Saturday, April 30, 2011

new neighbor fucking humiliates me in the checkout line of the local market!!!!

I had to go to the corner supermarket to get some more AstroGlide and my new neighbor Jenni and her best friend were right behind me in the checkout line. As soon as I saw her getting in line behind me I knew I was fucked! An evil grin on her face as she asked me fairly loadly if I the AstroGlide I was purchsing was going to be used while masturbating all evening. I kind of said yes under my breath as my knees started to got weak and started to shake. Jenni said she didn't hear me answer and ask me to repeat it louder. I said yes, she asked me "yes, what?". My I felt my face get hot and I said "Yes, I will be using it to masturbate tonight". There were at least six probably eight or more people who heard what I said and a few of them started giggling.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New neighbor and friends laugh as she makes me admit how much I masturbate!!

A couple of days ago Jenni was talking to a friend outside and as I walked by she asked me what I had been doing all day. I was shocked and I didn't know what to say and Jenni then reminded me that I am not supposed to be hiding and keeping secrets. I know my face turned bright red as I agreed I wasn't supposed to hide anything. She asked me again what I had been doing all day, I looked down at the ground and replied "masturbating", and they both erupted with laughter. I quickly walked away, ashamed and humiliated.. Now everytime I see her she makes me admit how much I have been beating-off and it is totally obvious that she really likes humiliating me!!

new neighbor spreads word of my constant, chronic masturbtion!!!

My new neighbor, Jenni, the one that my step mother brought inside my apartment to watch me masturbate, has been busy telling everyone in the neighborhood how much i masturbate!! I thought it was bad when everytime I saw her she started laughing, then I would see her talking to another neighbor and they both started laughing as I walked by them. Soon I had seen pretty much every neighbor out there talking to jenni and now everyone I see around here starts giggling.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another "Talk" I had with stepmother when I was a teen, this one about stepsister walking in bathroom as I was standing there with my cock rock hard!!

I had been in California maybe a month and a half and my dad was working in another state and only came home on weekends. It was middle of the week, in the morning and I was eating breakfast when my step-sisters and some of their freinds came downstairs into the kitchen wearing really small bikini's. Of course they had to tease me for a few minutes before they left for the beach and of course my dick was rock hard by the time they left. I finished eating and went upstairs into the bathroom to take a shower.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stepmother brings my new neighbor into my apt so I can't hide how much I masturbate!!

It was around 8:00 am when my stepmother walked in as I was watching porn and pounding my fist up and down my cock. She thought it was funny and laughed at me for being alone, in a dark room, hiding my masturbation from the world. She went outside to smoke a cigarette and when she came back in she brought my new neighbor with her. She said that I should not try to keep my chronic masturbation a secret and made me confess how much I jack off to my new neighbor, Jenni. Jenni laughed from time to time while I described how I constantly beat off, but never stopped staring at my hand stroking my cock! My stepmother made sure I told Jenni every humiliating detail about how I love to fuck my Fleshlight, how I had run inside and beat off the first time I ever saw Jenni, every detail was laughed at by them. I even had to show Jenni how far I can shoot cum and how funny my face looks when I have an orgasm.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Step Mother bring over male friend and video records how she has him punish me

Pat was really drunk when she came over with a male friend and told me they were there to punish me some more. She took her clothes off, had her friend do the same and she bent over the coffee table and instructed him to start fucking her. She was looking me in face as she told me to jack off while watching her get fucked by a real man, she had a wicked smirk on her face when she told me after she was done getting fucked by him I would get my punishment. I didn't know what she meant but the guy had a big cock and I was pretty scared of what was going to happen!! He fucked her pretty well, of course she over acted the whole time, and I was kind of enjoying beating off to them fucking right in front of me.. At the end of their romp she told me sit on the edge of the coffee table and take my punishment. I sat like I was told and he walks toward me stroking his really big, hard, cock, with a evil grin on his face. I thought for sure he was going to stuff it into my mouth, I see my step mother has her video camera out and is recording. When he is about a two feet away from me his cock throbs and a huge load of cum shoots out and hits me on the chest, then another hits me on the chin, next thing I know I have cum all over me and my stepmother is laughing hysterically and telling me that she is going to have fun showing people the video...
Embarrassing, yes, but I am glad she didn't have other plans for me and that big cock!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I moved out of my stepmothers house....

Things had been getting difficult for the last few months, my stepmother was getting meaner and nastier and it was getting out of control. Then I fucked up and disobeyed a direct order, in front of a room full of her friends no less. It wasn't really my fault, I did warn her several times that I couldn't hold back any longer. She insisted I continue pumping my fist up and down my cock, she made me stand right in front of her while I did it. For some reason I just couldn't hold it, I begged her to let me stop, I begged her to let me stand somewhere, anywhere else. She was having none of it, she told my to turn around and she slapped my ass REAL hard, then told me to face her again. She had her face about a foot away from the end of my cock. Fondling her tits looking me in the eye and telling me I better not cum, ordering me to hold back because she had not given me permission to cum. I was shaking so much I could barely stand, I tried one last time to get her to understand before I just couldn't hold it and then. BOOM I shot a huge load that hit her nose and sprayed off her face. Before she could react another load hit her cheek and spray up onto her face and hair. She started to scream something as I shoot another huge load across her chin and down onto her tits.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Masturbatorium!!!

Not too long ago I moved out of my former step mother Pat's pool house and into a small place of my own.. I still am Pat's jerk toy and she likes to watch her jerk toy... The new place is pretty cool, not too many neighbors, not that it matters as I pretty much am inside jerking off all the time!!

Incredible Jack off instruction and encouragement vids

Here are tonights vids (click to view full post for download links):

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Step daughter wants to watch you jerk off and bad girl jerk off encouragement

Here are shots of todays fucking awesome videos. If you like the thought of standing in front of a hot babe as she tells you how she wants you to beat off, then you have to get these vids!! I've been pounding my cock to them all night!!! Click to read whole post to get download links: