Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I moved out of my stepmothers house....

Things had been getting difficult for the last few months, my stepmother was getting meaner and nastier and it was getting out of control. Then I fucked up and disobeyed a direct order, in front of a room full of her friends no less. It wasn't really my fault, I did warn her several times that I couldn't hold back any longer. She insisted I continue pumping my fist up and down my cock, she made me stand right in front of her while I did it. For some reason I just couldn't hold it, I begged her to let me stop, I begged her to let me stand somewhere, anywhere else. She was having none of it, she told my to turn around and she slapped my ass REAL hard, then told me to face her again. She had her face about a foot away from the end of my cock. Fondling her tits looking me in the eye and telling me I better not cum, ordering me to hold back because she had not given me permission to cum. I was shaking so much I could barely stand, I tried one last time to get her to understand before I just couldn't hold it and then. BOOM I shot a huge load that hit her nose and sprayed off her face. Before she could react another load hit her cheek and spray up onto her face and hair. She started to scream something as I shoot another huge load across her chin and down onto her tits.

Needless to say she was furious, she made me bend over a stool and in front of everyone paddled my ass beyond raw, and that was just the beginning. She kept getting meaner and crueler, a month later and she was still just as mad as when it happened.
I finally decided I had enough and found a small apartment not too far from my stepmothers house. She drops by every now and then, usually totally drunk, with some person she is trying to impress with how she can control me...
It has been interesting since I moved, I get to jerk off more and in a more relaxed setting!! I fuck my stepmother's best friend Sherri more often now, she likes to stop by before work to get hammered for an hour or so!!
Anyway, that's most of it, and I am on the edge and am feeling sssooooo fucking incredible I need to give it all my attention... I'l try to post some more movies for y'all tonight.....

Happy Jerking Everyone!!!

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