Friday, August 14, 2009

Step sister's friend got the ok to use me as subject for college research paper

After watching me beat off all evening Tara thought I would be a great subject for her research on sexual addiction. She got the ok from her prof and I was filled in on what I was required to do. I was given a couple of notepads to log my masturbation sessions, when I start, when I stop, did I orgasm, did I use toys, did I masturbate in front of anyone, etc. I was given a camcorder and a box of tapes, if possible I am to record my masturbation. Tara comes by once a week to pick up my notes and recordings, she also interviews me for about an hour while she is here.


  1. bro, been following your blog and get really hard when you relate your experiences masturbating in front of women. Love the fact that you take everyday events, like playing a board game, and include masturbation. This escapade is really hot. Hope you keep us updated.

  2. Is she still doing any research? I'd love to share my info with her.

  3. stroking is all i've been doing in my life. i have to have several ,intensive daily orgasms. lately are dry, but still intensive. segaiolo