Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another "Talk" I had with stepmother when I was a teen, this one about stepsister walking in bathroom as I was standing there with my cock rock hard!!

I had been in California maybe a month and a half and my dad was working in another state and only came home on weekends. It was middle of the week, in the morning and I was eating breakfast when my step-sisters and some of their freinds came downstairs into the kitchen wearing really small bikini's. Of course they had to tease me for a few minutes before they left for the beach and of course my dick was rock hard by the time they left. I finished eating and went upstairs into the bathroom to take a shower.

I took off my clothes and was going to turn on the water when the bathroom door opened! There stood one of my step-sister's with her fucking gorgeous tits barely held back by a bikini top and me with my dick already rock hard and getting harder thanks to those tits! She grabbed the sun tan lotion from the shelves by the door, called me a perv, and walked away giggling. I remember being embarrassed and humiliated, but that was nothing compared to what my stepmother would put me through because of what happened. I took a shower and went to my room and masturbated thinking about those fucking great tits my step sister had. I went outside for a while then came back home to beat off again (those tits were that great!), I had just finished cumming when I heard my step mother walking up the stairs.
I jumped up and was reaching for my shorts when she walked right into my room! My dick was still pretty hard from masturbating as I pulled my shorts up. She told me her daughter told her what had happened and she said that she had warned me she wasn't going to have a pervert living in the same house as her and her daughters.
I started to explain that she walked in on me but that didn't matter, all she was concerned with was that my dick was hard. As she is telling me how wrong I was for being aroused I could barely take my eyes off her top and how much it showed off her tits. I was so embarrassed as I tried to lie and said that I wasn't sexually aroused because of her daughter's, that it was just morning wood and I almost had her sold when she pointed out the huge tent in my shorts and wanted an explaination for that!!! After a few minutes of my lame excuses she said that she was dissapointed in me and that from then on I had to leave the bathroom door open when I was showering, she said this was so I wasn't hiding any sexual arousal.
To top it all off I also had to appologize to my step sister for her seeing me in an aroused state...

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