Friday, August 21, 2009

Out all night helping Dom escort friend humiliate pin dick client

Shannon picked me up around 9:00 last night and we went to a hotel where her client had a room. I sat on the couch and continued masturbating, she had her client, Paul, take off his clothes and get his dick hard. I heard him say he was ready and then I heard her start laughing, she told him to turn and me to look. I swear his dick, fully erect, was smaller than my little finger.. She had him sit facing me and told him that to watch how a man strokes a real cock. She ordered him to masturbate while he watched, she left for a bit and came back and started humiliating him. She had him get on the bed and try to fuck her, he was trying and she kept making fun of him. After about 30 min of that she told him to have a seat watch what a real cock can do, she told me to take over for him. As I fucked her she was screaming and howling, and talking shit. We went through several positions when she had him come sit on the bed so he could get a real good view. She was getting fucked just a few inches away from him as she made fun of him sitting there trying to jerk his pathetic little prick.
To end it real good she had him experience what a real cock can do by having me cum on his face...

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