Friday, April 8, 2011

New Masturbatorium!!!

Not too long ago I moved out of my former step mother Pat's pool house and into a small place of my own.. I still am Pat's jerk toy and she likes to watch her jerk toy... The new place is pretty cool, not too many neighbors, not that it matters as I pretty much am inside jerking off all the time!!

I've been posting some jerk off instuction and cfnm movies, let me know in the comments or pm if you want to see more of these movies, also please let me know if you want to see more regular posts about masturbating and especially if you want me to write about a particular subject...
Strange as life is at times, I've been getting more pussy since moving into my own place!! I have also made a couple of new friends who like to watch a guy beat off. I am expecting an old friend, Tracy, who has been in a few of my posts, to be stopping by any time now. She said she just wanted a break and wanted to come over for a few hours to relax.. I'm furiously pounding my cock just thinking about it, gonna wrap this one up.....


  1. I am a little lost as to why you would want to move out from the perfect masturbatorium with audience? Does this mean you can masturbate more?

  2. Things were getting difficult and then I disobeyed a direct order, in front of her friends and I couldn't take the treatment after that..

    I'll write up a post tonight with all the details.....

    And I do get to masturbate more now!!!!

  3. being abused by your step mother would have being great to me.

  4. i was abuse by my wife for many years,she use to slap my face and send me to my room to masturbate[ i was at it almost constantly ]my sub. cuckold life style was very stimulating to me.if i were u i would have love to be abused by my step mother.segaiolo

  5. I love to be abused by Pat (my Step Mother), it has been very much a learning experience for me. I didn't realize till recently how much she enjoyed abusing me as a teen, I always thought she was just a major bitch. I don't think she will ever stop the abuse, she really gets off on my humiliation and torture..