Monday, November 30, 2015

Mary makes me tell her what I went through in great detail

She made me kneel on the floor in front of her and masturbate while I told her everything that happened. She made me tell her the details of each time I was fucked by the older lady and her husband, the positions we used, what they said to me, how I felt as it was happening. She was really interested in hearing about when I serviced shrimp dick, what did he say to me, did I do the best I could, what could I have done better. She made me admit that I was far more humiliated and ashamed about being fucked by and having to service him than I was about being fucked by her and her strap on. She used every detail to humiliate me further. She made me tell her how I felt about having paid to be abused on the farm. I paid a couple thousand dollars for each week I was there, then I had to pay Mary and Jennifer for hooking it up, a "pimp charge" if you will. Having paid to have him talk shit to me while making me his bitch was humiliating, what I am most ashamed about is how much I liked it and would definitely do it again! Mary was most pleased to hear that and told me that she would be making me pay to service men much more often.

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