Monday, November 30, 2015

All day fist fucking, hand humping, masturbation marathon!!

I Love it too!!!
Fuck yeah I'll fuck my fist for you!!!

Step sister pushes me over the edge and watches and laughs as I spray cum everywhere!!

I was fucking my Fleshlight right in front of her as she was teasing me and fondling her fucking awesome tits. Everything was normal, no real issues holding back when she said the name of a friend of hers that I had the biggest crush for when we were teens. It was bad, whenever she was around I couldn't look her in the face and I would stutter every time I tried to say something, she was so fine and I wanted her so fucking bad. The thought of her hot body and what it did to me and I almost instantly exploded. I tried to pull out of the Fleshlight but it was too late I was past the point of no return. I immediately grabbed my cock and started pumping my fist up and down it, Debbie knew instantly what was happening and pushed my chest hard enough to push me off my knees and make me fall backwards onto my back. As my back hit the floor my cock started erupting and I sprayed cum onto my chest, neck, face and hair. I looked up and Debbie had her phone out and was recording me shooting cum on my face and she laughed as she said she was sending it to the girl who's name just made me cum instantly. I sat up and she snapped a few pics of cum dripping off my face to send to her mom and sisters.
She told me to pay Mary the penalty fee I owed her and that I was not allowed to do anything else for Mary, she said she was going to take control of my pathetic submissive ass if need be. Not to be left out she made me pay her half the amount that I owed Mary for helping me out of that mess.

Step Sister skips black friday shopping to watch me masturbate

Debbie came by late morning and said she didn't want to deal with the crowds shopping so she figured it would be fun to tease me while she watches me masturbate. She made me tell her all about my current situation, which she found fucking hilarious. She told me that I was the main topic of conversation on thanksgiving day, how her and her sisters and her mother talked about me almost exclusively all day long. We talked about when we were teens and all of them used tease and make fun of me for being the little skinny loser that I was. She told me how much fun she had teasing me and "accidentally" showing me her hot naked body, knowing that it would make go and masturbate. That I would be fantasizing about her as I jerked off was so fucking hilarious to her that she just had to tell all of her friends about it. Her and her her sisters and her mother knew that they were all smoking hot and they loved to tease and humiliate me for being so skinny and geeky. They were always competing to see who could make me masturbate the most and who could humiliate me the most. She laughed as I told her all the details about how much I beat off because of her, I admitted that I was such a fucking loser that I had no Idea they were doing it all on purpose and she almost fell on the floor she was laughing so hard so had tears running down her face. She really got a rush out of making sure everyone knew all about my chronic masturbation and watching me as I would try to talk to girls not knowing that Debbie had told them how much of a stroker slut I was. The way that the girls would laugh in my face for being a compulsive masturbator and I had no idea why every girl was like that to me was so fucking much fun to her.

Declaring masturbation as my calling in life, my only desire is to masturbate every waking moment!!!

I can't imagine doing anything except beating off every moment that I am awake. The fucking unbelievable amount of pleasure that edging produces beyond description and is what I live for. I keep getting better at edging and can't fucking believe that it keeps feeling better. It truly is living inside of an orgasm and it is nothing short of miraculous to have the feeling of orgasm for hours and days at a time. I've been edging all fucking day and it is so fucking intense that I can't keep from moaning and groaning rather loudly

All alone and pounding my fist up and down on my cock!!

I love being alone, masturbating at my own pace, enjoying every stroke. I'm looking at pics of naked girls from tumblr and getting so fucking turned on by their hot nude bodies. I fucking love looking at tits, I really get pushed farther towards the edge seeing nice bare tits. Since I have always been a hand humping loser and never been worthy of being with a woman sexually seeing a female naked is a major turn on. This is as close as I deserve to get to females naked and I love just looking at them. I can imagine that they are really looking at me like they want me to see them naked, instead of laughing at me like in real life.

I know I could stop being a cum dumpster by just cumming without permission..

While I really would like to, I just can't seem to go against her command to not cum. Even knowing that she expects me to disobey her command, we have even negotiated the penalty for when it happens, and yet I still am compelled to do what she has ordered me to do and that is to not have an orgasm. I think that since I have always been a stroker slut that no woman would want to have sex with I have always craved female attention and would do anything to please them. I will do anything a woman tells me to, I want to please them so they will like me and will do absolutely anything they want. That includes having to pay Mary for hooking up men for me to service, then pay the men for abusing me and making me do things I am very ashamed to admit to. She has officially said I am not allowed to cum, therefore I will do everything I can to please her by doing as she says and not cumming..

My submissive side makes me do whatever a female tells me to...

I can't help it, it doesn't matter how much I don't want to, if a woman tells me to do something, I will do whatever she says. Lately Mary has been making me prove that there is absolutely nothing I won't do if she tells me to do it. She has been finding guys that will pay her to have me be their fuck toy and do whatever they want with me, she makes me pay her the same amount for pimping me out, then after they are done using me, and they can use me for as long as they want, I have to give them whatever amount they paid Mary, and of course I have to pay Mary again. So they get to fuck me for free and Mary gets paid three times, and I paid all of this to happen to me. I want to say no so fucking bad, but when she tells me to go service someone all I can say is "yes ma'am" as I pay her for making me go and do it. A few times she has made me pay them double what they gave her, so they actually got paid to abuse me, it is the ones that keep me for a long time and really abuse me that she does this with. Several have been smart enough to cum back for more, and Mary make me pay them and her up front, them they can take me and abuse me however they want. I used to like the ones that just wanted a suck and fuck so when it was done I could tell Mary the details then go beat off for the rest of the day, last few days however she has had me doing several of these a day.

Mary makes me tell her what I went through in great detail

She made me kneel on the floor in front of her and masturbate while I told her everything that happened. She made me tell her the details of each time I was fucked by the older lady and her husband, the positions we used, what they said to me, how I felt as it was happening. She was really interested in hearing about when I serviced shrimp dick, what did he say to me, did I do the best I could, what could I have done better. She made me admit that I was far more humiliated and ashamed about being fucked by and having to service him than I was about being fucked by her and her strap on. She used every detail to humiliate me further. She made me tell her how I felt about having paid to be abused on the farm. I paid a couple thousand dollars for each week I was there, then I had to pay Mary and Jennifer for hooking it up, a "pimp charge" if you will. Having paid to have him talk shit to me while making me his bitch was humiliating, what I am most ashamed about is how much I liked it and would definitely do it again! Mary was most pleased to hear that and told me that she would be making me pay to service men much more often.

Back to jacking off to porn, looking at tits while beating off is fucking great!!

I really fucking love looking at tits while I pound my fist up and down on my rock hard cock!! I get so fucking turned on seeing bare breasts while I masturbate.

Trying to buy or bribe to get permission to cum.

I knew that it wasn't going to work, she told me it wasn't going to get her to give me permission to cum, and yet I tried it several times a day. Each time she put the leash on me and walked me naked to the atm to get her some money. She was always interested in getting more cash from me and told me before we went to get the money that she still would not give me permission to cum. Every time I gave her the cash I was still a little hopeful that this time she would give me the permission I wanted so fucking badly. The total amount that I gave her was just over $10,000, plus another $4,000 that I gave to her friends hoping they would help me. There were a couple of times were they acted like I was going to get permission, worked me right to the edge and teased me mercilessly, and at the last second they still said no. Her friends that I gave money to all promised to try and help me convince her to change her mind, after I gave them money they all laughed at me for being such a fucking loser for thinking they would do anything for me. I knew the whole time that money wouldn't help, but I had to try, I want to cum so fucking bad.
I've fucked both men and women, been fucked again, by both men and women, jacked off to beautiful women, sometimes they had their clothes on sometimes they were naked and teasing me, I've walked many miles completely naked on a leash, I've done chores, I've served drinks nude at a party, all without cumming. I have a feeling it will be a long time till I cum again, I will be masturbating non-stop every waking moment till then, and I will love every second of it!!!

She was to take care of me for the rest of my stay

The younger woman was put in charge of teasing and humiliating me full time, non-stop, till I was returned home. She took her job very seriously and made sure I was laughed and felt humiliated the rest of the trip. She changed things up a lot, she walked me all over completely naked with a rock hard cock, took me to friends houses and made me jerk of for them, sometimes by hand, sometimes with the fleshlight, and sometimes with a blow-up sex doll. Walking on a leash, naked, with a rock hard cock, carrying a blown-up sex doll in the middle of the day is super embarrassing. She always had the camcorder recording what I was doing and saying, it is quite humiliating being video recorded while you admit your deepest secrets about your masturbation habits throughout your whole life, in great detail, while being teased and mocked and laughed at for everything you say. Her and some of her friends would sometimes tease the fuck out of me by removing some clothes and putting their tits in my face or otherwise flaunting their hot naked bodies. Mostly they kept their clothes on and laughed and made fun of the stuff they got me to admit to them. At one point I was pleading and begging so hard to be allowed to cum in front of them that I started crying, of course I was totally and completely denied any orgasm.
They did a fucking great job of keeping me on the very edge and very humiliated and ashamed of what a loser I am. I loved every second of it and wished it would go on forever.

He is the male fluffer for his wife's party....

I had to serve drinks, nude of course, with my dick hard the whole time. He had to service any and all males that came to the party, he also had to remain naked the whole time, except he was not allowed to have a boner because no one wanted to see a dick that small with an erection. His wife claimed it was to help protect him from the humiliation of people seeing how tiny his cock is when it is fully erect.

He thinks everything is back to normal, boy is he wrong...

The next night when they come out to the barn he walks in and thinks he's going to use me as his fuck toy but his wife put a stop to that right away. She told him how she could never respect him again after seeing him get fucked and suck a dick. She didn't care that she made him do it, he did it and there is no going back. Then she started humiliating him about his small cock. She made him realize that there was no way his tiny cock was going to satisfy any of her needs. She asked him if he wanted her to be happy, of course he said yes, and she spelled out how he was going to be OK with her fucking other guys. Whoever, whenever she wants, even bringing them home to fuck sometimes. He was never going to touch her body or come near her with that little dick again. She finally got through to him when she said she would have no problems sending the pics and video of him sucking dick like a pro and taking like a bitch, from a bitch...
He couldn't believe what was happening and all he could do was stutter every time he tried to speak. She told him to get on his knees and start sucking my cock. He slowly complied and as he started she pulled out a camcorder and set it up on a tripod. She turned it on and started recording him as he sucked my cock. She laughed and teased him the whole time. When she thought he had given a sufficiently good blow job she told him to stop sucking my dick and made him admit how much bigger and nicer my cock was compared to his tiny shrimp dick. She made him say that she deserved a bigger and better dick than his and how he really does want her to be happy. She told him if he really meant what he was saying then he should ask me to fuck his wife because she deserves to fucked by a real cock. She told him he had to watch while she got fucked hard, like she always wished he could fuck her. He kind of asked me to have sex with his wife, although I could barely tell what he was saying because he was stuttering so much. She made him do it again, without stuttering, and told him to really sell it, even beg me if need be. He did as she ordered him to, didn't even stutter, almost even sounded like he meant it as he asked that I give his wife a good fucking because he is unable to.
There was no way I could say no, plus she is really hot and while I'd rather be stroking me cock I thought this would be a fun time.  She made him fluff my dick till it was hard and ready to fuck her. She teased him the whole time, telling him how great it felt to have a real cock in her for the first time since they were married a year ago. You could see the shame and humiliation on his face as he tried not to watch us, but she kept making him look her in the eyes as I was drilling her pussy hard. She was really mean and cruel with the shit she was saying to him, like asking him how it felt to see what the face of a woman getting fucked real good looked like for the first time. She told me exactly how to fuck her and kept telling hubbie how much she was liking it. She laughed at him as she said how pathetic it is that the loser jerk-off slave was the one that could fuck her like she wanted to be fucked. About halfway through she made him jack off while he watched her getting fucked, then she mocked and teased him for having a tiny cock. She asked him if he was truly unaware that he had never even come close to satisfying her sexually, and laughed in his face for being so fucking stupid. She wanted him to cum at the same time as her, it being the first time he has really ever seen her cum. I was pounding her from behind and she was just inches from his face as they both came. She made him thank me for fucking his wife so good. She thought I did a good job and wanted to reward me since I was still not allowed to cum, so she sent the younger girl out to tease the fuck out of me all night long, and she really had a great time flaunting her smoking hot body, and that was a awesome way of saying thanks..

Using me to turn him into a cuckold...

After me being their fuck-toy for almost a month the asshole pissed off the wife and she made him service me as punishment. He protested and begged and whimpered and when he started to cry was when she had enough and shoved his face into my crotch. She said she would rip his dick off if he didn't have my cock in his mouth when he lifted his head up. He tried one more time to say something and she grabbed his balls hard and gave them a serious fucking yank, he let out a whimper as he took my cock into his mouth. She told him he better suck my dick real fucking good and she teased, taunted and laughed at him for few minutes. She pulled out her cell phone and took a few pictures and when he tried to say something she put on her strap-on, grabbed him by the hips and slid it in balls deep. That got his attention and he started to lift his head off my cock and she pushed it back down till he was gagging on my cock. As she did that she began fucking his ass harder and faster. She took some more pics and recorded some video of her husband taking it like a bitch. I am not allowed to cum so after a good long fucking she decided he had been punished enough, for one night.

Hers is bigger than his, and I have to service both of them...

The older woman has been bringing her husband when she visits me in the barn. They use me like a fuck doll, usually both of them are fucking me at the same time. When they both are not fucking me then the one not fucking me will talk shit and laugh at what a fucking loser I am. They make sure I know that my only purpose there is to service them, and do it well... He really likes to hear me beg him to fuck me harder as he is fucking my ass. He has a small dick, not real tiny, but definitely less than average. The guy is a real fucking prick, just a mean, nasty, asshole all the time. I don't have much interaction with him but the little bits I do he is always a fucking jerk.

Walked on a leash to the neighbors house.

Wearing only my flip-flops and having to keep my cock rock hard I was walked on a leash down the street several farms to a friends house. I was blindfolded and had to put on a show masturbating for their entertainment. Right away I was having problems keeping from cumming so they got a horse whip and beat my ass every time I had any kind of problem holding back. They beat my ass beyond raw. Then back on the leash for the walk home.

I have to get the mail and keep the kitchen clean...

So far those are my only chores. The mailbox is at the end of the driveway, which being a farm, the driveway is about a half mile long. I must check the mail every day and I must do it naked with a rock hard cock. I have a pair of flip-flops for my feet but that is all I am allowed to wear. I have to do the dishes and clean the kitchen at least three times a day, again I must be naked with a rock hard dick.

Small barn with old crappy computer is where I am kept completely nude.

I have a refrigerator with bottles of water and I am brought food several times a day. There are two females that bring my food and give me my chores to do. The younger woman likes to tease me with her tits, likes to have me tell her how much they turn me on, and have me beg to jack off to them. She loves laughing at me for being such a loser who begs women to jack off to their tits. She teases me almost everyday and usually early in the morning around 8:00. I am so close to cumming when she leaves that it is difficult for me to keep from exploding the whole day. Sometimes she will return with a friend to show what a fucking jerk off loser I am. They laugh at how the only thing I do in the presence of beautiful women is beat my meat harder, don't even try to hit on them, just stroke harder and faster.
The older woman usually stops by in the evening and likes to have me tell her about the times I got caught masturbating when I was a teenager. She likes to hear me admit that I would be ready to cum in just a few strokes, and how my premature ejaculation issues fueled my drive for masturbation. The only sex I've ever been worthy of is masturbation, I've always known that I didn't deserve to have sex with a woman. I have never been deserving of having sex with a real live female, loser's like me are only supposed to beat off. She made me realize that no matter how much I jack off I am still that little premature ejaculator who is not worth fucking. Just the sexual nature of the attention I get from her has me instantly on the very edge fighting to keep from cumming. I am not worth fucking so that means I am definitely not worthy of cumming, I'm way to big of a pathetic loser for such a privilege. I am usually about to cry because I am so ready to cum but I am not allowed to and I am not allowed to stop stroking either.

When in public I had to wear shirt that said "I am a Chronic Masturbator" in big letters.

Every time we stopped I had to go into the store wearing that shirt. If anybody asked about it or commented on the shirt I had to tell them that it was the absolute truth and admit how much I masturbate, including that before I got out of the parking lot I would be masturbating again. Most people, if they even noticed, would just smile at me. There were a few that did ask about it and they were mostly amused by my answer.

Caught balls deep in Jennifer's ass when her Grandmother walks in!

I was only following orders, sort of. Jennifer did order me to fuck her and I did. She was trying to get me to cum and it didn't work the way she wanted it to. It started with her making me tell her details of my masturbation habits. She made me admit that I had problems with premature ejaculation when I was younger. She laughed and teased me for being a two-pump chump. Then she wanted me to admit how hot I thought she was. Then I think she thought that I would cum right away if I put my dick in a girl as hot as she is, so she ordered me to fuck her. While I would rather jack off than have sex, she did give me a direct order, and she is one of the hotest girls I've ever met, so...
After fucking the living shit out of her pussy, she commented on my not cumming and I told her that fucking her in the ass might make me cum faster. She didn't like the idea at first but it wasn't too long till she was willing to give it a try. First I told her I wanted her to ask me to fuck her in the ass, then I made her beg me to stick my dick in her asshole. I couldn't say no as she pleaded and begged me to "Fuck her virgin ass". I slowly started sliding my cock in her ass, going deeper every pump until finally I was balls deep in her ass. I started fucking her tight little ass and she was moaning for me to fuck her ass hard. She was pleading for me to fuck her ass harder and I went balls deep again and paused for a second. It was a shock to hear Mary, Jennifer's Grandmother loudly asking me what the fuck I was doing. I froze and didn't want to move, she told me to take my dick out of Jennifer and as I slowly pulled my dick out was when she realized I was fucking her in the ass.
Mary told me that she gave me to some of her friends that lived on a farm in Idaho and I would be leaving immediately and that I was going completely naked, of course. When her freinds arrived to pick up their new toy she asked them to punish me severely, which they seemed happy to agree to do.

I've been away for over a month, I wrote some posts and saved them till I got home to post them...

I will be posting all the saved up posts today.... Hope you like them....