Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekly interview and girl taking over for Tara is oldest daughter of a former girlfriend of mine!!

I was going to cum before the interview so I would be more relaxed. I was just about to shoot my load when they knocked on the door, around 30min early, I yelled come in as I tried to hold back. Tara said it sounded like I was having fun as they could hear me moaning that I was about to cum as they approached the door, then she turned to introduce the other girl as her friend said Todd is that you?? Oh Fuck, it was Lisa the oldest daughter of a woman I dated about 8 years ago, I tried to cover up and she told me not to be freaked out, she was here to collect clinical data. Last time I saw her she was 14 and of course I had no impure thoughts about her, now both her and Tara have bikini tops on that are barely containing really fucking nice tits.
After everyone apologizing, I gain composer and agree to have the interview. I was really ashamed and humiliated sitting there naked, slowly masturbating I tried to keep my gaze off of them but they both have incredible tits, and both if them catch me looking. After the interview I assure them it is no problem to continue with Lisa, even though I am totally freaked out by how hot she is.
They walk out and Lisa grins as she looks at my cock and says she will see me in a week...

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