Monday, April 18, 2011

Stepmother brings my new neighbor into my apt so I can't hide how much I masturbate!!

It was around 8:00 am when my stepmother walked in as I was watching porn and pounding my fist up and down my cock. She thought it was funny and laughed at me for being alone, in a dark room, hiding my masturbation from the world. She went outside to smoke a cigarette and when she came back in she brought my new neighbor with her. She said that I should not try to keep my chronic masturbation a secret and made me confess how much I jack off to my new neighbor, Jenni. Jenni laughed from time to time while I described how I constantly beat off, but never stopped staring at my hand stroking my cock! My stepmother made sure I told Jenni every humiliating detail about how I love to fuck my Fleshlight, how I had run inside and beat off the first time I ever saw Jenni, every detail was laughed at by them. I even had to show Jenni how far I can shoot cum and how funny my face looks when I have an orgasm.

I was so embarrassed, Jenni is really, really hot and also really young, like just turned eighteen a month ago!! And I sat in front of her, masturbating, describing how hot I thought she was and my stepmother teased out every detail, I was obvious how much fun she was having while totally humiliating me!!
My stepmother laughed as she left and told me I better not try to keep my constant masturbation a secret from any of my neighbors ever again!!

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