for him. As I fucked her she was screaming and howling, and talking shit. We went through several positions when she had him come sit on the bed so he could get a real good view. She was getting fucked just a few inches away from him as she made fun of him sitting there trying to jerk his pathetic little prick.
To end it real good she had him experience what a real cock can do by having me cum on his face...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hand humping all day

After the fleshlight most of the night, I've been fucking my hand most of the day. I love the way it feels to stroke my cock

Weekly interview with step sisters friend for college paper.

Tara came by today for the weekly interview, wearing shorts and a bikini top that barely held her incredible tits. When she walked in and I saw her fucking incredible body I almost came right then!! I had to close my eyes or I would have sprayed cum all over. When I opened my eyes she was sitting in a chair near me grinning from ear to ear. We went over my masturbation during the last week, how often, what did I fantasize about, anything out of the ordinary, did I beat off in front of anyone, etc. It took about 45min to get through the interview and I did my best not to stare at her tits. She caught me looking at them several times and didn't seem to mind..
After the interview she told me she was going on vacation in a few weeks so next week she would be bringing the girl who would be doing the interviews when she was gone. That is kind of embarrassing and scary, but a turn on...
After she was done she stayed for a bit and we talked about several different things, she caught me looking at her tits and asked if I liked them. I admitted the humiliating truth that I almost came when she walked in the room and she thought that was hilarious. She rubbed her tits together for a few seconds and then she said she had to go. She smiled as she told me to "have fun" as she walked out the door..

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been 4 days since last cum shot, don't know if I can hold back much longer..

i've beat off at least 12 hours each day since my last orgasm... I don't think I can go much longer, it is feeling so fucking awesome right now, oh fuck yeah... Tonights orgasm is really intense and i have had to really concentrate to hold back..
Oh FUCK it keeps building, getting more and more intense... I don't know how I am keeping from cumming.
I gotta go, this is getting un fucking real....

Step sister's friend got the ok to use me as subject for college research paper

After watching me beat off all evening Tara thought I would be a great subject for her research on sexual addiction. She got the ok from her prof and I was filled in on what I was required to do. I was given a couple of notepads to log my masturbation sessions, when I start, when I stop, did I orgasm, did I use toys, did I masturbate in front of anyone, etc. I was given a camcorder and a box of tapes, if possible I am to record my masturbation. Tara comes by once a week to pick up my notes and recordings, she also interviews me for about an hour while she is here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I'm looking at while I'm Jerking off

Here's a small sample of what I am using for jerk off material this morning... Enjoy..

Fucking my FleshLight and about to cum!!

I made it to work yesterday, and I've been beating off since I got home.. I am fucking the shit out of my FleshLight and it has me about a half stroke away from cumming. I can barely hold back from cumming, oh shit!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I can't take my hand off my dick, so I may have to take day off work!!

Fuck, it feels so fucking great!!! I've been up all night beating off and I don't think I can stop to go to work. I am fully engulfed in orgasm, been edging all night, fuck i love it..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Step Sister's best friend sits and plays board games all evening while I masturbate!!

We sat and talked and played board games all evening as I set there totally naked and masturbating the whole time. I am working on putting the video online, until then, here are some screen caps from the video: