Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bridge Club night at step mom's house

On Bridge-Club night I was sitting on a stool for a little bit, then out came a Sybian and they had me orally warm them up before riding the device. I was laying on the floor and they were sitting on my face, some world jrk my cock, otherwise I did stroked it. after the first couple they began riding my cock also, so I was servicing two at the same time. Since I had my face buried deep into ass and pussy I didn't know who I was eating or who was riding me.
After they all finished I was kneeling in front of them as I masturbated, they sat and drank more and had a god ol' time making fun of me, however they all agreed it was more fun with me there. When all but one had left Pat and her wanted to see me cum, and the two drunk bitches were not taking no for an answer..
The closer I got to cumming the nastier they got.. Finally as I was moaning I was going to cum they started cheering and chanting, as I shot my load they both laughed uncontrollably...

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